jeep grand cherokee iphone problems

I have problems with the device I do not know what happens depends entirely

jeep grand cherokee iphone problems

For about a week now my iphone 4 8GB has having a lot of issues. Here are a few: Wont open any apps completely. I'll click on it and then about 5 seconds later it will go back to the home scr

Hello. Four months ago I bought an iphone 5c 16GB, but recently, it has presented some problems. 1 - The battery drains very fast: average brightness and no wi-fi/ 3g = 2 hours. 2 - Suddenly, the left

good night, maybe it is not the first time someone asked this question, I recently received a gift from my brother, who previously had a iphone 4 16gb, he was using the phone about 1 year ... until he

So I made a password for my iphone 4. I slowly typed it in so there would be no mistakes. Now I entered it and it keeps saying my password is incorrect. What do I do?

Gabriela maia wrote: Hey, my name is Gabriela Maia and I got an iphone at ROBINA TOWER CENTER (Australia) ]...They told me that the only way was to return my cellphone  in USA and get anothe

Hay. I'm trying to download a app and it's got the cloud with the arrow coming out the bottom and every time it click on it it makes the loading circle but then stops and goes back to the clou

why do I have problems with Wifi on my iphone 4S

So i bought an iphone 5s last week and everything was fine until now. I was at ''appstore'' searching for some apps, and while i was at ''categories'' i noticed that co

I'm having a couple spots show up on all my pictures when using my iphone camera. Is there a way to clean the inside?

I've just tried to do the update on my iphone, and my screen has gone blank and is saying connect to iTunes. I then am told to restore to factory settings, but it won't let me. So phone is tot

I updated my iphone 4s and since i updated it my home button hasnt bee working i was wondering if anyone else is having this problem

I downloaded the latest software update (7.1) and the keyboard on my iphone 4s has stopped working properly, theres a few minute delay from when i touch the keys to when it actually types anything. I

I have a secondhand iphone 4S which used to be my dad's. I want to keep his Apple ID for the ITunes and App Store but I want to use my own for iMessage. Is this possible?

First off, i cracked my iphone 5c screen over winter break in january pretty badly but it has been working perfectly. About 2 hours ago i dropped my phone from about a foot up on to the carpet and wh

I have just updated me phone and i have just realised that when I call someone or they call my, it is silent. I have checked there is full service and everything. I have an iphone 4s. WHAT IS HAPPENIN

i have a 16 gb white 5c iphone, newly bought,about a month ago and i am having issues with my keyboard and screen.There is a lag for about 10-15 sec for whatever letter i type on the keyboard and if i

After opening the sim holder and using a light and a magnifying glass to inspect properly the liquid contact indicator it was still perfectly white without a spot of red. Why did the Apple genius 

I have an iphone 5, 6 months old.  Was working fine up untill today.  When i plug the charger in, the screen flashes up that it is charging, the lightening bolt is highlighted to suggest tha

Cant connect to the internet from wi-fi

I updated to ios7.1 on my iphone 5 and and everything that used to be transparent or blend in with wallpaper (app icon boxes, pull up control center and everything else that was semi transparent is no

Hi, I am trying to update my apps but it keeps coming up with asking for payment information. I have enter the correct information but it keeps saying wrong. I tried doing it throw itunes al

I am having SERIOUS problems here. Let me give you a rundown: I have to reboot my phone (or turn it off and on again) to see the correct battery percentage (but I'll address that in a second)

I am having a problem with texting after the update. Whenever I try to type a message the letters will sometime double type or even open into a foreign text. I have also tried to backspace and it has

I have a iphone 4 and I had problems sending texts and making calls so I got a new one. I then gave my boyfriend my old iphone snd told him if he could get it to work he could have it. For some reason

Hello out there, Hope everyone is well. I have a pretty new iphone 5s, always in life proof case never dropped. Worked Awesome and then I noticed that I touch the sereach box or anything in that

Hello! I have downloaded the new ios version and now the apps closes automatically..what can i do? thanks

I noticed lately my phone won't charge. It's not the outlet or the cord Ive tested them. I think it's the fone. I have to unplug to re plug  to get a connection and at times takes for

I recently updated my iphone 4s to ios7 and have been having major trouble since.   Firstly itunes tole me my phone was in recovery mode and needed to restore factory settings.  After I

I'm from the Netherlands and currently in South Africa. Because my iphone 5 got stolen I need to buy a new one (iphone 5s because iphone 5 isn't sold any more). Are there any problems with LTE

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