how to get the sound working on instagram on a iphone

ive tried restarting my iphone 4, when on phone calls a high pitched noise comes from the microphone and the person on the other line can hear it. when on a phone call I can hear the other person but

sound working instagram iphone

I have ipone 4s. now its cant switch on. and its not working

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I then proceeded to charge my phone like normal but nothing happened. The phone was unable to turn back

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

iphone 4s won't switch on. Was fine - was not turned off - just went dead and won't turn on. Any ideas what to do next ?

when i touch my iphone 5s home button it makes a small click sound before pressing completely.Is it normal ?

My phone is frozen on the iTune and plug screen.  I don't have a way of contacting support via phone.  I've been trying to find online support. Where to I go?

I Updated My iphone 5s To iOS 7.1 and the touch id stopped working. it works when i have connected it to the charger or to a pc. Please Help Me on this..  

I have a 4s, and the sound keeps dropping in and out of not working. When the sound does not work & I press the volume buttons, nothing shows up on the screen. The sound not working isn't a co

My iphone 5 has just stopped working it had 70% charge in it and I've tried recharging and nothing it's just dead.

my wifi is stop work after last update what is the solutionwifi in gree color

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this has been a major issue and Apple is aware and will replace them?

internet not working on i phone 5s

iphone 5 earpiece not working. Once I apply pressure gently on the left hand side of the earpiece, the earpiece starts to function again.

My iphone 4s has no sound other then headphones

OK, So I have seen many answers to this, but none of the solutions has worked for me. After upgrading to iOS7, my WIFI stopped working only with networks that were paired before the update. Networks n

front camera works fine but when i flip to back camera, its all blury and not working normal.can someone help me ? please?

I lost the speaker sound suddenly while listening to a previously aired radio program. Cannot hear any sounds on my Apple 4S iphone since it happened. Cannot even hear Siri anymore. Can only hear any

I have an iphone 4S and my sound doesn't work. When I turn the volume up or down the volume icon appears but not the white dots that show how loud it is. I can't hear anything with earphones a

my iphone 5s dipaly gone blank but cell on calling is ringing

Hellow! My iphone 4 can't play sound only in videos i film any advice?

help with iphone, you may not start and repeat the sound over and over again that the screen is broken?

Hi, I've got no sounds at all from my phone, I've tried to reset my phone & other ways that have been advised from a google site, I really don't know what else to do.

Volume on my 4s just quit working. No sound from online videos, downloaded video, or songs. For songs, the volume bar shows up, but it's grayed out; not functional

Replaced LCD digitizer assembly on iphone 4 twice and still have the same problem, 1/3 of left side is working intermittent (in and out). Processor and or Software problem?Put it under USB microscope

After updating my IOS to IOS 7.1 I am unable to use search in App Store (just nothing happens). Also Ringtonium app is not working properly - when I try to add a song from the library it just glitches

So, I turned off the Badge App Icon for Skype and FaceBook without realizing what it was, and just turned it back on. However, I'm not getting the number notification on the app tile in the home s

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