iphone sync after system reinstall

i have two different apple id's, one on my computer and one on my phone. i connected my phone to sync music and i lost most of my music. i realised that the music i lost is from the apple id on my

iphone sync system reinstall

after deleting an app then reinstalling it at a later time, I no longer receive push notifications from said app. I have all the toggles turned on in notification centre and have the push notification

I updated my email on my phone today and now I need to do that for the iTunes store so I can update my apps.  Does anyone know how to do that?

i had been using my ipod for my itunes.  i finally wanted to convert and use my iphone for my music.  i connect to the computer and itunes asked if i wanted to set my phone up as a new phone

ive tried to sync some ringtones and music to my iphone 5 but it keeps coming up theres an error (-54) im not sure why and its bugging me.

Hi I have a iphone 5S running  7.1.1 latest iOS. Since this update whatsapp can't sync to my contacts and when I installed Viber I'm getting the same issue. These apps simply just si

Hey guys trying to figure out how to sync my girlfriends calendar on her iphone with the one on my iPad using different Apple ID's is this possible just so we can have our work schedules and stuff

Recently, I have been having some trouble with my iphone, so I wanted to restore it. I made sure everything was synced to iTunes and all of my purchases were transfered; however, I forgot to make an a

My iphone 5S bluetooth signal will not stay connected to the Microsoft Synch in my new car. I have to manually reconnect it every time I start the car. Am I missing a step in the process?

how do you sync itunes purchased files to mophie spacepack

Is there a way I can sync stuff off my itunes to my iphone 5 without backing it up?

i brought my iphone 5s two weeks before,when i connect to my windows laptop iphone appears under devices but it says driver is not installe

Hi, I recently got an iPad air. Singed in for new registration with cc details as I had no other optionI already own an iphone and also my husband owns one. Both have same Apple ID to sync with iCloud

I mistakenly synced my new iphone to my office computer. Now my home computer won't even acknowledge the device. Can I change that? If so, what do I need to do?

my iphone got deleted by itself and i havent save it in my computer since i vacationing away from home and left the computer where with the back up at home and aint going till august is there a way to

All of mine, and my friends, iphone 5S artwork is all over the place. One artwork is for the wrong artist, etc.... how to fix?

i tried syncing my phone to my lap top and it comes up with an error code of -54

I have deleted several apps from my iphone 4 (OS 7.01.) manually (since it seems to no longer work as I expected it to, when using iTunes 11.2.1 on my MBP). My problem is, when I sync the phone a

I am needing to reinstall 7.1.1. How do I get this 'pushed' to my iphone?

Recently, my notes stopped syncing between my iphone 4S and iPad (3rd gen). I've never had this issue before. When I try to turn on Notes under the iCloud settings, it says "Create a free @icloud.

is there any way i can do that? i have a back up from 2 days ago and i don't have my iCloud sync with my photo

Hi John_Walker, I understand that you are trying to sync your iphone 4 over Wi-Fi, but when you attempt the sync you get an alert that the iphone cannot be found. I suggest the steps in the follo

I can't figure out how to sync my iphone to my computer to get all of my pictures off of it to put on my new phone, my screen is broke on my old iphone, but everything else still works on it

im trying to down load 7.1 to my i phone 4s and cannot because the photo's that i just downloaded in my computer arent clearing from phone.  How do I clear up space or delete photos.  I

I cannot log in to enter password. I want to save my data and pictures inside my phone. Please assist. thank you.

I connected my iphone to my computer to sync and backup my iphone to make more space but it downloaded my computer pictures to my phone but wont let me erase them off of it... HELP!! because know I ha

i cannot sync my new iphone to my laptop

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