random circle at the top left corner of status bar on iphone

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a charger symbol it wont go away whats wrong

random circle top left corner status bar iphone

the screen of my iphone 5s is a little bit pushed out in the left side of the screen. if i pressed it with my finger, it moves down. what is happening??? is this normal?? should be repaired???? please

Yesterday evening I accidentally dropped my iphone 5s in the sink while it was running.  I immediately removed it and it started acting funny (sreen would turn on and off on it's own). 

i can swipe all songs but one to the left and delete them if i want to, but not that one song. what am i doing wrong?

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of the normal camera icon. The running time on those 2 vidoes is not correct, sound is missing in part

i try to restore my iphone 5s form 3 PC and change 2 Cabels every time give me a 4014 and the finall time give me and this is  a log for it status:2005 "2014-04-14 06:40:05.147 [15724:4538]:

Replaced LCD digitizer assembly on iphone 4 twice and still have the same problem, 1/3 of left side is working intermittent (in and out). Processor and or Software problem?Put it under USB microscope

The top right corner of my phone's screen is lifting from the rest of the phone. I've had it since Nov. and I've taken really good care of it. Should I be concerned? Could this turn into a

Since updating to 7.1, the icon in top right corner indicating that an app is refreshing or that data is being used for any given app, does not go away. It is permanently there. I am afraid it is eati

For the last week or so my 5s randomly starts the Music app and plays a random music from my library.  It's very annoying and has been a little embarassing in business meetings when a Greatfu

MY iphone KEEPS ON TURNING OFF AND I HAVE 75  TO 100 PERCENT BATTERY LIFE left it is annoying me i cant go anywhere with my phone it keeps turning off

Last night my iphone 4 slid out of my back pocket at the movie theater. It was turned off completely at the time, and when I turned it on again, it had a scrolling screen. My friend had the same thing

Hi, I bought my iphone in Singapore, where could I send my iphone for servicing? (I live in the Philippines and ordered the phone online from Singapore), and its out of warranty. My iphone 5'

My phone started acting up and I noticed my text messages were not being sent.  So I turned my iphone off.  My iphone 4s turned off properly but when I went to put it back the apple icon cam

I recently updated my Itunes to 11.1.5 and my iphone 5s to 7.1, now managing my music has become a hassle. When I try to add music it autofill's it with other music in my library for some reason a

Since Oct. 7 last I have a 5S. Before had a 4S. About 4S no complaints, so the 5S maybe faster, better cam and so on but what I really hate it that stupid white circle in a black square you can move a

Purchased new phone 28 feb 2014. 8 days later noticed screen slightly bowed one side. Took phone back to apple store. they say we just take your money must call singapore tech support. called tech sup

Was updating to iOS 7.1 and my phone got unplugged. It is stuck on the apple and status bar screen for the past 4 hours. My sleep button is broke so DFU mode isn't an option (unless there's an

I'm getting an "INVALID SIM" status on my status bar. I tries switching phone ON/OF but didnt work. My iOS is 6.1.4 but that though should not be reason for this invalid sim status. Please he

My iphone 4S which is 1 year and 10 months old has developed yellow spot on left side of screen. Otherwise iphone works perfectly but that yellow spot continuously annoys me. What should I do as my iP

After I connected my iphone 4 Bluetooth to my car for hands free calling it worked fine. When I left the car I turned Bluetooth off.  Upon returning to the car, I turned Bluetooth back on and han


I have I phone 4s after updating to iOS 7.04 left speaker is not working?????

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