iphone sync after system reinstall

Hello, I am buying a new ford titanium x which I collect in June and the dealership have advised the they are still waiting on the software to be used with iphone 5 5c and no doubt any updated to

iphone sync system reinstall

Hi everyone, im from Argentina, and i have an iphone 5s, the thing is that i tried to sync it to iTunes but it wont sync, even though it charges when i connect it to the laptop(pardon my english). I h

Comcast claims that are not blocking ports.  Technically from what I understand they are not.  They just don't recongnize the iCloud server address on their DNS.  An Apple Genius ga

I want to make a complaint. My iphone 5 was stolen and the app search did'nt work. I could't take my iphone back. I am very angry because I really trusted the system bu it has flaws

siri works fine on two apple products but is dissapeard from my husbands older iphone 4 It ie nit in the settings and holding the hone button leasds to voice command, Help Language is correct i checke

Does iphone sync Outlook contact categories?

cant sync with my itune

I am accustomed to updating the apps on my iphone by first downloading the new versions to iTunes and then syncing my phone. This is how I've done it for years. It no longer works this way. Now, w

I recently got a new iphone and my mom accidently synced it with her computer, so now I can't sync it with mine without getting the "This iphone is synced with another computer, would you like to

Yesterday my i5 was at 40% and i decided to plug it in which i noticed it wasnt charging so i rebooted the phone but it wouldnt power back on. I did a handful of hard resets and finally got the screen

i am not able to sync my iphone to my computer.  please help.

I cannot get my I phone to sync up at all to my itunes. With this latest update my Itunes wont even recognize that I have an iphone hooked up to my computer. I can import images or look in a

US Airways to be specific. No matter what I do it shows as downloaded already so I cannot proceed. I have deleted it from both phone and MacBook Pro so I am stuck.

I want to sync my games from my ipod together with its status to my iphone. How can I do that? Please help me. Thanks.

Action: I have an iphone 4s. Upgraded to iOS 7.1Result: Wifi not working / unavailable. Phone freezing regularly. Bluetooth is sporadic. Device is past the 1-year Apple Warranty Everything was working

I have a problem with the sound system has become a little bit lower than before, which is the iphone 4 running IOS 7.1 Please help me in solving this problem where I can not hear the voice of the dev

I have an iphone 4S with ios7 and have used the new Voice Memos feature a few times since upgrading to the new ios.  But for some reason, I can't get these new voice memos to sync with my Mac

Recently update my iOS system to 7.1 and all my music has disappered. It is still in my library, but my phone will not syc with it as far as I can tell. Any quick solutions?

Sorry for the long intro question.  I just bought a new iphone 5S for me and a new 5C for my wife.We want to give our kids my old 4S and my wife's old 4.  We backed up our old phones and

Hi, I have multiple routers set up in my home.  But I am simply trying to get my main laptop (which has iTunes) to talk to both iphone and iPad over Wifi. Laptop is Windows 8 64 (hoping

I did many times my new password because my apple id has been disabled. What should I do, or what i am doing wrong ?

trying to sync info from 4 to 5s...all the apps didn't transfer ...how do transfer all my current apps to new phone 5s... I went thru Itunes...

How do I sync my old contacts onto my NEW iphone?

My iphone Is Locked, When I Try sync With Itunes ,The App Ask Me For The Owner Account which Is Erased Somebody Can Help Me?  I Want To sync My Music But I Cant, Can Somebody Help Me ? Thank

I have had no problems with my iphone 5 until the very next day after I updated to ios 7.1. My phone is 26 days out of warranty, sorry says Apple, we have one for $269 though. Clearly this is an issue

i need to know how to change my media sync on an iphone4s i tried to update it and it keeps telling me it needs more space and to change the media sync i have no idea how or what that is please help m

My boyfriend has an iphone that was never synced with a computer (I know, I've taken care of that with his new phone) but that phone contains pictures that are very precious to him. Not just every

my phone will not sync when i plug it into my computer nor will my device option show up?

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