iPhone model mc609ll a

Hey, I was just wondering if it's possible to exchange my iphone 4 to a newer model?I have experienced a lot of software and hardware related problems, is there a chance I could exchange it to a n

iPhone model mc609ll

My iphone 5s got damaged its model number is ME434Y/A. Can you help me locate which country it was made in and if i can swap it at an apple store in barcelona for a new phone after paying the 200$ ?Th

Hi there! I was wondering how much it would cost me to replace my iphone 4 with a newer model or a refurb. I am currently out-of-warranty. I'm pretty sure my phone has water damage and the screen

An A1332 is indeed an iphone 4. What is the model number at: Settings - General - About - model = ???

And is it possible to buy it in Europe and where, direct at an Apple Store? Thanks in advance.

I was mistaken. The iphone 5S model A1533 is sold as two versions in the U.S. The GSM version and CDMA version. The GSM version does not include CDMA. The CDMA version is a combination CDMA/GSM. 

iphone is very slow. I had an iphone 4s, I dropped it and claimed on my insurance to get a new one.I got the same model phone but this one is very slow, any ideas or tips on how to speed it up? It is

I recently purchased a iphone 5s in UAE I noticed while traveling there that I could not access FaceTime on laptop or ipad.  But when I returned to the EU I was supervised to find my iphone 5s ha

How to Identity my iphone 5 s model number so i can tell which LTE- Bands are Covered.

ME305LL / A Serial Number: DNQL9PAQFF9 iphone 5s etmektedir.turkey my device still under warranty Apple Store solicit getirmemektedir.yardım device-related warranty requirements ediyorum.call number:

How do you guys know you're iphone 5 model?

Hello, Like millions of other people I saw the powerful commercial and the part where the lady launches a model rocket. I've looked for that app on official website but can't seem to find

I live in Norway and going on a vacation in the U.S and wonder if it's possible to buy an iphone 5s model A1457?

Can I download ISO4.3 and Whatshapp on my iphone model: MB489B Please!!!!!Waiting for a positive replyXx

Can I tell what kind if iphone I have by the model number? I don't know if I have a 4 or 4s. Thank you.

By the way, it is model 1533, not 1532.

I bought iphone 5s model A1533 yesterday and when i put it on charging, the charger got overheated extremely and the phone is also getting overheated. i am residing in Saudi Arabia and can anyone help

Which iphone 5S work in both USA and Israel with LTE? Is it the European or American model? GSM or CDMA?

my iphone 5s model a1533 problem with this signal, is just looking and not think the signal operator already changed the chip and the problem continues, as I'm from Brazil and bought the machine i

A year ago I bought a iphone 5 from Georgia (not the state of Georgia but the country just by Turkey) and power button does not work now. What is the possibility of repairing or having a new model wit

I newly purchased iphone 5 , could not connect to LTE . While visiting the wireless service provider to get some assistance the technician discovered this. model of my iphone 5 is - model - A1429 on t

Lte OF the iphone 5s model a1533 are working in italy?

Why does unlocked iphone 5s model  bought from US not support 4 g/ LTE  in india

Hello apple community.  I have a question. I recently purchased an iphone 5s and 16 gb isn't big enoughHow much would it cost to trade it in for a larger size? At a guinus bar.

I have changed my password 3 or 4 times in the last hour.  I still cannot get into the apple store to download a new free app.  What is my problem?

I will go to the USA and stay for 5 days . You can make a reservation for an iphone 5S in any store in town where you 'll be ? thank you,paseba

Hi, I wish to know if Apple do sell iphone 5S, model A1457 unlocked and contract free over the US ? If so, it's warrenty is international or not ? Tks

Hello there , i just want to confirm that whetgher iphone 5S model A1453 comes FACTORY UNLOCKED or not ?