cant see iphone emoticons on computer

So my iphone 5 had a problem with the front camera, so I decided to go to my local store to have them reset (recover?) the iphone to see if it helps. The night before I had my son back-up the phone on

iphone emoticons computer

When i connect the charger wire to my laptop it does not show the charging sign. I cant connect the phone to my laptop. Can you please help me.

i have two different apple id's, one on my computer and one on my phone. i connected my phone to sync music and i lost most of my music. i realised that the music i lost is from the apple id on my

I'm running Windows 8.1, have 5s phone.  I want to upload my Photo Stream to my computer, as I am out of space. But when I attach the phone via USB, it won't show up under devices. 

I updated my email on my phone today and now I need to do that for the iTunes store so I can update my apps.  Does anyone know how to do that?

I do NOT use iTunes, so it isn't on my computer. I want to be able to access photos on my phone. It hangs trying to install MTP USB device, but is never successful, it's in a loop of trying.

My iphone 4s has gone dark (black screen) I cannot turn it off, therefore preventing me from reseting it from my computer (asks me to turn off "find my phone" on the device). I can receive calls by an

While traveling this summer, I want a friend of mine to be able to track the location of my iphone (for safety reasons).  She does not own a smartphone nor does she have an Apple computer

Black Screen, only a little bit of sound when connected tocharger or computer

i forgot my password. entered it too many times so it said connect to itunes. i tried to reset it but halfway through it stopped and my iphone 4s it still disabled. and now itunes wont recognise my de

Every time I connect my iphone 4 to the computer it's not recognized. I've restarted my phone multiple times but it won't go to my home screen, can someone please help me?

I have just recently started filling up space on my phone and need to keep it free for photos. I just downloaded Itunes and can back up photos, but it won't take my quick voice recordings.

Old phone with busted screen  can't unlock so can't connect to itunes via computer. Nothing saved to icloud. Is there any other way to retreive contacts, picture, etc. to put on new phone

I bought an iphone 4 from someone charged it and tried to power it on and it shows me to connect to itunes but i dont have a computer nor an itunes account can someone help me?

My iphone is stuck on the connect to itunes but i have no computer to connect it to is there a way i can go around it or if i call costmer service would they be able to fix it? Also could i download i

Hi When i connect my iphone to the computer the itunes will sync it but my auto play doesn't come up so i can't save my photo's.

I recently lost my iphone 5S and my imessage was on. I switched to my old Galaxy S3 but now I can't receive my iphone users text messages because they are going to my old iphone that was lost. How

When i connect my iphone 5 to my computer nothing happens. I have tried using another computer, another cable and it still wont work. My iphone however does act as if it is connected, but on the scree

I have an iphone 5c.My computer doesn't find my phone when I connect it.I wonder if anyone can help me.Itunes however still show that my iphone is connected.

New to iphone. Just purchased a calendar app and downloaded to my computer but cannot find how to get it onto my iphone. It is not showing up on the APP store in my phone under purchases.

I just got the iphone 5s, the tec at the store where I bought it said to plug it into my mac and go to itunes it would connect, then I could hit restore and I would get al lmy apps back. I have given

Good Morning,  I have an iphone 4 that has been dropped, and the screen broken, the buttons and screen still works however.  The phone will power on when on the mains, but when it comes on t

everytime i plug in it pops up to trust the phone or not again. Can link it to my computer at all thanks for the help

I have a iphone4 that the touch screen is not responding.  They sent me a new phone but I want to back up first. How should I do this with out the touch screen I'm unable to tap "TRUST THIS C

i tried to down load music in my friend computer and all my information is now deleted and my friend information is now in my phone i had tried to fixed but  i can not someone can help me thank?

My computer for what ever reason will not let me download itunes. so my question is how can i enable a disabled iphone 4? is there a way to do so with out having itunes? this is beyong frusterating fo

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