what does SSL mean on an iPhone

Hi, I am trying to update / download app from App Store on my iPhone, but getting this message again and again "Unable to download app" - Done. Retry.. Please help!

SSL iPhone

This has been bothering me for weeks. My jailbroken iPhone 5,running iOS 7.0.4 randomly restarts ( closes,shows me the apple logo for 10-15 seconds then goes to lock screen ) mostly when I'm on Fa

When I go on my phone to re-download old apps on my phone, my purchased section is cleared and there is nothing there, but the weird thing is when I sign into my iTunes account on my computer, all my

AMDS cannot found in window 7. I tried to install but showed 'Apple Iphone has a driver problem'. What can i do for this issue occured? Thank you.

Hi I want to transfer my contacts and photos, videos from my blackberry to new Iphone

siri works fine on two apple products but is dissapeard from my husbands older iphone 4 It ie nit in the settings and holding the hone button leasds to voice command, Help Language is correct i checke

Please help me figure out how to delete my whatsapp as its causing my phone to switch off whenever I open the app.

Hi all, This question is not limited to iPhone, it's also valid for all IOS products (iPod,iPad, ... ) since version 7.  One of the beautiful things of Apple IOS is "label". Previou

1. I don't remember the answers to my security questions 2. I can't reset the questions beacause I don't know my rescue mail 3. Also my acc has been kind of locked.

En mi Iphon la Aplicación de correo 6.3GB OCUPA y Todos los Días CRECE POR Mas que Mantegna Las de Bandejas Vacias y Las papeleras limpias, Qué Hago?

So I jailbroke ios 7.0.6 and realised I shouldn't have then I waited for ios 7.1 to come out but cydia still works and I have tried restoring to factory settings it still there all the apps like l

after my last iphone was stolen i wasnt able to track it becauae it never showed up online because of the airplane mode . it could have been wiped cleen and soldon the street .. ahgghhhha. i am not b

I have an iPhone 4S, it keeps turning itself of on its own and crashing. I've restated it, reset it and been to an apple shop but the Genius Bar told me that this is a software problem which they

I had to reset my iphone 4, it is asking me for my old Apple ID, which is inactive. I cannot get into the email to reset it. It is not accepting my birthdate as the right one. i cant use my phone at a

How can I fix a 2001 error code

I subscribe to a podcast on my phone and on my computer (itunes).  I downloaded and listened to an episode on my phone then deleted it.  Later I was on my computer and refreshed the podcasts

How do I go about getting a refund on an app I purchase.  Shop It:  Secondhand Worldwidewas billed as a much more 'indepth' app that would help me locate all kinds of 2nd hand and vi

How can I change my security questions?

I have erased my entire music list and resynced from my laptop. After doing this, the songs have remained on my phone and still play but instead of being saved to the phone, they are saved to iCloud.

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