iphone if im on wifi does it use data

iphone 4s suddenly will not connect to wifi. Error Message 'Unable to join the network "xxxx". It will connect eventually (after countless tries) but the connection is unstable. I tried resetting

iphone im wifi data

I tried web recomendations. Apple store suggested to replace my phone. I did not have any issues with Apple before but it looks they dont want to take any resposability on this. Any sensible solution?

my iphone4s will not show any wifi networks for the past week. I have tried turning my phone on and off and it does not work. i have tried resetting my router and resetting my network preferences and

PLease any help solving this issue is appreciated. Since Apple is doing nothing about this

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering wifi service. The iphone has an airplane mode which disables wifi and cellular, which was fine in the "old days." Now with wifi on planes I need to ha

I was told that I need to reset my iphone 4s, meaning I must wipe it clean.  There are corrupted files and issues with the operating system.  Apparently this happens often in the iphone 5.&#

Hi, I have lost my iphone and i erased the data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy the iphone hardware somehow?

When i used 3Gand cellular data together apps is start slow but when using wifi the apps starting faster

No      wifi available

The phone was working fine. Then I couldn't move the button on the wifi setting. Any suggestions?

My iphone recognizes the network, yet instead of joining it keeps trying to connect. is there anything i could do to stop this?

Having issues with the hardware in the 4s iphone. This has been the  second time of not being able to connect to wifi, since it was already repaired under warranty! Just wondering if it is worth

my 4s will not allow me to connect the wifi  it does not allow me to slide the option button. it was working fine yesterday

Is it possible to find out the wifi MAC address of an iphone 5S without switching it on? It's nicely wrapped in its original sealed box and I wouldn't want to open it. If I recall rightly olde

Certain apps seem to keep collecting data. Why can't I just go to settings-->usage and delete it?

When I plug my iphone 4 into my Mac is tells me that Documents and data is taking up 2.63GB of storage. I have no idea what this is and it is taking up more storage than any of my other tabs (Music, A

We have an iphone 4 with iOS7, recently the GPS has become very unreliable and the wifi only works 5m from the router. Is this a hardware issue or software? Is there any way it can be fixed? Any

Hello everyone! Whenever I lock my iphone, my wifi stops after a few minutes.I won't receive Whatsapp messages or notifications when it's locked. How can I solve this? When I activate my

my wifi is stop work after last update what is the solutionwifi in gree color

Hi everyone, my iphone 4s wifi and bluetooth do not work, and they never have since i got the phone 2yrs ago. Both wifi and bluetooth just search continuously, never finding any connections. I visited

why my iphone 4s can't turn on the wifi???my wifi grey outhow much to repair it??

i searched on thousands blogs and nothing. iphone 5s bought it last week from usa and my friend brought it to egypt now i have the worest proplem ever that i can't connect to wifi easly i got to b

OK, So I have seen many answers to this, but none of the solutions has worked for me. After upgrading to iOS7, my wifi stopped working only with networks that were paired before the update. Networks n

I lost my iphone 4 while holiday in Malaysia.& just bought iphone 5S. How to transfer data from lost iphone to new phone 5S? Now in Singapore ... Abu Hashim/S'pore

Hi. I am new to this forum and need some help so I will try to provide as much info as possible. I'm hoping someone can help me. Sorry if my post is really long. I recently upgraded my PC to

There is no wifi showing up on my phone. What do I do?

I have got a 200mbps fibre plan at home and my computer is able to hit 180-200ish mbps on average (up/down) via wireless 5ghz. But my 5S seems to peak only at 85+mbps on both up and down streams. Is t

I deleted a IMexchane App from my phone by mistake. I need to get the app and the data back.Please Help

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