iphone how to sms alert headphone

Can I set an alert on my iphone that will notify me when there is a new IOS update to install or download?

iphone sms alert headphone

I have been using my iphone 5s with the mophie juice pack plus with the headphone adapter since 5s came out.  It never really fit perfectly in headphone jack I just figured it was a faulty design

My iphone 4s got water in the headphone poert. I put my phone in rice for 24 hours and the LED is on. It stays on even when the phone is off. How can i fix it without taking it to apple and spendding

So yesterday I dropped my phone and my headphones were plugged in, when I picked it up the silver thing on the headphones was crooked to the left. I took the headphones out and the silver thing fell o

My iphone 5S is stuck in headphone mode. it did not get wet and I had not used the headphones for 3 weeks. Help!

I have an iphone 5c. Headphones are distorting, particularly L channnel when volume only up slightly. Headphones will not alter volume, pause or skip tracks - they work fine on other devices. Any idea

i have had my iphone 4s for about since launch and i have had no trouble till the other day where my urbeats by dre would not fully enter the headphone jack this has never occured before , to cut a lo

my iphone 4S won't go off speaker or headphone mode

Hi,     My dad das an iphone 4s and some time in the last 2 weeks he has stopped getting alerts on text messages. This extends to audio form the music player also. I am a fairyl ad

So yeah as the title says.  I was on the bus listening to some music and calling friends, then my stop came so i got off the bus and took out my headphones. I got home and went to make a call to

I changed my password yesterday.  It recognized it right away (I downloaded an app just after changing it), but today the phone kept asking for my to enter the password and would not accept it. I

The headphone output of my Iphone4 doesn't works since I connected it to an input preamp of a Mixer, and the preamp of this mixer was sending 48V phantom power. I can only hear a very low and dist

Why when trying to schedule an event in Calendar on my iphone and IPad can I not select to repeat every "10 days" or set to alert me "4 or 5 hours" in advance of event instead of the presets? On my la

I am aware that the iphone alarm will sound even if the phone is switched to silent. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Is there a way to enable sound for calendar alerts as well? I conside

Brand new iphone and headphones but it seems to be shoring out at the connection and doesn't 't seem firm. I removed the outer protector and it still is loose. Did I receive a defective headph

When my head phones are in the jack and a person calls me it makes a loud noise that both people can hear. It is also making music sound distorted. Does anyone know what causes that.

However, I took some screenshots and when I went to upload the pictures to my Mac, the screenshots uploaded. So I believe my phone still is working but the screen is just not turning on. I tried holdi

Just got the new iphone 5s gold and updated it and everything even used my iphone 4s backup for all of my apps and I noticed the vibrate doesn't work when in silent mode for phone calls but it sti

I have an iphone 4 running Ios7.0.4 and the LED light doesn't work on the app or with alerts. It works fine a flash when taking a picture but doesn't work with video. Anything I can do or do I

I am having brand new iphone 5s. It's headphone jack is not getting inserted fully. I am unable to use volume and music controls over the headphones. What to do??

As listed above I've already tried many of the solutions that can be found on the internet and nothing worked. Also one thing I have noticed is that whenever I try to switch my phone off while it

I need an app or a feature on Mac, iphone, or iPad that will send me a push notification or some kind of alert every five minutes. I would rather not set up a million calendar alerts or alarms, a

my iphone is stuck on the headphone mode ?  what can i do ? i already tried connecting and taking them out over and over.

I use my phone's Reminders app frequently and have started having problems with the "Remind me on a day" option.  Today I noticed that whenever I set a time and date for a reminder alert, it

I've recently spent a huge amount in buying the Ferrari R200 headphone, and it comes with 3 cables for the headphones - for iphone  - for androids / bb / windows  - no mic I use an

Anyone has difficulties with the headphone jack on the new iPhone5S?Mine is 4 weeks old and sound only comes out from the right earpiece...

i can't turn down or up volume with my headset on my iphone on music player, also sometimes its not working when i call someone, i can't talk with it,

How can apple team take decision based on unclear photographs !! The headphone jack on iphone5s is deep and one needs a magnifier to look into it. How can you just plainly reject the request of your c

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