why is my iphone saying that my charger cord isnt authorized

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

iphone charger cord isnt authorized

Last night I was charging my phone with the wall charger. I usually just leave it on the charger at night before I go to bed. A few hours later I woke up and tried to check my phone but it was so hot

Hey .. I just bought an i phone 5 ,, but today i noticed that my i phone is not responding to charger idk why it only charge when i turn the power off pls guys help me :( thanks alot

Got an iphone 5 and have never had issues with it till now. One minute the phone will be fully charged then the battery indication quickly decreases and it'll say 38 percent and dies immediately.

ive tried restarting my iphone 4, when on phone calls a high pitched noise comes from the microphone and the person on the other line can hear it. when on a phone call I can hear the other person but

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

Refurbished 5c won't charge with factory charger. Only charges for a few minutes with car charger, then the charger overheats and stops charging.

My phone will not connect with charging cable unless I wiggle it,,what can I do?

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this has been a major issue and Apple is aware and will replace them?

front camera works fine but when i flip to back camera, its all blury and not working normal.can someone help me ? please?

My iphone got wet a little bit and its not wanting to charge now what can I do

My iphone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doe

What will i do my phone seems hang up after i updated last night? an image of charger pointing to musical notes -itunes appeared on screen, i cannot use it now.

I have to wiggle the charger to get it to start charging my iphone 5s  Is it the charger or the iphone?

Is the North American 5w charger (house line to USB) compatible with use on European (240v) power if a proper plug adapter is used? In other words, can the charger deliver proper output if it is suppl

My iphone 4S only will work on the charger. All of my settings are wrong. What do I do?

my new iphone 5 just stop working I got off the phone and it had 50% then less than 30 min later completely dead.  I put it on the charger and nothing has happened

My iphone 5S cord is not consistently working. The phone and cord have to be positoned just so in order to create a charge. Often even then, the charge will just stop. I think I new a need charging co

so my iphone 5 charger is beginning to get pretty messed up and i put electrical tape on the ends of it to help it a little buts it seems to still not work and is beggingin to say "accessory not suppo

Hi all, I bought an iphone 5 in America just over a year ago. I live in Ireland. Today the charger has stopped charging my iphone. I am aware that this is is a known issue and was wondering if th

I had the iphone 4 before and ever since I got the iphone 5C the chargers I have gotten have been messing up. Every charger I have, works for awhile but then it stops working. I orginally thought it w

when i connected my iphone 5 to charger,the upper half screen's color changed and a smell came out then the phone went off and not starting again,what is the problem?

Hi,It tooke  about 11-h for the first time to charge my iohone .The secend time I did it again and It wasnt full compeletly,only 38% ! After it went off again i have plugeg the charger in and it

it will work every now and then, but for months it will stop working and turn black and purple. i dont understand why!  ive tried restarting it but it wont help

My charger works just fine. But unfortunately I'm going through chargers like crazy because of my phone. I have to wrap my cord tightly around my phone in order for it to charge. I don't know

my phone died a little earlier and its been on the charger since about 1:50 and its now 8:01 and ive tried holding the power button and the home button but its still only showing the battery charging

I've been having trouble charging my iphone5 for about a week now. At first it would 'disconnect' if the phone was bumped or moved during charging. However now the phone will not charge un

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