iphone says messages saved taking up space but there are none

Models : iphone 4
I used to be able to access my message history when I connected my phone to my computer. My computer guru has recently died and I don't know what he did to remove that but I g

iphone messages saved space

Models : iphone 4
After installing iOs 8 on my iphone 4S I cannot save video received by Viber into my Photos. Before the update it worked fine.

how do i delete 8 local disk on my iphone 5? its taking up all my memory

No matter how much is deleted the phone only has 400 Megabites marked as available. I have deleted over two gb of photos and roughly 1gb of apps and no more space has become available

I bought a new iphone 5s 2 months ago and have since often had issues receiving SMS messages on time in a Group Chat.  4 of us in the chat have iPhones, 1 person has an Android, but it was never

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iphone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iphone, I have the

I've tried to open it threw tapping the app, contacts, and in settings with no luck.My iphone 4 turn off button no longer works therefore turning off or resetting is not an option.

This is not the first time I've run into this problem. Before, I've just grumbled and moved some songs around. But THIS TIME...I would like a solution. The app of the week is Republique,

My iphone 5S is taking an extremely long time to charge. What's wrong?

how do i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to the cloud? because my app is running slow and i know I have things saved to my cloud and cant see them

King.com Unlimited keeps forcing my iphone to go to its Apple app-store app[s] page[s].They have several 'games' where they later persuade you to buy other features for their games. How i

I want to clear out the other space on my phone.  The yellow colored space on the page when my phone is plugged in to my laptop.

Apparently i have 48+ hours to wait for it to download. it took like three minutes for the new 100 mb update. im just trying to restore my iphone 4 GSM. Everything else downloads relatively quickly.

Hi I've had my iphone 5 about 8 months now and all of a sudden the other day it won't let me call or txt and won't let me receive them either, what can I do

Like it says, I have 23 apps and they occupy a LOT of space. I think it's because of the updates. What can I do? my apps are the only things that occupy the space in my iphone. I really don't

I need to restore old info onto a new iphone but have entered new information since receiving the phone.  That info is in the cloud.  Will current info in the cloud still be accessible after

My messages icon keeps telling me i have unread texts and increases in number as I recieve more, but I have already opened them and when I tried deleting them, closing the app, and deleting them indiv

I dont get Whats app messages instantly .I first have to open the app ,then it connects, and then i get my message .Is there a way to get it instantly?They same goes for BBM

my voicemail is full and I need to delete messages.  I have selected messages and deleted and tried to clear all but the mailbox stays full

I have the iOS 7.1.1 update available for download and it says it is 186MB. However, it won't let me download it because it says I need 1.8GB of available space. Am I crazy, or does 186MB =/= 1.8G

Yesterday I made a back up of my iphone and then I rebooted it. Before restoring I had all my song and photos on the phone - they occupied almost the whole memory. But now I can't sync my music be

Hello.  I'm sure this has been discussed before. I understand that the new iOS7 takes up about 2-3 GB. Fine, that's OK. I have a 16 GB iphone 4s with ONLY 1.1 GB left of storage space on

how do I completley remove erased phone numbers and messages from my iphone 5, how do I completley remove erased phone numbers and messages from my iphone 5

I have just recently started filling up space on my phone and need to keep it free for photos. I just downloaded Itunes and can back up photos, but it won't take my quick voice recordings.

Old phone with busted screen  can't unlock so can't connect to itunes via computer. Nothing saved to icloud. Is there any other way to retreive contacts, picture, etc. to put on new phone

My iphone 5s, 64gb phone is freezing, enlarging and freezing screens, it's taking green pictures, and now it has started getting a blue screen and restarting!I have restored it to a "new" iphone,

I ran out of storage space on my phone and can no longer take pictures. How do you get more storage space without deleting pictures?

I cannot open the messages app. I have reset the iphone, I have tried texting myself from different numbers and have done a complete reset. The app starts to load and then just shuts down. Is there an

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