how to go back to old operating system on iphone

I am trying to open notes on my iphone4 but suddenly it does not open!! It just flashes & goes back off!! How to open notes and get my notes inside?? Thanks for help in advance

operating system iphone

My Itunes does not recognize my iphone 5s. I'm trying to back it up..... What could be the problem?

Please help me. My iphone 4s will not allow me to hit the home key. I can't call out but can receive message and notification. Everytime I hit the home key it turns it's self off and back on a

my phone got liquid damage and all memeries has lost is there any way ican get the photo back

my iphone 5 is on repair mode, i have tried to reset but at the end it still does not start up and goes back to repair mode, my iphone 5 is on repair mode, i have tried to reset but at the end it stil

i buy already new laptop (ex one is completely out of order). all programs and instruments are downloaded to the new laptop related apple software such as itunes, icloud and etc... but, i don' t h

My screen is black and I can't swipe to back it up before taking it in to get a new phone. Help?

HelloIts me ibrahim i have a quation which is i forget my sequrty qustion pleas feed me back

my iphone 5S is 3 weeks old and a software update put it into recovery mode and I tried to restore it and it can't be restored system error 40, ***?

I restored my phone on iTunes, but when I did, all my info deleted and now it's my sister's old data. I tried to go back on iTunes and restore, but my original data isn't even an option. H

I don't know if I should ask for a new one because it hasn't gotten wet or anything so I don't even know why the back camera blurry and why does the back camera keep making this noise and

My iphone will sometimes jammed for a few minutes while i was using. Tried restoring it but still the same. Phone hasnt been dropped or whatsoever. Could i use my warranty to get a one to one exchange

Can you get back deleted I cloud back ups or can you only get back the ones showing on I cloud.

which password is used to restore a back-up from itunes ?

how do i go back to my old software on my iphone 4s

i brought i phone 5s before 1 week there is a technical folt on top back of ear peace close to camera i can some vibration when i touch on figer

I need to get a text back that i deleted previously that contained a picture I sent. Is this possible and how so. I've read where you can restore but i haven't done a restore after I sent the

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c

Hello, I use iphone5. I had screen guard on back body. Afterremoving it I noticed vibration feeling on my fingures whnever I put phone on charging. It has to do something with the screen guard or

i have restored my iphone 4 and i want my app, contact and other things back on my device and what to do in this case ????? please help me please

does anybody know why a iphone 5c would quit ringing i turned it off and back on even reset it now it just goes to voicemail

How do i undo ios updates to revert back to original

Hello, I was wondering if I "Erase All Content and Settings" on my iphone 4s if I coult get the music I have on here now back on to my iphone after I have reset it

iphone 4s keeps jumping back to main screen when using apps or camera. Why would this happen?

I want to make a complaint. My iphone 5 was stolen and the app search did'nt work. I could't take my iphone back. I am very angry because I really trusted the system bu it has flaws

my iphone 4s software crashed and unfortunately my itunes back on my laptop also got formatted? Is there any way to recover the back up???

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I then proceeded to charge my phone like normal but nothing happened. The phone was unable to turn back

Please help - my phone shut down a few hours ago and will not turn back on....I am scared to reset (home and power button) because I do not want to loose any of my info, pictures, contacts, etc

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