why is my iphone saying that my charger cord isnt authorized

Models : iphone 5S
I can't locate the charger that came with my Phonak iCom device. Can I safely use my iphone charger instead?

iphone charger cord isnt authorized

Hi guys. i had my iphone5 32gb plugged into a car socket. it wasnt an apple car charger but the usb wire was. next thing i no is there is smoke coming off the charge. my phone was fine and in working

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have been an android user for all my life and with iphone 5s this is my very first step into Apple. Got t

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

have iphone 5s on charger for what it seems like an eternity and it wont charge. when its unplugged it shows the thunderbolt and connect charger on the screen but when i plug it into the charger it sa

my usb charger A1385 stopped working suddenly with iphone 5S, any suggestions ?

My iphone 5s has deleted messages & opens apps when im not touching it while on the charger. Has anyone else had this similar problem? Please help me resolve this. Thanks

my iphone has been lost in my house and i need to find a way to track it and its offline. it wont connect to the internet so there isnt a way to use find my iphone. i just want to play a sound on it.

i replaced my iphone 4s battery and my phone will still not work it would work if you put it into the wall charger so why did the replacement of the battery not work?

My iphone 5s won't charge, unless I plug into the charger and turn it off and back on again? How do I fix this problem?

Hey guys I have a iphone 5 and my charger is not working it keeps poping up saying "accessory not certified" and it's the real charger it came with my brand new iphone 5.  This is really frus

Hi, so recently i got a new iphone charger because the one i was using kept shocking me. It worked fine but i didnt like the shocking part. So i got a new charger, Now my iphone doesnt seem to work. I

i just got my iphone 5s bacc from a couple months ago  it wont turn on an i had it on the charger for a lil while now ... how will i be able too get it fixed ?? LMK ASAP please

Dropped in water briefly, was in a case.  Dried it off, everything working properly.  No water damage indicator has appeared.  Wen to charge and it didn't "click" as usual and th

I have replaced my charger/USB cord once already. I have always pulled from the little plastic piece and not the cord itself. Yet, the cord seems to be pulled still. I'm the only one who uses the

I charged it for 15 mins, unplugged it, set an alarm, and 5-7 minutes later the screen was black and won't turn back on.  The case/phone is still hot, and it still won't turn on after 2 h

I have a brand new iphone. All of a sudden it will not charge. When i plug the charger to the phone it says that charger its not compadible with my phone and sometimes it will charge up to 4% and then

My iphone5 started turning itself off and on again and now its flashing the apple logo when connected to the charger but not powering on, i have restored it works for 10 mins then back to the flashing

So i was on instagram and i was texting one of my friendsand then i went downstairs it was perfectly fine when i left it in my room. Then i came back up to check instagram again and it wouldnt turn on

My iphone 5 charger stopped working. It's under warranty and I want to send it back. How do I initiate that process? The website keeps sending me in circles.  I'm getting an error message

My phone like never connects to its charger no matter how many times I try. Very rarely does it connect on first try anymore and sometimes it doesn't connect ever. Please Help!

I can not charge the device, and the device does not work and gives me a charger when bearing 4% for 2 seconds and stops working what is the solution?

My iphone 5 keeps turning on and off only when plugged into charger. It doesn't turn on fully, though. The power button doesn't seem to have any effect when I press it so restarting it is not

Hey everyone. I have an iphone 5 and my cable was broken. While waiting to get a new one from Apple, I bought a fake cord since obviously my old cord was not useable. Once I started using the fake cor

Where can I purchase iphone power cords

Hi everyone, I've had an iphone 5 since November of 2012 and the only problem I've been having with it recently is the battery. It'll cut off at as much as 40%. Which defintely tells

I have heard a lot of bad stories about the "phony" ones.

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