iso 7 iphone security

I forgot my security questions and I just bought a iTunes card

iso 7 iphone security

My security code for parental lock is not working

how can i reset securty questions when i dont have rescue email?

1. I don't remember the answers to my security questions 2. I can't reset the questions beacause I don't know my rescue mail 3. Also my acc has been kind of locked.

How can I change my security questions?

when I turn on my 5s, a keyboard appears on the bottom half and I can't even enter my security code. How do I get rid of that keyboard?

can a stolen iphone 5s  have it's password bypassed even when it has been shut down by apple

Hellloo please i need help here immediatly i cant remember my security questions answers and the rescue email !!

Hi My name is Brady And I have the game app Clash of clans. So I just bought an ITunes gift card to buy stuff in the game, I use a iPad but now I had used a iphone because my iPad is owned by my colle

I tried buying gems in clash of clans and I needed security question but I forgot it

How do I change my password if I have forgotten my security answers

I do not remember the answers to my security questions so how do I get them or have them reset?

I got a weird email.  Not sure what it means I think an app may have sent it as the email says it is from me. Anyone have any ideas? HeaderIOS 7.0.6 - security - Apple IDApril 10 Conten

I don't know my security questions and I don't recognize the email it wants to send the reset thing to. What should I do?

Hi i have some problem with applications.i bought new iphone 5 yesterday.and i downloaded some things.but there are not seen on my dipslay. My billing addres and card is from mongolia but iam still us

I want to reset my apple id  securite questions but i forgoten them and i preesed the button so it can send me the email to how to reset my security questions but that email does not come what i

I forgot my security question answers now I can't purchase anything from iTunes what do I do?

I don't remember the security questions, how could I receive it ?

How do i change my security questions if i cant remember the answers to them?

i forgot the answers of the security and the i wrote the email in wrong way i wrote .cim instead of .com plz help ?

please help me to reset my security question, thanx

Hi I've one big problem with my iphone! I can't buy app on App Store because the network ask to me the security confirmation but I forgot that! And now I can't buy anything! What can I do?

I forgot my security question answers and cannot purchase any apps from the App Store. How do I change them? I need to update that information I made this account 3 years ago when I first got my iPhon

ok so, i forgot my security question answers, so i click on "send reset email" and the email is never sent. so i havent been able to buy things off the app store with my itunes money.

I forgot my security questions on my iTunes and the email to reset them won't go through what do Ido?

I have forgotten my security questions and found out once I tried to purchase something on the App Store, I can't find a way to reset them, and I don't know if it's possible to transfer th

Unable to buy anything through iTunes because I failed to correctly answer my security questions. How do I get the answers to these questions?

I need to figure out how to reset my security questions because I got $15 on my account and can't use it

i have forgotten my security question answer's and need help.

You need to ask Apple to reset your security questions; ways of contacting them include clicking here and picking a method for your country, phoning AppleCare and asking for the Account security team,