reboot me for iphone

My iphone 5s has rebooted on its own about 8 times in the last 3 months

reboot iphone

my iphone 4 s keeps shutting down and i have no clue as to why it is doing this... ive read up everywhere online for help on how to fix it.. ive reset my settings and restored my phone and everything

I am using iphone 4s in India. I am facing a problem that some times when I got a call, my iphone got stuck and unable to unlock and I lost that call unattended. Then I have to reboot my iphone. There

I have the iphone 4S and the other day, when I put it on charge, it went into the reboot loop. It has been like this for a few days now and I have tried putting it into recovery mode, leaving it to ch

More than three hours already and nothing happened. It's still totally black with circle at the middle. What can I do about this, please help me.

I just upgraded my 4s to ios 711 and wifi is now grayed out and unaccessible.  tried network reset and re boot.  any ideas?  thanks in advance.

i get error 29 when trying to restore phone

Hello I have an iphone 4s and a couple days ago it went into the reboot loop. So I hooked it up to my PC, and and the phone stayed in the reboot loop, so my PC didn't "see" the phone. I had to for

All of my icons simultaneously get really large (twice their normal size) and I have to reboot about every other day.  Very annoying. 

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

Someone know how I can't fix the problem. Thank you.

Hi. My iphone 5 starts rebooting sometimes with strange lines. it can reboot for every action. And i have logs and they said that it's kernel panic.What should i do? Can i fix that?

I got an iphone 4S and recently updated to iOS 7.1. I don't know if it has something to do but starting a week ago, when I plugged it in to charge it, it didn't charge, although the iphone rec

iphone 5 iOS 7.1 device always reboot when you click on "cloud" in app store

How do I erase my current game progress and start a new career on my iphone 4s? Thanks

So I purchased my iphone 5c in October, the lightning cable got lumpy near the lightning head side and stopped working so I got a different one maybe the brand lenmar my dad purchased from walmart for

the on/ff switch stoped working on my iphone 4s> i have gone to settings and changed it so i can turn the phone off with a button on my screen now. but i now need to know how to reboot the phone. n

I just got my iphone 5C on Wednesday, I was slow to move my apps over because well I loved my iphone3.  Never had any problems!  I finally moved my apps over last night and was prompted to u

just tried to download IOS 7.1 and now my iphone has gone into reboot mode I have tried all the relevant stat tips but nothing any ideas

I update my iphone 5 to  version of iOS 7.1 and I read that it fixes the quick reboot it some times happens. I was updating some apps from the app store while reading the notes of the apps to see

Hi after Clicking the iOS updates with my iPhone5 it was then my FACEBOOK account gone wrong and it wouldn't show any pictures when I start using it. I've done uninstall and install and reboot

For the last day or so, a high percentage of apps that I'd tried launching crashed instantly on my iphone 5S with iOS 7.0.6. reboot didn't help that problem. Facebook app, for example, still o

I cannot imagine how this is possible yet it is happening. I am still getting every chat mesage delivered to my iphone 5S with iOS 7.0.6 even after: 1.) Setting status to offline2.) Singing out3.

A few nights ago, I was woken by the sound of my iphone 5 hitting my carpet floor. In the morning I noticed that my phone wouldn't turn on, so I connects it to my charger. I was surprised when it

My iphone crashed and won't restart.

I have a iphone 5s that is a month old.  It will not turn on.  I charged the phone for over an hour but it will still not turn on.  On battery indicator icon appears and the screen is b