iphone iso7 download

I bought an app and I can't download it. It says "You've already purchased this, so it will be downloaded now at no additional charge." And then it just stops downloading and does nothing. How

iphone iso7 download

Whenever I try download an app or update an app I click on update or install And it goes to that circle that goes round and then goes back to the "update" or the "install" button. I have tried turning

Hi, I am trying to update / download app from App Store on my iphone, but getting this message again and again "Unable to download app" - Done. Retry.. Please help!

I subscribe to a podcast on my phone and on my computer (itunes).  I downloaded and listened to an episode on my phone then deleted it.  Later I was on my computer and refreshed the podcasts

how to expedite IOS 7.1 download? It is taking forever ... 4 hours... ???

I have tried many times to download songs that I have purchased from from iTunes to my phone through iCloud but once they are downloaded they don't appear on the libary on my phone. Once I connect

I am unable to download apps to my iphone 4s? Is there a setting in my settings that needs to change?

My iphone 4 randmonly started going into recoveery mode when i was trying to download ios 7.1, and now the apple logo will come one and then fade to black and continue this process. My iphone wont res

I can't download Indian app it say my Apple ID is from USA account and also say I need to go USA sides

hi sir my iphone 4,7.0.4, error 3194, with itunes,m reset host file also,download new firmware and update my itunes  also but problem is still,what i do now

I dont have visa or any card to download games updates

US Airways to be specific. No matter what I do it shows as downloaded already so I cannot proceed. I have deleted it from both phone and MacBook Pro so I am stuck.

Downloading iOS 7.0.1 when i start intall i lost connection with iphone and iTunes at my windows 7,64bit. now my iTunes dont find my phone and my windows divice manager show Apple Mobile Device (recov

when i tried to dowmload ios 7.0.4 the computer startes the download. it begins counting up hours until the download is finished, when it hits about 130 hours, an error message pops up and tells me th

I'm trying to download the whatsupp application but when i enter mi apple id and password, they say I have to confirm some security data but then I can't access the page on the internet.

I am having troubles. Every time I download something it. Will just load the password thing won't pop up . What do I do?

i am not able to download apps on my new iphone 5s. I have an ipad mini that is under the same apple id. Does this have anything to do with it? Help please.

Backed up old 4s phone. connect new 4s to upload backed up files and itunes says need to download new 11.1 version at itunes store. Where do I 'download' this?

My apps aren't downloading

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

Okay.... Put it like this, when I go to downloadA new app from my iphone, it says that their is a"Credit card error" when I've never put my debitCard in or even used it on apple! Also, when I sign

for some reason i am not able to download free apps. it says my billing information is incorrect.

I have a problem with wifi in my iphone 4s, i already try everything and download latest version 7.1(11D167) but wifi switch is not working, its my humble request to Apple support team that pls resolv

I have a new iphone5c and have purchased an app for it at the App Store but how do I download the app ? I thought that after I had purchased it, the app would automatically download and an icon would

I can't get my iphone to install the latest update. When I click on software update it just continuously says "checking for update" and nothing happens. I am also unable to download or update apps

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