how to take off io7 from iPhone

Please help.  My iPhone 4S is stuck in recovery mode.  I clicked on the wifi update last evening, and it was interrupted and my screen was replaced with the usb plug and iTunes logo. I am de

io7 iPhone

AFTER UPGRADE IPHONE 4S TO 7.1 , WIFI GOR GREY OUT pls help me to sort out this issue

So out of nowhere my iPhone gets a blank screen. Can't restart it, can't do anything, just a blank screen. When I plug it into the computer, iTunes opens, and it says that I need to restore my

My rear camera has stopped taking clear photos. Is this an apple conspiracy that these phones stop working after 2 years? Really annoys me as I went through the support side and of course out of warra

I am tried to update my iphone 5 for 7.1.1 and now i have a brick. Iphone ask me to connect iTunes and standing in recovery mode. It's ********, I can't download new firmware that have size 1.

لماذا Tgbronna لترقية اي فون؟ أنا لا أريد أن ترقية ايفون، أريد أن الإفراج IOS6، لأن ايفون 16GB .. Aaradh أن يسبب بطء

my iphone 4 there is no facetime, how can i put facetime?

i have recently tried to update my iphone 5c and it says i need to connect my phone to itunes to finish the update but i am unable to do so. i cant use my phone until i 1) get a new cable so i can con

In order to use my phone's warranty, do I have to give Apple everything that it came with (earplugs, charger, usb cable)?

last thing I remember was beginning the 7.1.1 update. Now my 5s won't turn on. I have tried holding down both home and lock buttons, but nothing has changed and still won't turn on. Also has b

after dropping my iphone into the water its screen show nothing but i hear sounds so its working and lcd itslef is ok (tested on other devices) what is the problem ? and whats the cost of repairi

I saw several months ago a list inside Apple site indicating the different models that works in each country around the globe but I could not find it now. Someone knows and could me indicate the

Dear sir, hope u and ur family safe and sound, i am shaheer ali using Iphone 4S and i downloding some Apps kindly issue me to get these..    Thanks & RegardsShaheer

I see the message "Your Apple ID has been disabled" but without "for security reasons". How can I enable my Apple ID to allow App updates?

I previously had the nike running app on my previous iphone. I have tried to download it again to my iphone 5 but it only has the option to open it via the App Store. It's definitely not downloade

How to turn off apps

I use my friend game center, and i want to create a new game center and move clash of clans game to my new game center, need help asap. thank you.

I am trying to open notes on my iphone4 but suddenly it does not open!! It just flashes & goes back off!! How to open notes and get my notes inside?? Thanks for help in advance

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