iso 7 iphone

i have some problems with unlocking the sim card after fixing the screen. i have checked the antena wire and the four clips. the phone will read the sim card, but as soon as i enter the pin-code, it&#

iso 7 iphone

i have problem in my i phone wifi not working .software updated. all step followed.

I have an I-phone 4S -I have the ringer volume as loud as it will go and it's not loud enough.  I have a lifeproof case and if I leave the charger flap open, it's louder - defeats the pur

Hi I have the iphone 4s and I recently got a crack on the screen replaced but just yesterday I noticed these yellow lines appearing on the screen and where it says slide to unlock there is these yello

My phones a week old and I've found a missing pixel :/  A) if I phone up can this be changed as it's a week old and I have to travel to my nearest apple store which is pretty far

My camera has all of a sudden stopped working and shows only a black screen. I've since deleted lots of photos to free up memory and downloaded latest software but no joy . Any ideas please? I'

I want to make a complaint. My IPhone 5 was stolen and the app search did'nt work. I could't take my IPhone back. I am very angry because I really trusted the system bu it has flaws

Once upon a time in a magical world, my silver iPhone 5s was exposed to moisture. It appears water remains festooned inside the phone, behind the screen. Can someone put a 'The End' to this st

every since I got my Iphone 5s have not been able to contect to apple store or update any apps that are on my phone.  I think it had to do with recent IOS update because my Ipad is having the sam