random circle at the top left corner of status bar on iphone

there are some bright white spots on my iphone 5s in the bottom right corner.it is clearly visible on white background .my phone is working perfectly fine.there is no problem with the touch.but this s

random circle top left corner status bar iphone

Hi, I have just checked my iphone 5c storage on my phone and pc and it says that I only have 746mb left and I have used 12.5gb of my 16gb storage limit.  Where can the other storage have wen

Recently I have noticed that my green iphone 5c makes a creaking noise when I press in the bottom left hand corner, or sometimes when I press the home button. I was wondering if this would be up for r

Hi All, When I raise the sound from left side bar, the ringer icon shows as empty, but the same works well with my headphones on.Due to this my Music, youtube and other stuff are in mute in speak

The iphone 4s has a slot on the left side of the hardware? What type of slot is it and what can it be used for?

When I play videos or music only the speakers on the bottom right side work.

Still under warranty . Has anyone had this before and taken it back? I don't know why it is doing this

My iphone 5s makes a creacing sound when i push on the screan

I've been getting a random "No Sim" error on my iphone 5 for quite a while.  If I turn my phone off and back on again (reboot), then the error goes away.  This is happening multiple time

A black blot on the bottom most left corner of the screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and dim horizontal lines across the screen which has prevailed past four days, any display hardware probs.

What can I do now even though I left it there for 10 seconds and everything is working it's just that it's yellow at the bottom and I wanna know what to do to remove that

I dunno what to do because i need the storage for next friday because im seeing one direction and i would like to record it and of its not working its a waste of £14.99

I was overseas taking pictures and videos and I had around 5 GB memory left~ when I reached home my battery drained to 0 and my phone shut off. After charging it was back on and I was swiping through

I have placed my SIM card into my iphone 5c and have confirmed co with my cellular network provider.However despite numerous reboots I am still getting "No Service" in the top left corner. Please advi

First iphone so was disappointed to notice that the screen is slightly more raised in the top left corner. Not hugely noticable but very irritating now that I know it is that way. Less than a week old

Please Help me. I tried to update my iphone 4 via WiFi. and what happens is it only keeps on loading with the loading circle and says checking for update. it's been like that for hours. Then I tri

After the new update of the latest iOS, I noticed a yellowish color on the sides of my iphone 5 screen (Top,Down,left,Right). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank You.

Hey, I recently purchased an 8GB iphone 4s, and I know how when it sets up it usually takes a couple GB off to make sure it's working, but in total I should have 6GB's. I loaded up 2.6GB worth

Hi there is no "i" in the lower right corner of my weather app. I am trying to learn how to use the app and learn it's features.......  ThanksCharles

My phone has stopped receiving a carrier or 3G signal from EE. Have decided to try and restore phone to factory settings, but it wouldn't let me unregister from iCloud - so I then followed advice

Is it possible for the find my iphone app to give an inaccurate location when it is tracking movement perfectly down the street and there is no green circle around it? Will find my iphone retrace a ro

Hi, I sent in my iphone 5 for repair on the sleep/wake button. They sent me a box without a return label, so they emailed me a return label. Now, I sent it on Friday and it arrived on Monday. Any idea

My laptop doesn't recognized my iphone 5 as hard driver, usually it does. but today when I plug in, it start charging and show up in itune, it won't show up under my computer as hard drive. I

I recentley crackem my phone in the top right coner and today 5/9/14 i dropped it on the same corner it is cracked in and the silver square was coming out and now it doesnt turn on and when i plug it

I recently upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 7.1.1.  Now when I try to download an app I touch "free" (or the price), then "install".  I get the circle indicating downloading, but then it goes bac

my iphone 5 won't make an outgoing call  I get the message "call failed" and at the bottom of the screen the 2 boxes, call back (left) and cancel (right). When I hit call back the same messag

Hi!I have a problem with my phone. My phone often tells me that i have a full camera memory. But i have a 15GB memory on my phone with 9.3GB left? Why does my phone say that the memory is full? Is it

After update 7.1.1 left speaker is not working or something gone wrong with the iphone built in speakers. It is working but with the original sound and its amazing sound effects. Anyone could hel

2 yr old iphone 4.s has frozen screen showing picture of a recharge wire pointing to a music logo in circle. Pictures eventually disappears only to re-apprear for a  short time. Nothing else seem

Hi all,  Please help, I repaired an iphone 5c and have now tried two different lcd screens on it but all I get is a black screen or a black screen with a vertical blue line on the left hand side

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