iso 7 guide for iphone

I have a iphone 5s that is a month old.  It will not turn on.  I charged the phone for over an hour but it will still not turn on.  On battery indicator icon appears and the screen is b

iso 7 guide iphone

Hi, I ve recently purchased iphone 5S and I want to transfer songs, photos, movies, appointments etc from/to with my mac (not sync).  Is there any apple recommended app which performs this? Pleas

Sir, I have a apple i phone 4s, When  I purchase Whatsapp from itunes using my master card it shown payment declined, please provide the proper support..

i want restore iphone ios from 6.1.2 to 6.0.1 , please guide me

My new iphone 4s displays a poor battery life and gets heated on hearing songs. Can anyone guide to sort out tis issue, My new iphone 4s displays a poor battery life and gets heated on hearing songs.

This is a recent issue ive been having with my iphone 4 and missing album artwork. Yes, so I was right as I predicted. Thus,I can confidently say th at if anyone is having issues with disappearing Al

recently i have upgraded my iphone 4s too ios 6 and have faced many problems and lackness. so finally i gt fed up and want to downgrade to ios 5.1.1. i could not find a simple and right way to downg r

my iphone 4s volume-control buttons not working properly, its putting volume up automatically, and i want to stop it so, i have to press many times up and down volume button after that it stop an

Siri still not responding after one by one followed Siri troubleshooting guide.Rebooted the phone to no good. As per apple support no server issue.  Siri was working perfectly before upgraded to

I have just switched from BlackBerry. 3 fundamental issues so far are lack of confirmation of sent SMS, battery life is very concerning and what is the purpose of a directional GPS which does not have

I have bought a iphone 4 from Malaysia, my home button is not working. I want to replace the phone under warranty but all service centres mention that its country specific and I need to get it replace

when ever i download an update i.e,iOS 5.0.1 Software Update it shows an error so pls help me or guide through it.....the error shown is-3676 timed out

Looking for a link to walk me through changing phones from 3 to 4S (AT&T)

just bought verizon flavor ipone 4. yesterday.
used safari to view the iphone user guide, everything fine
plugged phone into computer at home, it updated.
nopw when i try to view the users g

The iphone User guide is no longer formatted properly since I upgraded to iOS 4.3. Although the info is there, the top third of the screen remains stationary, while the rest sometimes scrolls. On som

Replace / Repair your iphone 3gS cracked / broken glass touch screen.Tools + adhesives + guide link step by step with picture included.Original / Oem replacement part providing maximum quality / perfo

Replace your iphone cracked / broken glass touch screen.Included glass with digitizer + adhesives + tool + guide with hints Do and Don't.Best quality repair replacement part.Your phone will look a

Could someone please help me with this? I have been assuming that when one has opened a particular mail (reading a mail)the center button in the bottom tray trashed the mail. But today, when I

I have searched many times in google and I find a software named
iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter. It help me solved my problem and maybe
you can have a try.
Step0: get your tool

I accidentally deleted the iphone User guide when I was cleaning up bookmarks. I cant figure out how to get it back.
iphone 3G

I posted this guide to assist anyone interested in repairing their cracked screen.
Windows Vista

I posted this to show you how to fix your cracked screen:
Windows Vista

YouTube goiAXcyLZOw /YouTube a quick instruction guide and review on the program called iphone Modem. It is better than Netshare. This program allows you

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YouTube Z0YmS6vrHSA /YouTube visit for complete guide..yes the call did go through .. i just have crappy service at home.thnx to zibri, geo hotz,dev team & everyone else who

YouTube xoNTohLT2Zc /YouTube Brings you Jailbreaking , Activating & unlocking 3.9 Bootloader iphone.. For full guide visit the siteThanks to Zibri for This Great Tool! Dev

YouTube YGMUfWm2P4g /YouTube How to unlock your iphone? :-)The Complete step by step guide available here: http://www.editunes.comThe video shows only the result of an unlocked iphone in Switzerland

YouTube EhRy1NjVjj8 /YouTube This is taken from georges method and shows the end result