my iphone contacts are blue and green

If you have a iTunes backup file, you can recover your data by extracting from iTunes backup file, if you don't have a iTunes backup file, you can retrieve from your iphone directly. This guide wo

iphone contacts blue green

You can restore it from your iTunes backup, and you need an iphone backup extractor to help. I have just used an iphone Backup Extractor to help me recover my contacts and other files:

Models : iphone 5S
Hi friends,I need to restore my iphone 5s contacts.I know that I need to use some tools,such as IOS Data Recovery.If you can recommend me some good tools?thank you

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Дорогой лох! Ты типерь первый. И ты больше не попадешса на обаншика. Подписуйся сичас.

Дорогой лох! Ты типерь первый. И ты больше не попадешса на обаншика. Подписуйся сичас.

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I use the same apple account on 2 different iPhones.... How can I stop my contacts from saving on both phones???

After upgrading to newest iOS, my 5S sound stop working.So I took it to a near by apple store, they told me they  will replace my phone with a brand "new" 5S, not refurbished.Then my nightmare st

My iphone 5s is switching off and then a blue screen appears. Then it is difficult to swith on my phone, it is impossible to use all the functions of my phone because my phone is being restarted from

my iphone 4s screen has been cracked for a while and i accidently dropped it again and the screen cracked further and now has blue and black lines running up and down it, however when i press the home

Recently I have noticed that my green iphone 5c makes a creaking noise when I press in the bottom left hand corner, or sometimes when I press the home button. I was wondering if this would be up for r

I just changed my cracked screen. It was fine at first when i first turned it on after putting it in. then i went to shut it off.. and put the rest of the other hardware in...and now when it turns on.

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes on automatically and tries to connect me to contacts thru facetime or just by dialing a number, or j

iphone 5s - Voice control turning on by itself and calling random contacts.  Switching from screens.  Have erased & restored twice.  Still crazy.

Recently purchased a damaged iphone 5s and after replacing the screen and battery I turned it on and was stuck on the red charge logo. After a little research saw that I should recover the phone so pu

Are there any hardware related reasons that would make one iphone 5S more prone to blue screens than another? I get pretty frequent blue screen resets and I get them not only in third part apps (which

how do i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to the cloud? because my app is running slow and i know I have things saved to my cloud and cant see them

I am using iphone 5S on iOs 7.0.2 I am conducting an event where I want to send invitations to almost all my contacts. Since there is daily limit on the number of Text Messages I can send ou

I plugged my iphone in my laptop to update it as it wasnt updating it just like that, but when i plugged it in i lost all my contacts and important information is their anyway i can get it back?? help

How can I transfer my contacts from an Android Smartphone to the iphone?

iphone 4, iOS 6.?, not synced with iTunes, only used vzw app-backup assistant (I know I shoulda been up to date)At work the other day, my IT lady set up my phone with a gmail account so I could sync c

When I do a reset via on/off and Home button the lines disappear and the LCD has large vertical lines.I try to reset my iphone 5C to the initial factory settings via iTunes. However the LCD touchscree

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black with blue vertical lines, I cant even see my home screen I've tried holding the home and power bu

I had deleted contacts from my iphone because I wanted to hide them as they were Facebook contacts with no phone number and I couldn't find a way to only display phone contacts. I recently added s

with everyone elses contact it saves. but with this contact it saves but when someone texts me it just shows their number .. i need help asap

How can I get my contacts list from iphone to SIM card?

there is a problem happened to my iphone ( blue screen and infinite rebooting ) what i have to do?

I have had to hand in my company phone (iphone 5) and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone. Is there a way I could resto

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