how long can an iphone be disabled

I believe this is due to either incorrect password entry and screen replacement! I have tried to do a restore to factory settings using itunes but it comes up as correct password needs to be entered t

long iphone disabled

I had to restore my iphone 4s after it twice locked in a strange situation with Siri requiring double taps. I restored the phone and now it seems to be waiting for activation.

how do i enable a disabled iphone 5 s

My iphone 5, has been disabled because i've forgoten my password on my iphone 5 screen it says "iphone is disabled connect to itunes" so i did that but when i connect my iphone to itunes it comes

what should i do? my iphone "disabled" connect to itunesthen after i connect it to itunes , it asked for confirmation,how can i confirm it my iphone is disabled

I didn't realize that my iphone has already been updated to that ios 7 thing. I tried to update it so that I could redo all my music selection to make more space for my TV shows on it, but it fail

Update showed as pending but when Update was clicked, error message appeared - "Apple ID disabled." I changed it for the umpteenth time and it seems to work everywhere else, including this forum. 

my iphone3g has been disabled because of applying too many passcode and iwant it to unlock,so how to unlock it please hael me in this matter

I have been locked out of my iphone 4s due to forgetting the password and from trying it to many times it has been disabled and is saying to connect to itunes, problem is I have no access to a compute

I recently bought a new 5s , however the show caller id button is disabled and i can't enable caller id.everything else works apart from the caller id. How do i fix this? i've alread

I ask for Apple support, got an email to tab the " IOS diagnostic" button, but seems no response/nothing happen

My iphone is disabled normally i would restore it but when i plug my iphone into the computer my pc does not recognize my iphone it shows up as a uknown device so now i cant restore my iphone 4s pleas

My iphone doesn't want to work because its disabled by making the passowrd wrong to many times. It tells me to connect it to Itunes. I did I connected it to Itunes but it tells me that please resp

How long will Apple support the iphone 4s? I'm trying to hold out as long as possible before I have to change all of my accessories over to the new connector system.

I deactivated my iphone because it was stolen, how long will it take to fully deactivate?

I entered the incorrect passcode for my iphone 5 and now have a "iphone is disabled" message which does not allow me to access anything other than emergency calling.  How can I re-enable this pho

Hi there, I'm new to this website so please bear with me! This is my problem: One night my hilarious friends were messing around with my iphone 5, specifically the passcode. To cut a lon

my iphone is disabed and i went onto itunes to restart it but as soon as i went on it said "to access please respond on itunes but im not getting any notifications on my phone how do i respond

Hi, I just woke up to find that my iphone said "iphone is disabled","connect to itunes" so i researched about undisabling your phone and take the passcode of it which it said i had to use the DFU meth

hello my iphone says  "iphone disabled connet to itunes " but when i plug it into itunes what do i do now its com

how to unlock iphone c when it is disabled

I put a pass ice on my iphone and forgot it. Now it's disabled and I have tried to restore it but it will not because it is saying I must turn off find my iphone. I can't do that because it is

it would be so cool to pay for one but dropping into a drain and hastily buying new one wasn't a good idea.

I just disabled my phone and I am unable to sync it to my Itunes...How do i enable it again?

How do I unlock my own phone 5 if it's disabled and locked

Ive had all my phone smashed an cant see anything, what do i do? i need to get on my phone as soon as possible??

So I purchased my iphone 5c in October, the lightning cable got lumpy near the lightning head side and stopped working so I got a different one maybe the brand lenmar my dad purchased from walmart for

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