my option to email pictures on iphone is gone

option email pictures iphone

Try going to settings<general then sit on general for a few seconds then go back. There should pop up something about carrier update, update that and you'll then get "TFW LTE" and you'll th

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong! And i try to write the password again but you tell that the email was sent! I check my email i cant

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when I enter my email it says " cannot be used to unlock this iphone"...What would

i can no longer email pictures from my phone to myself or anyone but can text them. also i can't download updates or new apps. it will ask for my password but when i put it in, it doesn't acce

I used to plug in my iphone and the iphone icon would appear  in My Computer and that was it. pictures were seen and I could download them where I wanted. Now I cant even see the iphone icon. I t

Hi, i have not synced my phone with i tunes for a while and when i try it says there is 1gb too much for the phone. So instead i have tried to download just my photo's onto my laptop but windows 7

I downloaded the 'Google Now' App and now whenever I try to phone someone in my contacts list a new email opens with a 'To' of their phone number. I have deleted the App but the p

I could not found Siri option in my phone4s .i recently upgraded to iOS 7.1.1

I. Could not get option for Siri in my phone .i recently upgraded to iOS 7.1.1

Help! My laptop crashed, and I lost important pictures which I had synced to my iphone 4... How can I transfer the picture folders from my iphone 4, which I no longer use, to my new laptop?  I cu

Hello I have a 5s and want to know if you can take pictures while having your flash light on, instead of using your camera's flash? Having a constant light seems like a better way to take pictures

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iphone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iphone, I have the

Can anyone help with this I changed my email and the App Store still wants my old on

I updated my email on my phone today and now I need to do that for the iTunes store so I can update my apps.  Does anyone know how to do that?

My iCloud keeps saying it' almost full, but I've erased a bunch of stuff and I've erased almost all of my pictures. Now all of my contacts are gone. I have turned off the phone also to see

Hello there i'm using iphone 5s from last week which is purchased from Dubai. and i'm using it in IndiaEverything works perfect but i'm not getting Facetime Icon and Facetime Calls.i'v

hi was given an iphone 5s a1533 running iOS 7.1.1Now just switched to straight talk,I work at walmart I know how these thingsNeed to be set up, etc. Now I know I have 4g lte in my area..Now I go

I recently changed my apple id, as i forgot my old log in, i've updated it everywhere on my iphone, but when i go to try and download and update apps its still using my old email for my old ID and

Hope someone can help me well about a week ago I could not send pics to my wife's iphone she has an iphone 4s and I have the iphone 4 one day last week I tired to send some pics to her through the

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

Updated my sofeware on my iphone 4 last night to the newest version 7.1.1. but I now have lost the microphone feature on the keyboard. Any recommendations on how to retore this option.

I forgot my security answers for my apple ID ,and I can't purchase any application ,, i can't remember my alternate email address too ; what should i do ?? <Edited by Host>

I updated my phone and it cleared everything on it and I don't have an icloud or itunes backup. Please help I need to get my pictures and information back

I wanna download an app without providing payment details.But unable to find the 'no payment' option on the page.What should I do?

Forgot my security answer and recovery 10usd inside..

I want to get deleted pictures back and I heard that you can do it by restoring your phone

I have had to hand in my company phone (iphone 5) and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone. Is there a way I could resto

can I recover pictures from water damaged I phone 5 with no cloud or I tunes backup?

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