iphone a1332 emc 380b

I just bought a iphone 4 with a cracked front and back screen. I was thinking it would be a simple fix but the glass is broken when it tells you if its a a1332 or A1349. What can I do to figure this o

iphone a1332 emc 380b

i hv an iphone a1332 emc 380a fcc designed by Apple In California assembled in China but i'm not sure if it is fake because it doesn't hv app store software inside....

I dropped iphone 4 (a1332) and it won't turn on. The front is cracked and the top of the front panel broke off, but it all appears to be cosmetic damage. I let it charge (or at least attempted to)

It says 28gb ? iphone 4 a1332?

Hi everyone, i have a iphone 4 a1332 Will not charge and shows full charge. I tried resetting it with itunes about 10 times, tried power botton and middle botton restart and yet no signs of charge, if

Hi guys!    With the new ios 6.1 update, does iphone 4 (a1332) now supports LTE also? Thanks guys!

I am trying to upgrade the software on my phone without any luck The instructions say go to settings then General and software upgrade should show, it does not.how do I upgrade? my friend has an ident

please let me know this as soon as possible.. <Edited By Host>

Team, I bought the apple i phone 4 Model a1332 EMC 380b. Could you please help how to activate the phone? RegardsRasheed

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