iso 7 iphone

my iphone 4s - wifi is not working permanently- any solution

iso 7 iphone

I turned by wifi off by sliding the bar across, I went to turn it back on but it won't. What can I do?

I have an Iphone 4s been using it for 18 months;  Last week it started dropping it's carrier service !!!   So upgraded to 7.1 ..the phone still drops the service !!I have reset netw

hello,how could i restore my iphone..ive tried more than 10 times and still doesnt work..error 21,error 11 and error 4005 always pop out..thanks in advanced

So recently my official Apple charging lead broke and I had to buy a new one (cheap one off of Amazon). This worked fine for a while before it broke and wouldn't work. After this I started using m

I've tried to restore my iPhone 5 a number of times and it says that it has been restored but is now stuck in recovery mode. I keep trying to restore it but it just won't work. How can I fix t

Apple refused to fix my phone as they said it's been modified, I got this phone as an upgrade through EE. They have said phones come directly from iPhone, I have not had repaired it's been fin

since iOS 7 update, I find that when I've loaded some directions into google maps, and then switch to another app, and then return to google maps--it's as if google maps has "forgotten" i was

Hello, I have an iphone 4 with ios 7.1 and because I like it not so good I wanted to ask if I could make a downgrade to 7.0.6?

Just a simple question cause I feel I been mid lead by apple, I have my iPhone 4s which was a unlocked phone I updated to ios 7 and used a vodaphone sim, now after the update it locked the phone to vo

i have just updated mu iphone 4 from ios 6.1.3 to ios 7.1.1 now t is so slow and lagging alot and there is nothing on the iphone what could i do to fix it

I need help!.-. Because I purchased two phone for 400 and the owners don't know the password or emails but I checked the esn to see if it was clean and they both are clean . They aren't stolen

How much would it cost me to repair my iphone 5c screen? I currently still have my year warrant active, i dont know if that would make a difference in price?

There's little chips in the blue part. Is there anything I can do and if so how much will it cost?!

Can i get a replacement phone im still on the warranty but i hate having cracked edges on my phone

Hi guys, I am the company administrator for our iPhone fleet. Not a thankful, but interesting job due to some stuff that recently happened: Per policy nobody is allowed to use iCloud here"Fi