how to go back to old operating system on iphone

operating system iphone

After updating my I phone to io7 my phones battery power instantly halfed I have switched off all back ups etc etc and reset my entire phone but no difference any iseas

I was wondering  if I can get my 6.99 from the game grand theft auto San Andreas because it doesn't work

Can anyone tell me how to back up my iphone on icloud/itunes which ever so I can save my info and save it on another iphone

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I had been having problems. with the phone shutting down.completely and when to verizon store they di

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iphone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iphone, I have the

My iphone 5s won't charge, unless I plug into the charger and turn it off and back on again? How do I fix this problem?

Hi there... I've had my iphone 4s for a while now, maybe 2-3 years or so... my daughter dropped it today and the back panel is cracked and the corner of the white is chipped... any idea on how to

My lock button will not work, I cannot press it and lock my phone at all. Also the back of my phone is cracked towards the top near my camera. Only the top is cracked, about an inch to an inch and a h

It has restarted 6 times in the past 5 minutes. I am trying to back it up to my computer, but right before the back up is complete my phone powers down. I have had my iphone5 for about a year and a ha

I plugged my iphone in my laptop to update it as it wasnt updating it just like that, but when i plugged it in i lost all my contacts and important information is their anyway i can get it back?? help

Hi! I have broken my iphone 5s and the touch won't work. I have so many photos of my kids on my phone that I desperately want. Is there a way that I can get them from my iphone to iPad? I didn'

I removed it and now it seems to be stuck when it's almost all the way in. I've tried checking/removing any foreign objects but there doesn't seem to be any, and I'm definitely putting

Im training to download my back up throw my computr but my iphone get stuck with apple logo after i finsh

The wifi stopped working on my phone and I need to backup my phone, but I can't use iCloud because I don't have wifi. Does anyone know how to backup my iphone without wifi? It doesn't have

I charged it for 15 mins, unplugged it, set an alarm, and 5-7 minutes later the screen was black and won't turn back on.  The case/phone is still hot, and it still won't turn on after 2 h

The App Store icon is gone from my screen but still shows up in apps how do I get it back?

I updated my phone and it cleared everything on it and I don't have an icloud or itunes backup. Please help I need to get my pictures and information back

facetime disappered after i upgraded ios version in my iphone 5c how can i get it back model ME499AE/A

i dropped my iphone 5c on to a table (about 10 inches up from it) and all of a sudden my screen had lines doing down it from top to bottom and then slowly turned off and now it wont turn back on at al

My iphone5 started turning itself off and on again and now its flashing the apple logo when connected to the charger but not powering on, i have restored it works for 10 mins then back to the flashing

got my new iphone 4s 2 days back on the keypad area letter p and 0 buttons are not working any solutions to it please help immedately

My phone has been acting up since installing the latest iOS 7.1.1.  The back lighting for the screen works intermittetly.  I have been able to get it to come back on by turning the phone off

I want to get deleted pictures back and I heard that you can do it by restoring your phone

My iphone 5 charger stopped working. It's under warranty and I want to send it back. How do I initiate that process? The website keeps sending me in circles.  I'm getting an error message

my iphone 5 died last night while I was sleep. I have had it on charge all day and still has not came back on. I also tried to hold the sleep/home button. Is there anyway I could get my phone back on

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