how long can an iphone be disabled

I have an iphone 4 owned by my company that has been handed back to me with 'iphone is disabled connect to iTunes' on the display.  Any ideas how I can get this unit back into working ord

long iphone disabled

my bf bought me a iphone 4s from his friend he was drunk does not remember password there for iphone disabled, how to enable it with out an itune account

My apple ID has been disabled

I have seriously tried everything. I can't upgrade apps, download apps. Nothing. It just says 'your Apple ID has been disabled'

My son disabled my phone by pressing the wrong passcode many times. I want to enter the actual passcode but is says  "iphone is disabled " connect to Itunes", when i do it just says "cannot conne

My iphone 5S is taking an extremely long time to charge. What's wrong?

my friends iphone is disabled...i need help...

the battery of iphone 5 does not last long, even if charging for hours - what can I do?

Apparently i have 48+ hours to wait for it to download. it took like three minutes for the new 100 mb update. im just trying to restore my iphone 4 GSM. Everything else downloads relatively quickly.

Hi, my brother bought new phone and restored wrong backup image. Apple ID password is forgotten. resetting via email or birthday isn't working. Now he is now unable to restore different backup, un

My I cloud is disabled

okay so my brother changed the passcode on my iphone now its disabled is their any way i can unlock it without deleting all my photos on it?

i lost my iphone and so i remotely erased all the data on it from my laptop now ive found it i cant get the lost message off and the phone is useless help!! i tried disbling the find my i phone app an

Dear all. pls. i need your help to fix "your apple ID has been disabled, your apple ID has been disabled" Regards,

Whenever I try to update my app thru App Store it gives the pop up saying your Apple ID has been disabled, kindly please help

Hi I can't update my apps because my user account was temp.disabled

my iphone 4s was stolen and disabled. i have recovered it but i can not acces it how do i reset it

How long is garatie for iphone 5?,and how long is Europe garatie ?Best regarts Dimitar Stoev

my phone is in a diabled mode and it cant get into my phone anymore. i need to clear my phone off threw itunes but cant seem to figure it out

I forgot my password and my phone is disabled. How do I unlock the phone so I can reset the password?

my apple id is disabled. i've created a new id but still can't update. please help

Phone is  disconnected via service provide now, before I found my iphone I also erased it, Got the phone did the home button shut down, all went well to get to recovery. Then phone got disconnect

i forgot my password. entered it too many times so it said connect to itunes. i tried to reset it but halfway through it stopped and my iphone 4s it still disabled. and now itunes wont recognise my de

Dear sir, i have disabled my iphone 5s, how to unlock disabled iphone 5s. with regardsAmrinder singh

Every times I try to update the message come out.  Your apple Id has been disabled

Hello,I have my iphone 5 running ios 7.1.1, if I leave the phone idle it hangs after few minutes and I have to puch power and home button simulatniously to turn it on again. I tried restoring as a new

I have an at&t iphone 4 that I recently bought. It says disabled iphone connect to iTunes on the screen and won't do anything other than emergency call. I've tried connecting to iTunes

on camp a boy changed my password then forgot it and now its disabled and i cant open it without itunes and the laptop i had my itunes on is now in the bin can i still fix it and every thing like my p

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