how to take off io7 from iPhone

Models : iPhone 3GSBueno pues a mi me ocurre lo mismo, reinicios cada dos minutos, % fijo en batería, cuando le parece deja de reiniciarse hasta que se apaga y comienza de nuevo todo el bucle. En Aju

io7 iPhone

Models : iPhone 4How do i fix this error on my comp? I need to restore my Iphone :( ASAP

Help with download free apps had to cancel credit card

The application adds IDN-domain: - Format PUNNY-code will terminate the application - Cyrillic format (Cyrillic domain) application reports an incorrect domain PUNNY-code is xn--80agbi0bh.xn--j1a

Find my iPhone - why can I not find my iPhone when I leave my house and not connected to wifi? I have cellular data but for some reason the app still will not find my iPhone. Is this a fault on the ap

forgot restrictions passcode iphone 5c neep help

I have seen this strange behavior when i was trying to delete one of my application from my iPhone. I am using iOS 7.1 and iPhone 5. I am trying to delete one application from my iPhone for that bello

i can change my security question, i click  forgot answer, but apple still asking the question that i forgot the answer??  you guys should create a better software, u offer to send the link

I am at my wits end.  I have the Medicare express plus app and I have had to recreate a new myGov account and link the app back up with the new myGov.  However, because I had an old myGov ac

Selam. Ben iphone 4 kullancısıyım. ios 8 kaldırmayacağımı öğrendim. Doğru olup olmadığını sizlerden öğrenmek isterim. Ben sadece iphone 4s de kullanıldığını gördü

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it still works fine. I have 7 apple products and used to swear by them. Having said that the recent experie

How much does it cost for an iphone 4 screen repair?

Hi...I have an iphone 5s which is 6 months old. For the past 2 days I noticed the handset was getting quite hot, so I closed all apps etc, and didnt use it for 24 hours. Last night I could smell a mil

Hello, 1) I dropped and cracked bottom of backshell of iphone4.2) Phone wont switch on now. 3) Apple logo appears then disappears when plug in to power socket4) The logo continues to appear the d

For the last two days my Facebook app on my iPhone 4s no longer works.  I click on it and it tries to open but it just goes back to the screen.  Any idea on how to fix this?

You should be able to refer to your cellular bill, either the paper version or through your carrier's website. They will have a record of all of your calls.

ugh that's what I was afraid of, thanks though

is my account verified?

My iphone 4s will not turn on or charge, i have tried everything on this site and absolutly nothing works.

I dropped my phone today and the lock key doesn't work... how can i fix this without paying an arm and a leg?

How am I suppose to know when my apple I'd is verified

My sone accidentally typed the wrong password several times into my iphone and now everything is erased. How can i reset the phone for settings from earlier today? Please help.

Hey, I was just wondering if it's possible to exchange my iPhone 4 to a newer model?I have experienced a lot of software and hardware related problems, is there a chance I could exchange it to a n

Like countless other iPhone users, I dropped my beloved iPhone 4S into a river while I was kayaking. It was in a plastic bag and when I managed to find it at the bottom of the river I pulled it out an

My iPhone 5c was buy one month ago, today it broken ! iPhone have one year warranty right?

I cannot restore my Iphone 4S

Hola, Tengo Un Iphone de Softbank (Japón), Quiero Saber de como sí puedo liberarlo párr utilizarlo en Perú.

my phone is dying super fast because it's over heating

My phone just keeps vibrating for no reason at random times and there are no notifications...not a email or anything...

how do i get my phone back to normal it was working perfectly fine then this happen when the phone died smh help me

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