iphone ios 7 reminder problem

iphone is dead, gone  to insurance co. for replacement. They say because "Find My iphone" is still active, they can't replace or try to fix it. problem is can't log in to de-activate it,

iphone ios 7 reminder problem

My problem is wi-fi. Wi-fi it's turn off. Please diagnostic my iphone.

I updated my iphone 5 software to 7.1.1 this morning and since then my home button sticks. I had the button replaced and for a short period resolved the problem but it is now sticking and being non-re

hi, i had a huge problem with my iphone that my computer does not have a "iphone driver" for its, and i tried to update the driver but is says that was denied, what can i do?

I think there is a problem with the aux port of my iphone 5s. The sounds from the right side of my earphones are half as loud on the left side. I have tried this with 3 earphones and the problem still

There is dust in my iphone 5 which is out off warranty and base been repaired by other persone(not Apple) and I am facing that problem again what can be done

hi dears,my iphone 5s(7.1)  ringing sound and games sounds gone ,but video and music sound available please help me to solve this prblem

I bought my phone used already but there was nothing wrong with it when i activated it. Ever since i did that last IOS update it keeps gliching and it goes all crazy at time and i have to lock the scr

Have I missed something? But how do you set a reminder for the last day of every month to recurr indefinatley in iOS6? Sorry if this is really simple but I just can't seem to work it out. Any help

any ideasplease advice

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was a product failure. "The antennas just quit working," they said

Hello, I have been having a problem with my kik messenger from an year, on iOS6, iOS7, iOS7.1, but I ignored it, but now Im curious to know what is causing this. All my other apps notify my when new m

so basically this problem got serious these days on my iphone 5s.it was perfectly fine before the ios 7.1 update but now its really bad. I fully charged my iphone on 2pm and the battery remain 19% on

My iphone 4 turned off unexpectedly. When i plugged it in to itunes, it said it was in "recovery mode" and that i had to restore it. I don't wan't to loose any storage or data so is there anyw

Hi every one. I have problem with wifi after update my iphone 4s to 7.1 ios , i cant activate the wifi it´s stay always like shadow , i restor it with itunes but same issue.  ??? Solution fo

Hi I have the iphone 4s and I recently got a crack on the screen replaced but just yesterday I noticed these yellow lines appearing on the screen and where it says slide to unlock there is these yello

I want to change my store country but they said you havo to spend credit balance before switching it and I have 0.31$

what are the other solutions for problem 3194 pls. reply qiuck

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iPhones.  Senior Technical at Earthlink advise Apple have admitted to a problem similar to "Heart

I have had my I have had my iphone 5c for a little over a month and people can never hear me during calls, like I'm in a tunnel or muffled! I googled this issue and several others have had this pr

I was updating my iphone 4s software then i opened a new application when the screen froze and it went black but everything else is functional, please help me fix this problem.

I have an iphone 5c. Headphones are distorting, particularly L channnel when volume only up slightly. Headphones will not alter volume, pause or skip tracks - they work fine on other devices. Any idea

After installing iOS 7.1 my iphone battery going down fast in 2 hours my battery is 100% to 70% down without any use and phone is also getting hot while watching videos.

Video takes forever to load over airplay and then drops and need to reload.      Crazy stuff.       Ipad2.   Similar problem and drops

hi sir my iphone 4,7.0.4, error 3194, with itunes,m reset host file also,download new firmware and update my itunes  also but problem is still,what i do now

why my iphone 4s can't turn on the wifi???my wifi grey outhow much to repair it??

Dear Sir, i have problem in my iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my proble

About 2 years ago i bought a iphone 4s on the net , and  it came with warranty but that expired already, about a week ago the phone fell on the toilet from the backpocket of my pants while i was