what is the red dot next song title in my iphone playlist


red dot song title iphone playlist

Hello. I'm new iphone customer. I'm impressed about the device, however I have a problem with iTunes Store on iphone. Whenever I try to preview a song or a movie trailer nothing happens except

I purchased two songs and would like to make then into a ringtone for my phone.  Any suggestions?

iTunes playlist on my computer can play one song then stop because there is the uncheck all songs feature, but apparently iphone doesn't have the same feature.Need to play one song then have it st

Hey all  So, I've been having this problem with both my iphone 5S and 4. When I listen to a song and I'm NOT using the headset from Apple, the music volume changes itself constantly

I hooked it up to my laptop over and over and two days ago my music was imported but now it's gone and i forgot what i did to get it there.

It will say at the bottom repeat and shuffle but not create to make a radio station. Please help.

i can swipe all songs but one to the left and delete them if i want to, but not that one song. what am i doing wrong?

i have a song in my iphone that is not in itunes i would like to delete. how do i do that? i orginally purchased it from itunes but later, iguess, deleted it from itunes.

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

The Music app in my iphone always used to have a "bought" playlist, where the music I downloaded automatically appeared. Now its stopped to work, I deleted it, hoping it would reset itself, but it'

i was wondering if there is a way or app that can let me play and start a song or audio clip from the gallery or studio on the phone while making a phone call so that the other person could hear it wi

Can I move newly purchased music  from ITunes using my iphone 5 directly to an existing playlist on that phone? If so, how?

Hello all! Since installing the software update, I've had issues playing songs on my phone. I'll select a song and instead of playing it, it will cycle through the other songs by the same arti

Hi!So when I go to sleep I usually play music from a playlist in the music app. I always make sure the 'repeat all' function is off, so the music doesn't keep playing all night long. But q

I got charged for a song I downloaded from my iphone4, and the song still wont play on my phones itunes. It says it is downloaded but everytime I click on it to play, it kicks to another song on the p

I burned music onto a cd, and them put the cd into my laptop with my phone plugged in and the cd with the playlist is coming up on my iTunes but I don't know how to put it onto my phone from there

If I am playing a song in iOS 7 while the phone is locked, unlocking the phone seems to cause the Music app to skip to a different part of the song.  It seems to be a random placement, sometimes

I have an iphone 4s. I first notice the problem when I got it in August. But when I use the store through the music app, I can search a song but if I do not buy one of the selections that pop up on th

A couple songs on my iphone 4s show the wrong album cover but they play the wrong song. When i go to albums it shows the right cover but when i pick the song it will show a diffrent cover. Its like so

Since i synced my iphone with my laptop i opened my music and my songs that i downloaded which were not purchased could not play. There was a circle with a stop sign in it and i could play the songs o

On my iphone 4s with Ios 7.0.4 after pausing a song in Music app it never restarts from the same point. the App automatically starts a song from a random playlist selected from Genius. Is this a

How to add any song from MY PC

I cannot figure out how to delete songs in my playlist in the music app.

how to add songs from my computer to my i phone

I pre ordered One Direction's newest album Midnight Memories. There was three songs coming out before the albums released date on the 25th of November. On Monday November 18th, Wednesday November

How can i play my podcast(mixes) in my music playlists on ios7?? I've multiple playlist with combinations of podcasts and tracksnow with the new ios7 i can only see the tracks on my ios devic

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