iphone volume decrease

volume buttons on my iphone 4s not working and alerts and notification sounds not working at times. its been in and out. what should i do ? thanks for your answers, at times it would work but most of

iphone volume decrease

My iphone 5c call volume is very low. While on a call, I can barely hear the person on the other line. It sounds like they are at 25% volume when the volume shows it is at 100% volume. They can hear m

I have an I-phone 4S -I have the ringer volume as loud as it will go and it's not loud enough.  I have a lifeproof case and if I leave the charger flap open, it's louder - defeats the pur

i have an iphone 5. when i put it onto silent (with vibrate) mode, sometime later it would vibrate and then show volume increase automatically. felt the vibration in my pocket and brought this issue t

iphone 4s can not increase the volume button only by headphones help me

volume on my 4s just quit working. No sound from online videos, downloaded video, or songs. For songs, the volume bar shows up, but it's grayed out; not functional

After I downloaded IOS 7.1 my volume control does not work on any web-sites, eg. CNN videos etc. Thanks for your help in this matter

I'm having a problem with callers hearing me on my iphone 5.

After my update to 7.1 call volume is really low without my headphones. Is anyone else experiencing this? I wanted to check before taking it into apple. Thanks

Okay, so today I went to go take a shower and I had my phone on the counter in the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the shower and back in my room, suddenly the volume buttons weren't working any

Sound not working on my iphone 4s since I upgraded to ios 7.1. volume controls do not work either.

I updated my phone last night with the new iOS7.1  my phone worked fine before updating.  Since updating, I have no sound from music or videos, but I do have sound when my phone rings. 

my volume down button wont work

Dear Apple,  I had puchased iphone 5s on 31st January 2014 from Dubai Sharaf DG retailer located at Burjuman Metro station. This was my first experience with apple and I really appreciate th

When I adjust the. volume using the buttons the indicator does not show on the screen. The volume changes as I can hear it change if in an app playing sound.  However i have no idea if the ringer

Recently when I play audio the volume will change on its own. The volume slider will say that the volume is set at max level but the volume is super low and almost echo-like. This happens in the

I took it out of the case. It is in do not disturb mode. I'll try that. Thanks.

Hello everyone, I want to touch a serious problem. I'll start with the updates:Every time iOS goes forward, our decice goes backward.I literally think it is a marketing way to persuade us for

The volume is very low on my iphone 5s.  How can I fix this please?

I am having brand new iphone 5s. It's headphone jack is not getting inserted fully. I am unable to use volume and music controls over the headphones. What to do??

On an iphone 5, I've upgraded to iOS7.1 and now the volume Down button has ceased to function.  Button does not feel wonky or has the phone beed dropped or abused.  The volume Up button

Since the latest update 7.0.6 I can barely hear anything out of the call speaker (the speaker you hold against your ear when making a call). He loud speaker works just fine. All other sound seems norm

My iphone 4S volume sometimes will stop working and the volume slider will disappear and go grey , the ringtones work and everything it's just very annoying !

so out of no where i couldnt hear anything . my volume slider has disappeared and i cant hear my music , i cant hear anything . when i go to settings to the sound section and adjust it i go back to ho

Hi, my I recently dropped my iphone 4s. It fell screen first and now there are faint horizontal lines running along text and the volume and brightness bars. Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi everyone. My iphone 5's battery was recently replaced by Apple last month and I paid for the said battery replacement for £55. But since then, the volume of my iphone 5 has stopped wo

My iphone 5 the volume bottom does not work  how to replace it in apple sotrei read sb said they only replace the iphone by pay more 210 quid is this ture ?

When I turn my phone on, for a few minutes, my phone is working perfectly. After a few minutes though, I can no longer see how loud my ringer is, and I have no volume on my apps. I've tried restar

The volume + button on my iphone 4s is not working properly. It is very difficult to press, and when it does register, it turns the volume lower instead of higher. Any ideas how to fix it? Or am I out

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