iphone won t ring when called

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

iphone ring called

My iphone 5s does not ring.No matter what I do, it vibrates but does not ring.This must be a simple setting change.

does anybody know why a iphone 5c would quit ringing i turned it off and back on even reset it now it just goes to voicemail

My iphone 5s will not use the personal ringtones but does use a default that is non Apple. I am not sure when this occurred but it is in the last month or so,Any help appreciated.

iphone 5, iOS 7.1. The phone won't ring when called or texted. I can hear the tones just fine when I select them. I can hear everything else fine also. This happens whether the phone is locked or

Hi i have an iphone 4s and it won't ring half of the time and it rang yeserday and yes I have the volume up and the ringer onit does not even vibrate ,it does into missed callhow do I fix this?I a

I can't hear my iphone 4 ring or the text alert sound.  I have chosen both in settings, and the ringer is all the way up. 

I want to buy a phone off ebay. But it says icloud locked. Can that be fixed? and if cant be fixed. why not?

Im using iphone 5s with the latest ios. And sometimes the iphone will only vibrates and doesnt ring when i have messages and calls. But it works perfectly fine  when i put the earpods on.

Since updating my iphone 4S to ios 7.1 my phone will no longer ring and apps do not have sound. I have made sure the do not disturb is not turned on and have also gone into Accessibility and made sure

my iphone was all in black .home and lock button not functioning .when i called my phone it  was ringing but the screen was black

my i phone has went off will not switch on when i ring it the rining tone is there so its still on but theys nothing comeing though to the iphone it is blank

My iphone goes directly to voice mail if called from another cell. If called from a land line it works

Hey guys I recently replaced the LCD/Glass/Digitizer assembly on my iphone 4 (ATT).  Found audio problems so I backed it up, restored to factory, then restored from Cloud, and made sure all

Why can't I hear the ring for an outgoing call but can when on speaker?

Well turns out you cant stop a update caused my phone to be set to restore mode and i want to keep my stuff, Only Steve knows

I hope you can help i cant text  my husbend for months sprint cant help so im hoping you can it sends back that message using invalid number

Why does my iphone 4S have no sound but will ring?

how to recover ring tones

my iphone 4s sometimes doesn't ring.. calls and sms both

hello dear customer my iphone has called down in water and the speaker doesn't works sometimes please help

when my iphone 5s is switched off (Power button on top) I dont receive notification of SMS or phone does not ring

my iphone wont turn on after i did an update

i am using iphone 5s , gold, 16gb, when someone calls me 2-3 times, they get one ring and the call gets cut, later when they try calling i get a full ring on a phone and i will be notified , finding t

Hi, Does anyone know how you can make an iphone 5s (on iOS7.0.4) ring over the external speakers when you have the headphones plugged in?  Can't find any options to make the phone that.&

Having problems with an app called life 360 did not download it but it appears to be somekind of tracking app,

My iphone 5 won't ring, it only vibrates

Dos not ring or vibration and no display just dark.incoming call caming but not seen.

phone wil not ring just vibrate

My new iphone only rings about 10 per cent of the time even though the settings are correct.

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