iso 7 iphone security

i can change my security question, i click  forgot answer, but apple still asking the question that i forgot the answer??  you guys should create a better software, u offer to send the link

iso 7 iphone security

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong! And i try to write the password again but you tell that the email was sent! I check my email i cant

why won't the apple store accept my credit card security no.

i bought a 10$ itunes card and put it in my account now i cant use it because i forgot my security questions please help...

I locked up my phone trying to unlock my security questions, it was my moms account but she doesn't have a iphone anymore so I'm using her account & I can't download music on to my

i forgot my questions and now I cannot buy anything from the store

How do I change my security questions if I don't remember the answers?

how can i get my security question answers

I forgot my security answers for my apple ID ,and I can't purchase any application ,, i can't remember my alternate email address too ; what should i do ?? <Edited by Host>

I need to change my security questions that I picked years ago but I don't see "forgot answers" , what do I do???

Forgot my security answer and recovery 10usd inside..

I cant remember apple id security question

i forgot the answers of security qestions and i could not change them. the option "forgot..." does not appear in the can i change these answers ?

Hi Apple, All This has the potential to be a bit of a long story so bare with me. Thanks. I am a Apple user and so far I own several Apple products like iphone 4S, iphone 5, New iPad Retina(

I forgot my scurity questions and I went to the apple page to Change them and they said they have sent me a email but they never did please help

I recently was going to purchase a song and my security questions popped and I have no idea what the answers are to them. I haven't purchased anything in a very long time. How can I reset them??

I forgot the answers to my security questions, how should i reset them because I am not getting the email to reset them?

I forgot my security questions for my Apple ID and I need it to buy something on iTunes.

i dont remember and apple dont sendme an email to restor it help me please i want to buy some apps

i forgot my answer for security questions what can i do?

hey, I recently bought a $20 itunes card and I went to buy some gems on clash of clans and it said I had to enter my apple id security questions but I have forgot them, I went into apple id and went i

I forgot my security questions answers I need help trying to figure them out please help ?

I remember it vaguely but I guess I put it in order but I guess I don't remember the right order I put it in. Please help I don't know how to change it

I put in a security code on my phone an forgot what it is now my phone is disabled. How can I unlock my phone?

When I try to update my FREE apps, they make me sign in and it takes me to payment methods, it's asking for my security code and even when it's right, they say it's wrong. Please help, sin