iPhone microphone for texting

Does anyone know of an app that will alert a texter the recipient is driving? Will Apple be including this feature on new models?

iPhone microphone texting

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I had been having problems. with the phone shutting down.completely and when to verizon store they di

Hi there, i have an iphone 4s, and have already had it replaced 2 times because of hardware issues, but now my phone has broken yet again. The problem i have with my iphone is that the microphone does

please help. I talk on the phone, make voice memos, but when I go to make any kind of regular video on the external video camera it doesnt work. I just got the phone 3 days ago on verizon

My iphone 4s microphone no longer works, I have to use speakerphone to talk on the phone. Can the microphone be fixed?

My iphone 5 is delaying individual letters when I write text messages. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I have my phone to where it should vibrate on silent and on sound but it hang been working when somebody texts or calls me my phone doesn't make any noise or vibrate, the screen doesn't even s

After I end a call on my iphone 5c, I can hear myself still talking and/or any background noise.  After about two minutes, the echoing stops and I can make another call.  If I try to immedia

My power button didn't work for some time, since I don't have any warranty on my iphone 5 anymore, I decided to just replace the part/plate. Now, my mute button doesn't work (I'm guess

I'm conducting experimental field work using my iphone and need to include the microphone specifications in my report. Does anyone have this information at hand or know where I can find it? T

I care not to frequently text, however my associates remain disrespectful of this. In fact, regardless of my wishes for them to call instead of text, they refuse to call; regardless of my wishes for t

My microphone on my front facing camera is not working. When i record something and hear it back, the sound is very faint. But when i record on my back facing camera, it sounds fine. Siri doesnt work

Who do I cAll for help when my microphone works when I talk on the phone but not when I am on speaker phone

It works crystal clear on Skype/Voice Recorder and calls, but why not on Camera?Please help me~

where i will get this parts

I used to be able to use the microphone in the "Notes" app on my I5 to add text - the mic symbol is there, but it doesn't activate.  SIRI and Msg mic works fine!I recently downloaded the ne O

ive tried restarting my iphone 4, when on phone calls a high pitched noise comes from the microphone and the person on the other line can hear it. when on a phone call I can hear the other person but

my microphone is not working properly.so how do i resolve it..the two speakers that are inbuilt among these only the right handed speaker is sounding bt the one that is left is not at all soundinh...

I'm having a problem with callers hearing me on my iphone 5.

My iphone 5 microphone is very low whenever i make videos and the problem just started.

The microphone on my iphone 5s (ios 7.1) is not working in the folloing apps:  phone and voice note But it is works fine in Siri and if I use a headset (bluetooth or cable) it works fine too

I have an iphone 4s, and for some reason, only one of the microphones work. The microphone for talking during calls, creating voice memos, and talking to Siri works great, but the mic for speakerphone

Why is it that I can only answer my phone with the speaker

Hi everyone- So my iphone 5 had been working perfectly on iOS 7.0. Then I heard all these amazing reviews about iOS 7.1, so I made the upgrade last week. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE!! I have be

My two year contract with Verizon is almost up, which means I can ditch the Android and get an iphone (which is what I wanted but the sales guy and my husband threw a fit, so I broke under pressure an

Am living in salalah ,Oman and bought my iphone 5 in Lulu.Who is the servicing agent as the microphone is not working? When I checked in Lulu,they are unable to say anything.

Since I did the newest upgrade two days ago, my phone will type 1000 letters in a text message, then I can't delete it. I was trying to set my alarm and it would change the time ever time I tried

After updating my iphone 4 to ios 7 & 7.1, it's microphone doesn't work well. It is ok with Voice Memos or other apps, but during calls, it sometimes stops to work. In some cases you canno

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