os7 password iphone

I forget my Encripted iphone Backup password? how can I reset it?I was updating my phone with the last version and it restart completely.

os7 password iphone

How do i get pass activator password? bought the iphone online an saw this on recieving it.

Want to do the new update but don't know the four digit number. Any idea how I can retrieve it?

how can i unlock my iphone 4 i forgot the password?

I have an update request on my iphone 5. I am trying to install but it is asking for a password. They are looking for a 4 digit numerical password. I don't have or remember ever setting up such a

My son wants to be able to switch from his gamecenter to my gamecenter, but I don't want him knowing my apple ID password. Is there any way to diconnect my apple account from my existing gamecente

Just I change my iTunes Store id but I can't updates my apps because when I update they showing old id when I put password showing wrong passaword I am putting new password they showing same , ple

Can i can open icloud lock of iphone 5 by restoring it ? please answer me on my new email avigarg96@gmail.com.

Okay so I've forgotten my iphone 5 ios7 password and now it's locked out so that I have to connect it to iTunes. I can't connect it to iTunes though for at least a week because I'm awa

which password is used to restore a back-up from itunes ?

I have a question i have lost mij itunes password butt my email password i also forget what do i have to do

I got the new iphone 5s and decided to use my old iphone 4s as an ipod to save room on my new one, then one day i changed my password from a long one to a simple one at school and forgot it the same d

Help, I have locked my self out of my iphone 4s. I tried so many times it forced the find my phone reset. I went through all those prompts and was able to get in however, when the phone locked I again

my phone is disabled   now a nd i dnt remember the password of my itunes id fromm which i started my phone in the starting has contiunously i enter wrong passcode to open it has been disabl

I had to reset my iphone 4, it is asking me for my old Apple ID, which is inactive. I cannot get into the email to reset it. It is not accepting my birthdate as the right one. i cant use my phone at a

i want to buy games.. but when i do it asks me question so they can varify me but i forgot theanwsers to the question and the email that they send the anwsers to doesnt exist anymore i forgot the pass

My apple 4 phone is freeze and cannot unlock to update. What should I do?

I had the password of my iphone 4 in Arabic, but recently my sister deleted the Arabic Keyboard and I can only enter English Characters. I don't know how to unlock my phone now. Please tell me any

screen is locked asking for password?????

How do you recover your reset password for an iphone 5s?

So I made a password for my iphone 4. I slowly typed it in so there would be no mistakes. Now I entered it and it keeps saying my password is incorrect. What do I do?

My iphone5 keeps asking me for my apple id password, it pops up randomly but also everytime i open the slotomania app, how do i stop this?

How do I change my password if I have forgotten my security answers

I want to reset my phone but can't remember my password

Help, I have tried everything, finally got my phone unlocked with my current Apple ID, but to get imessage working it still asks me to go to my original email and password. I cannot remeber this passw

After successfully resetting my password 2 times when I try to update applications it says my Apple ID is expired

Please. If anyone here knows what to do. Badly need your respond. Here's the case: I accidentally disabled my iphone 5 because I typed in the wrong passcode. After several attempts, I panicke

I can verify my apple id on a computer then go straght to the phone and enter the same id 10 times and it will not accept it, WHY WHY WHY does it have to be so difficult. I bet I've changed my app

my iphone 5 is diabled requiring a password ive tried doing 2 different resets that come up with an error message what do i try next

I recently smashed my iphone and was given a replacement in the Apple store.  I restored the phone, and everything's fine except the fact I keep being asked to enter the password for an Apple