how to register my iphone for developer

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register iphone developer

I have an iphone 5 with iOS 8 beta 1 and It says i have no activAtion error and My friend put ios8 and nos im Lock please help i dont have a pc

I updated my iphone 5 to ios 8 beta without being a developer. Now it says: This unit is not registrered as a part of iphone developer program. If you are a member of iphone developer Program Portal o

What should i do if i update my iphone to iOS 8 and forget to register it as a part of iphone developer program?

Hi ,  I bought new iphone 5s , but when I tired to register my iphone to my apple ID , this massage shown ( According to our records, this serial number is registered to another Apple ID ) H

My iphone 4s was either stolen or found but not handed in in a shop two weeks ago. Thanks to the find my iphone app I know it was active in the shop location until 30 minutes after the closing time. A

My iphone 5 doesn't register the Apple supplied FireWire cord when I plug it in.  If I wiggle it just right, it will register.  I've tried other cords (we have 3 iPhones in the house

Hi guys, Someone  could tell me how can I register a stolen iphone by Apple? Thanks

HelloPlease help. How do I register my iPhone5 I bought a used and I have not  the previous Apple ID

I cannot register my new iphone 5s, in my apple support profile. Although the iphone 5s is properly working in iTunes, although I enter the correct serial number in my support page in the web, nothing

I am using the specific iphone 5 64GB for almost a year and I have not registered that to my profile since I thought it would have been assigned to my apple id after the synchronization. How can I reg

please i did pay to renew my ios developer account and you sent me an email to reply within 2 business days, but nothing happend yet. may i know what is the problem?

I just got a new iphone 5 and downloaded the latested Itunes. it detects there is an iphone but i cant restore it with all of my previous apps and data

pls apple team, i want to register for apple id on my iphone 4 any number i enter from my credit card , the system tells me that it is wrong.

I recently just signed up as an Apple developer and I'm concerned if I'm going to get charged for this? If so I would like to cancel my account

I cant register my apple id to my iphone 4

Hi  I got my iphone unlocked and now I need to re-register my iphone to iTunes. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks

I have an iphone 4 that no one is using and I'd like to give it to my sister but when I turn it on it reads: Activation ErrorThis device is not registered as part of the iphone developer Program.W

Friends are having trouble texting me as I didn't know to de register iMessage when I got rid of my iphone. The apple site is terrible for non costomers so I cant get through to get it de reg

Just bought iphone 5s need help to register warranty.

Since I Updated My Phone to IOS 7.1.3 Because I'm An Apple developer, 4G Immediately Switched To 3G. I Tried Every Possible Way To Fix It, Like Calling Qtel And Restarting My Phone & Changing

Hi!!  Someone can tell me how much to register my UDID to dev ??

I was given a sealed iphone 5s as a comp from a Casino that I play at.  I'd say they gave away between 500 and 1000 iphones in this promotion.  We had to sign up and tell them which carr

hello, i was syncing my phone and something happened and for the past two days it has been "turning on", the apple when the phone turns on has been on my screen for two days. it wont reset or register

Wanted to enroll as a developer from India. Question I have is: Would my app be available in US in $. Does Apple pays me in INR or in US $ for my bank account in India? Do I get same payment amount as

I need go un register my account till I get a new iphone next week I cant get any messages on my new phone now I have a galaxy s4 and hate it but till I can get back to the store I need to know how to

I purchased my iphone 5 in May and registered it immediately with my Apple ID. For some reason EVERY time I open iTunes I'm asked to register my iphone. Has anyone else had this problem? How can f

i have the beta 6 ios7 and it locked me out of my phone because it expired so i signed up for the developer program to register my iphone 4s but i cant find where to activate it

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