iphone update ios 7 for iphone 4 says itunes with a plug in

What is the best way to find your password to download ios 7.1.1 software update?

iphone update ios 7 iphone 4 itunes plug

after trying to update the newest version of ios my iphone 5c says to connect to itunes however i cant do that because i only have a windows tablet running rt available. my phone is now stuck on that

After the most recent update of IOS 7.1.1, my camera will not focus when trying to take a picture. It does take a picture upclose focused but not from a distance. I've tried restarting it a couple

A long time ago my iphone 4 home button broke. So I installed the on-screen home button which is inconvenient but works just fine. Today, however, the iphone screen went black. The phone won't cha

I have updated my iphone this evening and is has asked me to connect my phone to itunes, I connected it to a computer with itunes and it says it needs restoring? and all my images etcwill be earsed I

Not sure why my phone won't charge unless it's plugged into an outlet.  Computer says unrecognizable device, sometimes it will charge for a couple seconds then will stop charging.  W

This morning my phone was ready for the new IOS update. Everything was going fine and it updated as it did before but now it just wont turn on. I tried pressing and holding the power button, the home

I have recently bought a iphone 5 of ebay. The signal is constatly searching so I tried to activate it through itunes however I get the error message We're sorry, we are unable to continue with yo

Hi there, I had to change my Apple ID recently as my personal info has been hacked into. I want to buy a new App, but it won't allow me to proceed as it remembers my old bank details, which had al

My iphone is disabled when i connect to itunes it still wont let me type my password in?

the crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics,is there any way of eating them back

is anyone else noticing a slight battery drain after update from 7.1 to 7.1.1 on iphone 5S?

Hi, my iphone 5c is having a problem updating apps. My phone updates all of my apps automatically, yet when I open them following the update there are no changes to the app that should be there. There

I accidentally restored BF's phone back this latest back-up which was March 2013... Some of his data were saved on iCloud but not everything. I don't understand why it only picked certain thin

how to update ihone 3g

I'm new to the iphone and I'm having difficulty trying to sign in in the App store, so I can download facebook. I get the message "This Apple ID has not yet been used in the itunes Store. Tap

I Installed the 7.1.1 update today and the phone turned off like normal. However, when it came on again, it gave me the connect to itunes picture. When I plug my phone into itunes, the only option was

My iclould doesn't seem to be working. I have downloaded the most recent itunes update, but I can't seem to get it on my iphone 4S.  Can someone help me?

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a charger symbol it wont go away whats wrong

I updated my phone lastnight/this morining and it wasnt like a normal update. first it had me connect to itunes and it said it had to be restored to factory settings. I dont see the point of an update

GRRR, must I now look upon Apple as Msux? This is a pretty new device, bought in March 2014. I did the update and now it fails to restore AND refuses to update with the "unknown error" syntax. Re

unfortunately i cant connect to apps store itunes and cant download and updates after updating OS TO 7.1.1 problem started..  PLEASE HELP..... I CANT USE MY iphone 5

My phone asks to update iOS 7.1.1 I went out and updated as requested and suddenly my phone off and is asking to connect to itunes what do I do? connected with itunes but there asks for nothing

Can I set an alert on my iphone that will notify me when there is a new IOS update to install or download?

I have an update request on my iphone 5. I am trying to install but it is asking for a password. They are looking for a 4 digit numerical password. I don't have or remember ever setting up such a

Please help.  My iphone 4S is stuck in recovery mode.  I clicked on the wifi update last evening, and it was interrupted and my screen was replaced with the usb plug and itunes logo. I am de

I am tried to update my iphone 5 for 7.1.1 and now i have a brick. iphone ask me to connect itunes and standing in recovery mode. It's ********, I can't download new firmware that have size 1.

i have recently tried to update my iphone 5c and it says i need to connect my phone to itunes to finish the update but i am unable to do so. i cant use my phone until i 1) get a new cable so i can con

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