os7 password iphone

i cant log in to my ipad because icant remember my icloud id and my password .what should i do . thanks

os7 password iphone

i cant log in to my ipad because icant remember my icloud id and my password .what should i do . thanks

When I log in to icloud as my apple id The password shows incorrect.f

Most of people forget their password of iphone sometimes. It happened to me a lot too. It is really a pity! I have bad memory. Fortunately, even it is locked, there still some ways for me to restore d

i was half asleep and stupidly changed the password to my iphone , i tried heaps of different codes but i forgot it , so i restored it then when it said i had to activate it , i couldnt remember my ic

what do you mean they are "missing"?

I have seriously tried everything. I can't upgrade apps, download apps. Nothing. It just says 'your Apple ID has been disabled'

how can you recover a apple id if you do not receive the emails

Regardless of what you suspect, if an app has an across the board problem, it is the vendor that will need to addess it, not Apple.

How do I start a new icloud account on my phone if I've forgot the password for my current one

Don't receive email when I request reset password via email. Tells me "email was sent" but I don't receive anything.Assistance will be appreciated.Best

Since I updated my iphone 4s to the iOS 7, the "e" and "S" on my keypad don't work. I have tried to restore my iphone, however my apple password has both an "e" and an "s" in it and it won't a

hi when i am trying to login to itunes and app store in the settings i am unable to login the user id and password is correct

I recently got an iphone 4 from a friend but my friend does'nt remember the apple id and password how do i fix that so i can use the phone??

Hello I randomly got this message when I was in the default mail app and checking my mail. I kept trying to log in and kept getting incorrect password. When I go to safari and navigate to my emai

i forgot my password to my iiphone 5s is there any wat ro reset it with out loosing everything

I try to enter my password to download an app but it says it's wrong. So I go and change my password and it still says the information is wrong (just made new password) I've done this three ti

I forgot my passcode I tried too many times and blocked my self. Now my iphone is saying disabled connect to itunes but when I connect the phone to the computer it wont let me because it needs a passc

I forgot my password and my phone is disabled. How do I unlock the phone so I can reset the password?

i forgot my icloud username nd password

i forgot my password. entered it too many times so it said connect to itunes. i tried to reset it but halfway through it stopped and my iphone 4s it still disabled. and now itunes wont recognise my de

I was out and had a few too many Saturday night - I changed my password and woke up Sunday and couldn't remember what I changed it to.  After many tries, it locked me out.  I have tried

how do u open ur iphone if u dont know ur password

I got an email from Apple saying a app was downloaded under my account on a device not registered to me!  Help!  I changed my password...anything else I can do?

I recently changed my email on my apple id and in ICould but every time I try to download an app my I'm email apple id pops up. I no longer have this email account and do not remember the password

Bought a second hand iphone4 have contacted seller they cannot remember iCloud password how do I get around this?

i have them resend the reset info but i never got the email. what do i do now? I want to buy things but it won't allow me to. Please help me

I reset an iCloud password 3 times already, but now cannot do it. Can you help please