Why is my iphone not showing me IOS7

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

iphone showing IOS7

4s wont boot up past apple logo and also wont restore on iTunes, showing unknown error (21)

Hi Guys, my iphone 4 showing bad retina display and showing horizontal lines? What could be the problem???

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

I was updating new OS with itune to my iphone 4S. it stuck in mid and showing itune and usb connect icon. After restart also, showing same icone. it is unable to connect with itune after multiple trie

I changed apps Id but trying to down an apps but it still showing old id, how can I change this?

My iphone is stuck  in recovery mode.  It is showing error 4013.  Has anyone got any ideas on what to do next.  The 02 shop has said it is a hardware problem, but the phone has not

Suddenly my iphone 5s display came black marks on left side and up and down of screen and when restart my phone it's light blings on screen Please help.

hi bro i have iphone 4s and its dead when charging only sound that its conected and not showing any thing plz help any one plzzzz

I can see that my personal hotspot is available in settings but it will not connect to anything

There is no option for current location weather In my iOS 7 weather app

battery icon dose not showing when i plug in to usb or power? and not charging when phone is on

How do you change it back to the numeric key pad?   The alphabet key board also does not recognie the unlock code when swapped to the numeric screen.   What needs to be done to cor

Since the latest updates to iOS, I'm hearding more issues reported to my company where iphone users are not able to be routed correctly in our IVR. From the PBX, I'm seeing such as the followi

Please help me transfer purchased apps from my current ios6 to new ios7 program.

My phone is showing no data for my iTunes. When I try to listen it comes up on the last track I was playing but the screen is frozen. Also I have not been able to complete a download of new apps.

I recently updated to ios7 and am having an issue with syncing my bookmarks between Safari on my Macbook Air and on my iphone.  I was under the impression that the "Bookmarks Menu" folder in the

So my auntie's package arrived with her iphone4s then I used it for a while the version of it was 6. something then I updated it to ios7.1.1 then it wont charge anymore im stuck with 4%-5%. It cha

Sp, recently a new expressway opened up in my area (Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.) however apple maps doesn't know this road exists, yet google maps does. Is there a way that the settings can be

So I don't have movies actually downloaded to my phone (it has the cloud download icon) and show under the Apple "Videos" app normally over wifi and are able to be played. However, when I turn wif

Hi  I am from India and I have iphone 5s .My cellular carrier is vodafone India. My phone's personal hotspot is not working. It wasnt working since i updated latest ios7.1.1 version. I e

My iphone 4 is not connecting to the internet at all. The wifi network isn't even showing up. Ive tried several times to fix this but with no use. All my other apple devices are working perfectly

It started this morning when i was syncing it to my iTunes to get some pictrues off of it for class and it said to restore it. I've done restore before so I clicked and went along. But then it did

My iphone 5 keyboard is suddenly showing squares instead of letters

MY iphone 4 after  being updated to ios7 will not download or update any apps. When i press the button on my device to download a new app the loading wheel appears then in a few seconds disappear

I am experiencing multiple devices (2 iPhones, 2 iPads) that keep dropping the wifi connection since updating to IOS 7.  I am reading about other users experiecing the same issues.  Does any