how to go back to old operating system on iphone

my iphone 4s software crashed and unfortunately my itunes back on my laptop also got formatted? Is there any way to recover the back up???

Please help - my phone shut down a few hours ago and will not turn back on....I am scared to reset (home and power button) because I do not want to loose any of my info, pictures, contacts, etc

I newly purchased iphone 5 , could not connect to LTE . While visiting the wireless service provider to get some assistance the technician discovered this. Model of my iphone 5 is - Model - A1429 on t

If I haven't backed up my phone for a while now and I restart my phone and I lose everything, can I get my information back or is it gone for good?

my phone is repetitively going from apple screen to blue screen what do I do?

I acvidebtly reset my iphone 5c and it wont let me back in my phone.what do I do?

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

if i buy i cloud storage and back up all my memory and then delete pics on my camera roll and some apps will it still be on my cloud space?

Yesterday my i5 was at 40% and i decided to plug it in which i noticed it wasnt charging so i rebooted the phone but it wouldnt power back on. I did a handful of hard resets and finally got the screen

front camera works fine but when i flip to back camera, its all blury and not working normal.can someone help me ? please?

Please help!  I'm trying to set up my new iphone 5s and it won't let me use the backup from my 4s because the 4s has 7.1 on it and the 5s does not.  I set up my 5s as a new phone to

I deleted a IMexchane App from my phone by mistake. I need to get the app and the data back.Please Help

So I learned Apple replaces the back screen for a fee. Does this replaced screen also has engraved the phone's IMEI, as my current phone has, or it is a blank screen/screen with the Apple logo onl

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

The screen on my iphone 4s is black with blue lines.  The Apple store will see me tomorrow but I have to back up the phone onto my laptop.  But the laptop asks me to respond on the iphone to

My friends brother gave me his iphone 5 to fix for him. He said it stopped turning on. I figured it was either a battery issue or a chargeport issue. So I got a new batt, installed it and it turned on

I've just dropped my iphone 4 on the kitchen tiles, and it wont turn back on. I've tried to hold the lock button and the home button together and I've tried putting it on charge but it sti

iphone 4s wont turn on, my alarm clock was going of one minute, i knocked it off, then 5 minutes later i go to unlock my phone and it was just blank, it will not knock on now, iv tried charging it not

Action: I have an iphone 4s. Upgraded to iOS 7.1Result: Wifi not working / unavailable. Phone freezing regularly. Bluetooth is sporadic. Device is past the 1-year Apple Warranty Everything was working

My iphone 5 overheated so i turned it off to cool down and now it wont turn back on? When i plug it in the white apple logo appears intermittently for about 5 seconds on and then 5 seconds off and so

I have a problem with the sound system has become a little bit lower than before, which is the iphone 4 running IOS 7.1 Please help me in solving this problem where I can not hear the voice of the dev

The latest version on iOS sometimes does not work with iphone 4 and 4s, even the look and feel of previous version on iOS is far better than the current one. Is Apple gonna revert back the iOS to its

how do i restore my backup from an iphone 4s to a brand new 5? my 5 had to be updated to the newest ios and therefore was prompted to restore as a new iphone first

Hello APPLE Well your business is going really well! You people give great services to peopleNever denied! Always happy with your services But dont you think ios7 was a mistake Now its time to correct

My dad and I decided to exchange phones. Mine was iphone 4 32gb, and his was iphone 5 16gb. Both of us don't want to lose our contacts and photos in our phones.I'm thinking if I can backup fro

How do I get my $ back wich I never made purchase or some body hacked in to my account Seems like I can never get my over $150 In purchase wit iTunes ;( ???

While creating apple Id money was deducted from my card. How can  I get the money back. Note: This money was deducted 6 times, as I faced issues while creating the ID. So the money deducted is Rs

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