why is my iphone not updating to ios 7

After updating my I phone to io7 my phones battery power instantly halfed I have switched off all back ups etc etc and reset my entire phone but no difference any iseas

I am trying to update my payment information with my apple ID and everytime I enter the new debit card information it keeps denying it! I don't know what to do but it's driving me crazy! I hav

I was updating new OS with itune to my iphone 4S. it stuck in mid and showing itune and usb connect icon. After restart also, showing same icone. it is unable to connect with itune after multiple trie

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

I had deleted contacts from my iphone because I wanted to hide them as they were Facebook contacts with no phone number and I couldn't find a way to only display phone contacts. I recently added s

Hi, the sound on my iphone 4s since updating to IOS 7 is not working.  I just uploaded music and nothing on my phone.  When I use a speaker it works a little then stops.

Hi, my apps stall while updating the last few days and wont go any further,  any ideas?

was updating iphone 5c while it was plug to laptop and now it has a black screen with an itunes logo and a picture of a plug with an arrow. what can i do to fix that?

I just updated my iphone 5S to 7.1.  Since doing so I cannot connect to iTunes via my MacBook Pro. My iphone just vibrates once plugged in and I get an error message in iTunes (eventually) statin

So i recently updated to the newest IOS 7.1.1 and have noticed my battery has gone really bad! not sure if an IOS issue or not?so i decided to log my days activities at work, now i use the phone very

Viber app is not working on my iphone 4 after I updated the software on my phone. I deleted the app and reinstall the same app and the problem was there as before. Viber is not recognizing my phone nu

My iphone 4 has never been updated (yes, I'm still using version 4.2.6). I need to know what to do to update it. I've plugged it into my computer and everything but I just do NOT have the opti

My phone has stopped receiving a carrier or 3G signal from EE. Have decided to try and restore phone to factory settings, but it wouldn't let me unregister from iCloud - so I then followed advice

hello users i have updated mi iphone 5s to 7.1.1 and from then my touch id option is not been seen in the passcode option what to do ?????????????

well today i decided i would update to ios7.0.2. it then said that i have to factory reset my phone and i didnt save any of my stuff.What should i do?

I am experiencing multiple devices (2 iPhones, 2 iPads) that keep dropping the wifi connection since updating to IOS 7.  I am reading about other users experiecing the same issues.  Does any

Whilst updating my software the phone got stuck. Said software could not be updated. There is an iTunes sign and a cable connection sign. Tried everything possible but just does not work. Any suggesti

updating the latest software has caused my vibrate to fail any answers please?

After lastest software upgrade to 7.1.1. My phone will no lnger take a charge

Actually i bought some apps in indian istore and some apps in japan istore.Now i updated the iOS in to 7.1.1.Right now am in Japan istore.soI couldnt update the indian istore's apps now.for that i

When I am trying to upgrade my iphone to IOS7.0.2 by connecting my my iphone and macbook, it shows "There are purchased items on the iphone “asingh’s iphone” that have not been trans

i made a terrible mistake of updating my iphone to my mac without doing the back up. now i lost all my contacts sand pictures, and all data. will i ever get them back or do i just move on with my life

Hi,  When I try to update apps, for some of them this Icon will show up,  "Update Unavailable with this Apple ID This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bou

When using my iphone 5 with my Mazda CX9 the bluetooth cuts in & out when talking.  This started after updating to iOS 7.1.1.

iPhone5S- sometimes screen is being blue firstly,it is being then striped.Finally screen darkened.Now the phone is not turning on.(When the problem was occured,I was updating my phone list and whatsap

I recently upgraded to the 5s, so I delegated my old iphone 4 to a music player/daughter checking instagram and email.  Three days ago I plugged the iphone 4 into iTunes to update it, the OS bega

since updating my iphone 5s to the latest version of ios 7.1.1 the battery life has gone from bad to worse,siri has completely lost the plot when I first got my 5s siri was great found everything firs

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