iphone ios 7 reminder problem

I want to change my store country but they said you havo to spend credit balance before switching it and I have 0.31$

iphone ios 7 reminder problem

what are the other solutions for problem 3194 pls. reply qiuck

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iPhones.  Senior Technical at Earthlink advise Apple have admitted to a problem similar to "Heart

I have had my I have had my iphone 5c for a little over a month and people can never hear me during calls, like I'm in a tunnel or muffled! I googled this issue and several others have had this pr

I was updating my iphone 4s software then i opened a new application when the screen froze and it went black but everything else is functional, please help me fix this problem.

I have an iphone 5c. Headphones are distorting, particularly L channnel when volume only up slightly. Headphones will not alter volume, pause or skip tracks - they work fine on other devices. Any idea

After installing iOS 7.1 my iphone battery going down fast in 2 hours my battery is 100% to 70% down without any use and phone is also getting hot while watching videos.

Video takes forever to load over airplay and then drops and need to reload.      Crazy stuff.       Ipad2.   Similar problem and drops

hi sir my iphone 4,7.0.4, error 3194, with itunes,m reset host file also,download new firmware and update my itunes  also but problem is still,what i do now

why my iphone 4s can't turn on the wifi???my wifi grey outhow much to repair it??

Dear Sir, i have problem in my iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my proble

About 2 years ago i bought a iphone 4s on the net , and  it came with warranty but that expired already, about a week ago the phone fell on the toilet from the backpocket of my pants while i was

i have iphone 4s with IOS 7.1 suddenly the screen is not working properly i have to choose then double touch the icon so i can open it and of course i can not scroll up or down, i tried to turn it off

i have a problem in my payment method, card decline. i already change my card same happen it was declinein relation to this, i cannot update all my applications.  hope you can help about thi

Replaced LCD digitizer assembly on iphone 4 twice and still have the same problem, 1/3 of left side is working intermittent (in and out). Processor and or Software problem?Put it under USB microscope

I have iphone 5s andI have a problem in the cameraWhen i open the camera It's automatically shuts (( Close or shut down )) and i have been recording this casePlace help me if you can https://

Hi i have some problem with applications.i bought new iphone 5 yesterday.and i downloaded some things.but there are not seen on my dipslay. My billing addres and card is from mongolia but iam still us

I purchased a new iphone 5 on release day about year and a half ago from Rogers Wireless. A week later Apple replaced the phone because of a problem with the microphone.  Now I'm trying to bu

I have a problem with the sound system has become a little bit lower than before, which is the iphone 4 running IOS 7.1 Please help me in solving this problem where I can not hear the voice of the dev

Hello APPLE Well your business is going really well! You people give great services to peopleNever denied! Always happy with your services But dont you think ios7 was a mistake Now its time to correct

I want to download app frm App Store bt wen I started to download its tells me mode of payment.i don't have a credit card or mastercard

Heyy...I took iphone 5 from dubai..before 10 months....its still in warrenty....and my phone is getting over heat and bettery problem....so can i get my fone replaced or repaired?????

It doesn't repond to any thing that has to do with screen.  I know it's not frozen because it responds to the home button but if I try putting my lock code it won't let me.  I tr

Wish to all....... I already created a apple id but i dint able to uerif i go to use it showe like" your appleid not yet been used  in itune store" .please assist me how i can resolve this p

my iphone wifi is not working again i had gone to iphone service center they have give me a new i phone but now the smae problem ic coming im useing 4s

My friend let my iphone 4s as fall on the ground.. now the screen is black but the sound and screenshots are working. Its 2 1/2 years old. When I put in the charging cable it also makes a sound. I put

I have an iphone 5s, but than the service wasn't working. I tryed to restore it at the iTunes but an error appeared. Now the iphone doesn't turn on, and everytime I try the screen shows the im

i have a problem with my iphone 4s that my doesnt work at all unless i plug it to  the charger cable, and then once i plug it, it shows on the screen that the battery is 100%  and i cant tur