iphone stopped getting email

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

iphone stopped email

The phone was working fine. Then I couldn't move the button on the WiFi setting. Any suggestions?

i lost my apple id  for iphone5      imei013419000451689       iccid89966327121103758641

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iPhones.  Senior Technical at Earthlink advise Apple have admitted to a problem similar to "Heart

Hellloo please i need help here immediatly i cant remember my security questions answers and the rescue email !!

My iphone 5 has just stopped working it had 70% charge in it and I've tried recharging and nothing it's just dead.

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this has been a major issue and Apple is aware and will replace them?

My new iphone 5S has my work email on it and when I send a message and then get a response I cannot open the response which many (most) times has a blue dot in front of it..........other emails with b

I lost the speaker sound suddenly while listening to a previously aired radio program. Cannot hear any sounds on my Apple 4S iphone since it happened. Cannot even hear Siri anymore. Can only hear any

Help, I have tried everything, finally got my phone unlocked with my current Apple ID, but to get imessage working it still asks me to go to my original email and password. I cannot remeber this passw

I got a weird email.  Not sure what it means I think an app may have sent it as the email says it is from me. Anyone have any ideas? HeaderIOS 7.0.6 - Security - Apple IDApril 10 Conten

my iphone said need an apple  email to activate the phone what i do ?

I don't know my security questions and I don't recognize the email it wants to send the reset thing to. What should I do?

I have Ipone 4 with software up to date.  Verizon email is working using the mail button.  I downloaded HP Eprint app and setup Hotmail and gmail to successfully print on my HP Officejet 450

Recently our i5 Apple phones not longer accept Verizon pop.net email. Anyone else have this problem??

The switch button of my iphone5 has stopped working after 12 months of use. I have been using it with the utmost care and caution and have always used a phone guard. However the switch button has stop

Was just wondering why some phones are replaced & others not? Is there a secret hand shake or specific "terms" to use to describe your problem?

Reset network settings. Reset wifi router. Still not working. All apps say "not connected to the internet", but wifi signal is active. Now what? Another replacement?

When I went to update my iphone 4S, it stopped midway through and is prompting me to "restore my iphone". Will this erase all the pictures on my phone?

My iphone 5 speaker stopped working. Can't hear anything--music, video, person on phone, Siri. But phone functions and can use phone via Bluetooth in my car.

$s on /off switch stopped working can it be fixed?

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

can i used this apple id in my phone app store also..?coz ive created an account in my phone and then i cannot used it coz i forget to put my email add and i cannot verify it.. what should i do..?

I got a itunes card from my relative over Facebook and it said to put in my email and I did and got a email 2 seconds later saying conformation and it said click here and it had a code at the bottom a

I dropped my phone and these lines appeared and my screen turns green and different colors. Does Apple fix this for free??

I bought the iphone 5 off my Bestfriend and it was a sprint phone. I took it to my phone guy and he unlocked it for me. I can make calls to everyone but I cannot receive messages from people with iPho

I use Tomtom and the status bar always says poor GPS reception, even if I leave it on for a few hours. Ive reset network, location with no result. Ive taken sim out, turned it off with no gain. Please

Click here and ask the iTunes Store staff for assistance.(103988)

i forgot the answers of the security and the i wrote the email in wrong way i wrote .cim instead of .com plz help ?

Is it possible to set up contact groups within email on the iphone as I'm sick of having to type in individual email addresses all of the time??

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