iphone issues with io6

FaceTime is suddenly not working today. It was connecting fine yesterday. I have restarted iphone. I have restarted router. I have toggled the ft button in settings. Help??????

iphone issues io6

Hello, I have an iphone 5s 16gb and I've been trying to update the ios software but it keeps saying it requires 2.5gb of storage. The phone says I have used 12.7gb and I only have 195mb of sp

how do i get my 4G and lte working  im in a area where there is lte and 4G

When I go on my phone to re-download old apps on my phone, my purchased section is cleared and there is nothing there, but the weird thing is when I sign into my iTunes account on my computer, all my

Decreased battery use after latest update:(

We have an iphone 4 with iOS7, recently the GPS has become very unreliable and the wifi only works 5m from the router. Is this a hardware issue or software? Is there any way it can be fixed? Any

First time poster on here so hopefully I can make sense! I upgraded to a new iphone a few weeks so with Verizon. The new phone came with a SIM card that I'm using. I'm giving my old iPhon

My iphone 5c has vertical lines when the home button is pressed.

For a while when I went to charge my iphone 4s by plugging it into the desktop computer, my phone did the usual. Ya know, vibrate twice, box popped up on my phone screen asking Trust this computer or

I just recently "upgraded" my 4s to the 5s and I am trying to download the apps I had on my 4s to my 5s however the apps all say waiting. I am on wifi, I've restarted my phone, signed out and back

I've had a cracked screen for a while but recently my side button wont let me put it on vibrate, my top button doesnt work, and there's a constant light coming from the camera on the back. Wil

I have downloaded the newest update, but it won't install.

My phone has recently had some software issues, the screen will not slide to unlock and flashes white. My phones screen has been cracked for 5 months and it was working fine, And I am unable to turn i

My phone hasn't been able to properly send or receive texts the past two days. Every time I try to make room on it (i.e deleting pics, texts, apps) they all come back for some reason, no matter ho

since the last update to 7.1 my phone flashes to apple symbol, then tot "slide to open" screen, when i open it flashes back to apple symbol. Sometimes it will be fine for a day, then do the same thing

Ok, so I've had a galaxy note 3 up until a few days ago. Long story short I traded it with a guy on Craigslist that I know I shouldn't have trusted. I know, no need to give me the craigslist l

The short version- I have a SIM free 3GS phone running on 4.1. I tried to update to 5.1.1 and it crashed completely and i had to take it to a store to repair it back to 4.1 which is fine but now sever

My problem is connect to Itunes, I have just donwloaded Itunes, then connected Itunes with me iphone and then I got an error and there is written that i Thunes could not connect to the I Tunes Store.

If anyone could help me with this, it would be wonderful.Ever since i've updated my phone to IOS 7.1, My phone has been continuously rebooting itself every 10 minute or so. it just shuts off witho

Hi! I have a lot of issues with the touch screen of my iphone 5S! the touch screen have areas without response! but not always the sames areas!each picture represent the different areas without respon

Lately Ive had trouble updating / downloading new apps to my phone.  Each time it comes to downloading or updating i am asked to sign in than my payment infomation comes up saying it has be decli

I know, yet another post about 7.1 ruining phones....I just wanted to check it is definitely the iOS and not my phone. It's been getting worse since the end of last week. My problems are:

I have an iphone 5 currently running IOS 7.1 up until about thirty minutes ago I was able to send iMessages to a group chat I was in.  Now i cannot send them but I can recieve them.  However

Freezes !!!

I reset my iphone and now it's been doing the loading screen for a while. Does anyone know what I need to do to stop it?

Bought an iphone 5c today and trying to put music on it from laptop but says it is not responding or has been disconnected when i try to send a song to it??? (using usb lead)

My sim is locked how do I unlock it?

verizon - is having connection issues. my average speed test is .17 down and .13 up. i already went to verizon and had my SIM replaced. what else can cause this? i have already reset my network connec

Every since updating yesterday both my ipad and iphone now, the WIFI comes and goes every few seconds. I can barely use my ipad and my sprint service at home so I use my WIFI isn't functional. At

The slide button on my 4S is greyed out and will not allow me to slide it to turn wifi on....any suggestions?

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