why does my iphone say i dont have storage when i have hardly anything on it

restored my new iphone 5 from my ex`s old back up on my itunes. I cant reset as need a code to do this. what can i do?

iphone dont storage

I take a lot of pictures, and i just recently bought some storage because i didnt have enough. So buying the storage, i thought i could take a picture. when i tried to, it said that i did not have eno

No matter how much is deleted the phone only has 400 Megabites marked as available. I have deleted over two gb of photos and roughly 1gb of apps and no more space has become available

i downloaded a app an its for your background an i dont know how to set it

I have very little storage left on my iphone 4s 8gb. Is there anyway I could move my documents to my iPad which has pleanty of storage? I can't update my software because of this.

himy name is mohammad from iran(persian)i cant speake english welli bought an iphone5 second hand from swedish person who travel to iran because it is too expensive in iran a new one about(900-1000$)

My wife's 4s claims to have 5.0 GB of storage consumed by photos although the photos cannot be accessed from the phone or from a PC.  This happened after having a broken screen replaced altho

I dont get Whats app messages instantly .I first have to open the app ,then it connects, and then i get my message .Is there a way to get it instantly?They same goes for BBM

I have had to hand in my company phone (iphone 5) and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone. Is there a way I could resto

I charge my phone and use it at the same time. Apparently, my phone have some problem. It short circuited 4 chargers already and i dont know why. The first one was a official iphone charger so did the

  Hi!Today i bought an iphone 5c with 16 GB of memory, then as now I have backed up my old iphone 4 which had 8 GB. Then after I had backed up so I took over that I had backed up to my new I

i cannot do a software update because it claims i do not have enough storarge space.  is this apple's way of extorting money from me so that i will buy more storage.  it sure seems that

Hello.  I'm sure this has been discussed before. I understand that the new iOS7 takes up about 2-3 GB. Fine, that's OK. I have a 16 GB iphone 4s with ONLY 1.1 GB left of storage space on

I forgot my passcode I tried too many times and blocked my self. Now my iphone is saying disabled connect to itunes but when I connect the phone to the computer it wont let me because it needs a passc

How do I get more storage on my iphone 5s? (I just bought the 10GB and thought it would increase my storage but it didn't)

i reset my iphone 4 and dont remember the previous apple id and passward please allow me to turn on the iphone with my new id..

I Charge 100% & whrn discharge completed do not take any charge Again. My iphone is new i bought in Fen 2014.

I dunno what to do because i need the storage for next friday because im seeing one direction and i would like to record it and of its not working its a waste of £14.99

I bought an iphone 4 from someone charged it and tried to power it on and it shows me to connect to itunes but i dont have a computer nor an itunes account can someone help me?

I ran out of storage space on my phone and can no longer take pictures. How do you get more storage space without deleting pictures?

Ive just recently gotten my iphone fixed, but I dont even get wifi anywhere in my house except my living room. It doesn't even connect in school anymore. What happened?

my phone has been saying that it's not able to back up because of it not having enough storage or something like that , I have deleted so many pictures , apps , & even my music & i

please help i dont no how but i locked my self out of my iphone im freaking out i really need help and i cant reset it cause find my iphone is on please help some one knew my password and i didnt want

my iphone got deleted by itself and i havent save it in my computer since i vacationing away from home and left the computer where with the back up at home and aint going till august is there a way to

My iphone says I don't have enough storage space for an app but I have the space. Help please

when i bought This iphone 5s one Month ago, all The functionalities of This iphone 5s worked normally. And somehow, i have just noticed that My amber_led doesnt work when i use My Camera. I am sure th

Lately, randomly, my iphone has been saying my storage is full. when I look at the usage none of the app data has changed... As in nothing is registering taking up more space. All I have to do is turn

How to delete the wats app voice message from internal storage. Whether the incoming audio message will store in any form of data or not?

I occasionally get a "storage almost full" message on my phone. when I sync it up, the majority of space taken up is by "docuemtns and data". What is that and how do I reduce it?

Hey, I recently purchased an 8GB iphone 4s, and I know how when it sets up it usually takes a couple GB off to make sure it's working, but in total I should have 6GB's. I loaded up 2.6GB worth

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