what does SSL mean on an iPhone

I don't know the back up email when I try to reset the questions, because it blocked with •• dots

SSL iPhone

During use, Find My Friends quits and goes back to a log-on screen, which tells me I'm logged in, and tells me that I have passcode lock activated. The only way to get back into the app is to log

Today I don't know what I was think guess what I just hit the updateAnd then guess what the honorific thing happening I need to down load the Althing up The important thing is I do Have impor

It wont let me buy something cause it asks me security questions and i dont know the answers

Today I went to check my email on my iPhone using the mail app and my 2 main accounts were missing.  Just missing, as if they never exisited. When I went into settings, I could see the accounts w

how to update ihone 3g

I'm new to the Iphone and I'm having difficulty trying to sign in in the App store, so I can download facebook. I get the message "This Apple ID has not yet been used in the ITunes Store. Tap

hey guys! I was just wondering how much would it cost to replace an iphone 4s with water damage if I had insurance with my cellphone carrier (Sprint)

I want to install ios 7.1.1 on my 4S but it asks me for a pass code. I don't think there is a pass code on this phone. So how do I bypass this request in order to make the installation? thanks.

I was trying to update to the latest verson of iOS7 tonight my phone got stuck in Recovery Mode. Now even when I try to recover it from iTunes it gives me an error. Please help

I switched to a Gz comando phone and i cant get texts all the time and i cant figure out how to take my number off of my apple ID Its really frustrating. does any one know how to do this? i already tu

My top lock button is not working properly

My phone is super screwed up (iPhone4). I am on at&t while a friend with an extra iPhone 5 is from Verizon. Has anyone tried having their Verizon iPhone5 swapped to AT&T?

i believe that apple next update of ios 7.1.2 should have a fingerprint scanner on the screen instead of the home button!!!!

Does apple unlock your Imei

I sent my friend a message, and exited out of iMessages.  Then, I went back into it after he responded, and noticed after I sent him a message, another one was sent.  I checked to see if I c

I recently updated my iphone to the new ios 7.1.1. The screen on my phone had USB cable telling me to connect to iTunes which I did. ITunes then said that my phone is in recovery mode and I need to re

I Installed the 7.1.1 update today and the phone turned off like normal. However, when it came on again, it gave me the connect to iTunes picture. When I plug my phone into iTunes, the only option was

My iclould doesn't seem to be working. I have downloaded the most recent itunes update, but I can't seem to get it on my iphone 4S.  Can someone help me?

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