how to restrict texting iphone

My two year contract with Verizon is almost up, which means I can ditch the Android and get an iphone (which is what I wanted but the sales guy and my husband threw a fit, so I broke under pressure an

restrict texting iphone

Since I did the newest upgrade two days ago, my phone will type 1000 letters in a text message, then I can't delete it. I was trying to set my alarm and it would change the time ever time I tried

With IOS7 why can't you see the bubble on the screen to know someone is texting back?

my iphone 4 had went black and now it wont turn back on i was jsut texting on it a few mins. ago then when i went to check my texts it was black i tried holding the power button down but that didnt wo

hi my iphine 4 isnt letting me text or call what is going on, someone had told me there could be a recall on my phone?

If I go back to correct a typo, my phone freezes.  I've reset the ohone but that didn't help. What can be done to correct this prob;em?

II'm traveling to South Africa for a couple weeks and will contact Verizon for the international plan. Will I have any trouble charging my phone with the adapter attached to my charging cord? 

So I've been using my iphone a lot this past day, with moderate gameplay, heavy texting, and surfing the web. My phone is at 13% charge with usage at 6 hours and standby at 7 hours. Is this normal

I recently updated my iphone 4S to IOS 7.2 and lost my voice button to voice text .

i just got the iphone 5c last week and my phone its glitchy. i could be texting like normal and random letters will activate, or my message will exit out. its as if my phone isnt calibrated. ive resta

I would also like a 32 none were available I took the first5s I could find. But the batterey is horrible. I barely even use is brightness low and does pretty fast on network. I think may be a bad batt

Models : iphone 4S
my phone will not let me text at a normal rate, for example when I start to text a message to my husband the text shows up 30 sec later.

My phone is not texting to other iphone users since I upgraded to IOS7 is there something I need to do that I am not doing?

I did the new 7.0 update now I'm having a 7second delay with my words coming one after the other one is anyone else having this same problem?

Hi, After updating my iphone4 to iOS7 texting and entering, email messages, and entering my password are all unbearably SLOW!!!!  I've googled this and it seems that others have had this

I updated to the new i0s7 and my friend is using my itune acct also.  Everytime I text a friend my other friend receives it too.  Plus when I do text my friend i get a message back on what I

Downloaded IOS7 to iphone 4S and now suffering from delayed reaction on keyboard when texting etc. can anyone help or suffering same issues?

Why won't my iphone 5 texting app rotate. The screen is not locked and the phone has been re-booted/ hard reset numerous times. I can fix it temporarily by turning it off and then back on but it w

hi fellow applers! I have an iphone 4 and since last month texting, entering passwords on apps, writing notes has become a nightmare.Some alphabetson keypad screen have stopped working for e:g &#

I recently purchased a chrysler 300 that connects rather well to the iphone, with the exception of Bluetooth texting. The car allows it, but the iphone does not. Will a future iOS update allow for thi

Is there an app or technology that is compatable with any of the iphones that will disable the phone from working while owner is driving.  texting and Talking on the phone are huge distractions a

Interested in your results. I am currently having the same alerting issue with my iphone 4. I recently got a 'new' iphone 4 because the power button went out on my original...

As a parent of teenagers who have iPhones, I would like Apple to focus on making safe driving a priority.  There are too many accidents related to texting while driving and Apple developers have

Hi! Just last night and this morning my iphone has been having problems. I asked my sister to call me, (as a test.) but her phone played (no ringing) "the person you have called is not receiving calls

I would love to have a different colour text when texting. I can't seem to find anyway on the iphone 4s to do this. I have tried different apps, but people have trouble recieving the text sent thr

Is there a way to restrict access to apps or folders on the iphone or iPad?

can i get the microphone on keyboard for texting on iphone 4

ANy thoughts on why my Siri on my iphone 5 does not work?

Does turning data off effect my texting in any way?

why do some texts get sent as imessage and others as text message