cant see iphone emoticons on computer

My iphone 4S is not charging either in wall or on computer (USB) - numerous chargers used - all chargers will charge other devices eg ipad and other iphone 4S Phone was on 1% and then died - won&

iphone emoticons computer

Why does my desk top not recognise my iphone? Sudden change since last update from apple

iphone 4: downloaded IOS7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB plug in arrow towards it.  I don't have a computer with itunes downloaded, can I simply log i

my iphone 4s is in for repair and i didn't realise i had to turn off find my phone setting... they can't repair it until it is done

i am not able to sync my iphone to my computer.  please help.

For a while when I went to charge my iphone 4s by plugging it into the desktop computer, my phone did the usual. Ya know, vibrate twice, box popped up on my phone screen asking Trust this computer or

i have an iphone 5 and it wont turn on unless plugged into a wall. not a computer. the apple logo pops up. but then goes away what can i do

Alright so my screen on my phone is broken and I want to use my sister's Mac in order to read text messages I have missed. Becasue this is the first time I'm connecting to her Mac its asking m

Recently update my iOS system to 7.1 and all my music has disappered. It is still in my library, but my phone will not syc with it as far as I can tell. Any quick solutions?

My iphone is disabled normally i would restore it but when i plug my iphone into the computer my pc does not recognize my iphone it shows up as a uknown device so now i cant restore my iphone 4s pleas

how do i take my pictures from my phone to the computer

I have an iphone 4S, which will not connect to my mac computer. The mac has the latest Itunes installed.When I plug in the usb and the phone, the phone just flash between charging and not charing cons

My old computer broke, how can I keep my music that's on my phoneWith the new computer

hi iv bought a new laptop an want to sycn my phone to the itunes,but it wont let me because iv got i tunes set up on my old laptop,how do i do this?

I am having difficulty deleting previously removed photos.  I download 2000 photos onto my computer.  They have been reloaded to my phone and I cannot delete them.  I have tried everyth

How do I set up a icloud accout with an apple ID when prompted to set up an icloud ID with example:

Just recently my iphone5 will not connect to my computer so I can downlaod pics, get into itunes. I can charge it though? I have restarted the computer & reset the network. What else can I do?

my phone will not sync when i plug it into my computer nor will my device option show up?

my iphone says it is disabled, to connect it to itunes. I did and ask to allow access, and to respond to my iphone. Well nothing has happeded and im still locked out of my phone.

My iphone 4 has over 2000 photos.  How do I remove them all to my computer?

forgot my phone password and i have no way of restoring because it does not show up on any other computer. never synced to another computer before. is there another way to restore?

How do I back up my iphone to an external hard drive attached to my pc and not my pc?  My disk on my pc is almost full and even though I selected the external hard drive it still seems to try to

I have downloaded all my photos and am unable to upgrade my software as it tells me I dont have enough storage - what should I do?

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