my iphone cannot be synced because it cannot be found

iphone synced

My phone was lost in the airport.  I cancelled telephone service and contacted Apple.  I was advised to request that all information on the phone be erased if it were connected to the intern

I found an iphone 5 while camping this weekend and I was wondering if I can give it to the owner or restore it for myself?

i connected my iphone to mac  and it said it will synced and now its jus black screen with the white apple turning on and off

hi iv bought a new laptop an want to sycn my phone to the itunes,but it wont let me because iv got i tunes set up on my old laptop,how do i do this?

Hello, I had Buy Apple iphone 5 From USA before 2 Month and I'm Using In india. After 40 Days Its Shows Searching and IMEI number missing From My Phone. Modem Firmware Automaticaly

how can i solve the vpn server could not be found error on my iphone 5s?

My huband upgraded to a iphone 5 today.  He came home and plugged his phone into iTunes without signing in as himself first.  Now his phone is synced with my account and getting all my email

My friend changed my iphone 4s passcode, and forgot it, i have tried everything such as using itunes and what not and it says i need to unlock it to use the options on itunes, to change passocode on i

Mr cookIm am from Portugal i have a iphone5s and i found a promblem !when your Phone is locked the only way to unlock is by Touch ID or a 4 digit code right !! Wrong, if you enter the control center a

i found a iphone 5 with a broken screen i replaced the screen now cant activate it. is there a way i can contact the owner to work something out.

I have an iphone 5 and I keep getting a "No SIM Card found" message.  I've tried rebooting but this doesn't help any more.  Any ideas?

Since updating my daughters iphone 4s to the latest version of ios 7.1 we have not been able to connect to wifi or bluetooth. Also the phone is extremely slow in the network menu.I don't want to h

I upgraded my iphone to the new ios7 and have found that the photos attached to my contacts have changed to thumbnails. How do l change them back to full screen pics?

Hallo Guys and Ladys!Im sry for my bad english, but i hope u can understand me request.Its exactly the problem, where u find this thread. I updated to ios 7.1 and at the next day i wanted to conn

Hi i have iphone 3gs and cant sync anything. i want to download books but apps cant be synced. viber and nothing help me please.

I got my FIRST APPLE, iphone 5S, about 80 days ago. on the 3-4 times of last battery charges, I found that restarts in last percents of charging process. On the last charge time, restarted and remaine

i found an iphone 4 it was totally disabled it was written on the screen already "iphone IS DISABLED" plz help me enable it

my iphone 5 is disabled and its not synced to any computer and i forgot my passward. how do I recet it to get on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!

i found an iphone 4 it was totally disabled it was written on the screen already "iphone IS DISABLED" plz help me to enable it

After updating to iOS 7.0.1 I went out in the car and it connected to car fine and I made calls.  When I next went out 20 mins later my Bluetooth has a spinning icon as if it is trying to switch

i've lost my iphone 4 and found it back. i am unable to restore data. if i connect to itunes its getting restarted again and again. what should I DO ???       &#

When i plug my iphone 5 into itunes, it just keeps loading (greyed out) and doesnt load up. My phone charges, but i cant seem to sync or do anything. Everything is updated on my macbook though, i doub

I've synced my phone, accidentally, to my wife's account and now lost all me photos and data... Is there any way of retrieving it all? The bigger problem is I can remember when my phone was la

Title of post kind of says it all.  cannot locate my phone, wanted to use the service to find it, can't even get into chat or phone with Apple Support because I am at work and the paperwork f

I have this problem for over a year and it really frustrates me.I tried contacting iphone and itunes support and was thrown to different departments but ended up with nothing fixed. Does anyone know h

dfound an iphone it has been disabled how do I fin the owner?

I recently synced my brothers iphone with my itunes and it has added all my contacts, images etc to his iphone and i don't know how to change it so it doesn't have all my data on his phone, ho

I lost my phone a few days ago when it fell out of my bag but then someone found it in the snow. Not sure how wet it was when the person found it but my phone worked fine for 5 days after. When I plug

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