why is my iphone not updating to ios 7

I got the new iphone 5c I'm updating from my old icloud address but it's still updating over 30 minutes now is tat normal ??

iphone updating ios 7

Any help would be really nice please updating my software n iphone 5 - it said it could not update as has a older itunes. downloaded the latest one but now my phone is stuck in "recovery  mo

I am accustomed to updating the apps on my iphone by first downloading the new versions to iTunes and then syncing my phone. This is how I've done it for years. It no longer works this way. Now, w

I was updating my iphone 4s software then i opened a new application when the screen froze and it went black but everything else is functional, please help me fix this problem.

Since updating my iphone 4S it has started showing no service, i have gone into the apple store and they couldn't fix it does anyone have any suggestions?

After updating my IOS to IOS 7.1 I am unable to use search in App Store (just nothing happens). Also Ringtonium app is not working properly - when I try to add a song from the library it just glitches

I have an iphone 4s and I have been trying for months to update my phone from iOS 6.1.3 to the new one iOS 7 (now its iOS 7.1).  I recently got a new computer (my old harddrive crashed and w

I didn't realize that my iphone has already been updated to that ios 7 thing. I tried to update it so that I could redo all my music selection to make more space for my TV shows on it, but it fail

Since updating to 7.1, the icon in top right corner indicating that an app is refreshing or that data is being used for any given app, does not go away. It is permanently there. I am afraid it is eati

the new update for itunes on windows 8.1 wont worki cant syn any iphone i have or ipod it wont even show up i have one conected but in my computer it is conected and i can get pics of ithelp me please

Apps missing after updating, how do I get them back?

I have three apps on my phone that need updating but were downloaded with and old Apple ID. My first thought was to delete all three and re install. Any way to fix this problem without deleting? Thank

My iphone 5 started two days ago just not updating the battery percentage. It stayed at the same percentage all day no matter how much I would use it and would only change if I would turn off the phon

Hi, I have used my friends Apple ID while downloading the Apps for the first time. Now i got mine, so when i am trying to update the older apps,it is asking password with older apple id. But due

after updating to ios 7.1 with my iphone 4 my apps wont update it just loads then stop help please

Since updating my iphone 4S to ios 7.1 my phone will no longer ring and apps do not have sound. I have made sure the do not disturb is not turned on and have also gone into Accessibility and made sure

I updated my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 and now when I go on my home wifi it connects for about 25 seconds then disconnects for 20 seconds and repeats this cycle over and over again in a never ending loop I

Since upgrading phones and ipad to ios 7.1 I cant connect to internet on my wirelss linksys 4400n router.  It connects to the network just no internetI have 11 devices so I am not happy

Since I downloaded the new ISO 7 software my battery is draining at a ridiculous rate within 3 hours my battery was dead, yes i was using spotify and sending texts but surely it shouldn't have dra

Hi, I am trying to update my apps but it keeps coming up with asking for payment information. I have enter the correct information but it keeps saying wrong. I tried doing it throw itunes al

Hi there, I recently tried updating to iOS 7.1 using iTunes. Don't know what went wrong but I got an error (quickly clicked it away so don't know what the first error was) and it is now i

I installed apps from my pc on my iphone 5s but some of apps work without any problem but some of other apps do not work and need to updating . what do i do until it work without updating.

After updating my iphone 5 32 GB GSM (Factory Unlocked) to iOS 7.1, SIRI is no longer working. Siri worked perfectly prior to software update and the phone is in mint condition.   After upda

Since my wife & daugter both updated from IOS 6, both of their 4s phones have had wifi & bluetooth problems.  One phone "cannot scan for wireless networks" while the other's cuts in a

I have just used wifi to install the iOS 7.1 update and my phone has restarted and come up with "connect to itunes". When I did this it said "iTunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode. You must r

need to know how to recover pics and msgs back to iphone5s after a restore

Hi, i wish to know that if I update my iOS 6.1 (Jailbroken) to ios 7.1 through iTunes, will my iphone get locked (iTunes logo on screen) as I am neither living in the US nor Canada.. Im in Malaysia..

Any solution for my battery fast drainage problem?

I updated my iphone 5 and my screen seems to be unresponsive. The home button, when held, activates siri and unplugging it and replugging it, makes it vibrate. But my screen just won't tell on. I

Every since updating yesterday both my ipad and iphone now, the WIFI comes and goes every few seconds. I can barely use my ipad and my sprint service at home so I use my WIFI isn't functional. At

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