iphone won t stop syncing

Comcast claims that are not blocking ports.  Technically from what I understand they are not.  They just don't recongnize the iCloud server address on their DNS.  An Apple Genius ga

iphone stop syncing

My iphone won't swipe. I restarted it like 7 times, and it will work for about 15 seconds, then stop again. What should I do?

My iphone5 keeps asking me for my apple id password, it pops up randomly but also everytime i open the slotomania app, how do i stop this?

I bought a new iphone 5 today, and as my old apps and photos began to restore, I saw that it was working and left. However, now everything has stopped, and none of my apps added back on and all my pho

my new iphone 5 just stop working I got off the phone and it had 50% then less than 30 min later completely dead.  I put it on the charger and nothing has happened

I have iphone 4 , stop working without any reason, what should I do ?

after updating to ios 7.1 with my iphone 4 my apps wont update it just loads then stop help please

My apps won't stop moving I know they are supposed to move when you move your phone but even when it's just sitting on the table my apps are swaying back and forth

what causes your sensor to stop working while making a call

i chagre my phone and in sudden my phone stop work and i can see just apple logo then loding is going on and after then blue screen appear for 2 second and again this process continue pelase help me

Despite my settings to just sync unplayed episodes of selected podcasts, my iphone shows ALL podcasts and includes episodes that have been marked as played already, even after syncing. Any solutions o

I have tried everything shrt of removing the SIM card. This is very frustrating. Please help!

Can you please help me with a solution for my problem my earspeaker nor my front camera work

I recently updated my Itunes to 11.1.5 and my iphone 5s to 7.1, now managing my music has become a hassle. When I try to add music it autofill's it with other music in my library for some reason a

I have had an iphone for a while and I just purchased an iPad.  I do not want all the apps which I've downloaded to my iPad to sync with my iphone because they take up too much room, are not

Apple care won't cover this phone since it is past the one year warranty. Apparently this is a common problem with these phones

Is this a common problem? Is there a simple fix?

I have recently changed my laptop , due to it needing repairs. I would like to sync my pictures and music to my new laptop. I am able to sync my camera roll to my laptop. However, I have files of phot

Can an iphone be hacked through your iCloud account or email account (meaning your Apple ID). I have found disturbing things on the internet to monitor phones such as auto-forward.com. For about $70 y

How can I stop the voice control? I hate that app

I have an iphone 4s and i got a message to update the new 7.1... I do not have the required space on my iphone so I am attempting to sync it to my Itunes site and attempt the update but the phone does

hello, my iphone is disabled and i connected it to itunes but it just wont sync

I have ios 7.0.6 on my iphone 5. I've noticed recently since the update that the events on my iphone Calendar does not all sync to iCal on my MacBook running os 10.6.8. Some syncs, but a lot don&#

I know many people have had this same problem because I see a plethora of similar posts on these support pages every time I try to solve it.  I've noticed a couple common variables along the

As topic says.  today, unsure why, my iphone 5 decided that it will not charge while turned on. It will only charge when it is off (thus battery is dead).  When connected to powerpoint - it

I updated itunes 11.1.5 and I accidently restored all my settings back to my old phone that was backed up onto my computer, I lost everything that was set up on my phone, contacts, pictures, videos, e

I had to change my appleid to a different email address and since then when I try and sync or put new music on the phone it will not allow me via the itunes....help please

Hi, I've changed from iphone 4s to HTC but am not receiving text messages from current contacts with iphones.  I think this may be something to do with syncing laptop, tablet etc.  Can I

my battery on my iphone 5 drains very fast. How do i check to see ifany apps from running in the background

Is there a way to stop my iphone 5 from showing all my albums when I flip it in landscape from the music app?

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