how to get the sound working on instagram on a iphone

My top lock button is not working properly

sound working instagram iphone

My iclould doesn't seem to be working. I have downloaded the most recent itunes update, but I can't seem to get it on my iphone 4S.  Can someone help me?

Anyone have the problem of charging or connecting the iphone 5c to other devices the plug seems to be defective?

I have iphone 5 with ios 7.1.1. The GPS (not in airplane mode) does not work offline since updting my iphone to 7.1.1 and it indicate that it could not determine my location. I tried the reset and Res

My I phone 5 led flash light &  back camera not working . But front camera working . Cannot take pic & video with back camera .if I click it freeze the screen . Please help me out

Hello, From some months I experience the problem with the sound of the iphone 4s. The sound is really low. You can only hear it if you put your ear very near to the speakers. I've tried every

volume buttons on my iphone 4s not working and alerts and notification sounds not working at times. its been in and out. what should i do ? thanks for your answers, at times it would work but most of

This issue has only started happening in recent days. In fact, I noticed the reminders app on my phone looked different one day. I'm not sure how this occurred as there was no iOS update. But sinc

hi dears,my iphone 5s(7.1)  ringing sound and games sounds gone ,but video and music sound available please help me to solve this prblem

Hi I have an iphone 5 which was working fine this morning I.e. Made a call and heard all fine, next time I went to use it I can't hear anything through the earpiece, if I put it onto speaker I can

speakers not working at all. only with headphones do they work

Greetings, friends.  I have an iphone 4S and yesterday afternoon the Messages, Mail and Safari Apps suddenly stopped working.  Specifically, these apps will open but the screen will be white

internal speaker not working.......

I recently upgraded from a 4S to a 5C, and I sound muffled to others. Has anyone else had this issue?

For 3 days my face time has not been working. I tried looging out of face time and logging back in did not work. I also can not use it on my ipad. I face time with my daughter. She has iphone 4.

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was a product failure. "The antennas just quit working," they said

I've tried hard resetting and factory resetting it and nothing is working. Help?

iTunes on my iphone isn't working. It is glitching out, crashing, not downloading music. I also signed edit and the sign in button is greyed out so I can't sign back in. Does anyone know how t

Hello. I have had this one strange problem with my iphone stop working, I have looked for solutions, but none have proven to be of any use. What the problem is is that the sound on my phone stopped wo

my wifi router is in one room as soon as i get out of that room my wifi stops working and this is actually really weird and i dont know what to soon as i go back in that room my wifi comes again

Im trying to open my messages app and its showing an empty white screen. Nothing is showing up ( eg. compose, edit, or my past messages...) only the top time and battery status'.  Its been tw

My security code for parental lock is not working

For some reason my family can't use our FaceTime.  We have two iphone 5,  iphone 4, iphone 5c. 

4s . . . Phone will not make any sound after silence switch removed. I have to call the phone 2 times before the sound is restored. How can this  be fixed ?

My clock isn't properly updating.  I'll reset the clock to the current time and for some reason it just stops working and I have to constantly reset it.  When I reset the whole phone

hello  my iphone 5 is not working! they are telling me to connect to itunes and its not restoring it shows error 4005.

Though I've been adviced to restore, and back up again as a new iphone, but still no flash for incoming messages like what's app, can someone help?

Hello Everybody! I carried my iphone 4s in my trousers pocket, while I was riding my bike in a heavy rain. I packed the phone in a plastic carry bag to protect from exposing to rain but unfortuna

My iphone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the screen was black. The light was still on in the background but it was black and then eventually the

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