who can track my iphone while it is switched off

I'm about to upgrade to an iphone 5 and I'm going to give my iphone 4 to my 6yearold son to use as a music player and game player. Can I use the find-my-iphone app to keep track of him if the

track iphone switched

somehow my iphone got linked to someone elses icloud account now when i try resetting to factory settings it needs a activation password and email i have no idea what to do i have tried everything i c

I've recently switched to an Andriod device.  All of my contacts can't reach me because it would appear that my Apple ID is tied up with my mobile number somehow.  Most of my contact

i changed my home button on my iphone 5s , now the track id disappeared from settings. Any help ?

I was updating my iphone 4s software then i opened a new application when the screen froze and it went black but everything else is functional, please help me fix this problem.

I use to have an iphone 4s and i dropped it in a pool, so it had water damage. Yesterday i got a new iphone, and now i cant retrieve any of my contacts.

i lost my iphone is  there any way you can track it ?

I use an adapter (iSimple ISGM575) that integrates into my factory radio, effectively turning it into a docking station for an 'iDevice'. I have used it with an iPod Nano 3rd Gen, and iphone 3

My wife bought an iphone 5s from a friend at work. She brought the phone home we noticed it was on sprint network and we are on at&t is there anyway to switch it over or should I just return i

switched to galaxy 3 and cant' get texts from people that used to imessage me.  I have tried everything but swtiching my phone number.

i have a iphon 5 that i bought of of someone who had verizon.  phone had a cracked screen and i had it replaced. i switched over to my t-mobile plan.  the 1st 2 days it worked fine. now when

Hello. I have iphone 4s. I want to upgrade my ios 7.0.4 to ios 7.1 via software upgrade. Although i have 3G network switched on, 'download and install' button is grated out. I have enough spac

Good evening, My iphone 4s recently decided it was time to stop charging. After a little investigation I found out i can only charge my phone when it is switched off. I put the charger in place t

can i track a stolen iphone by using the imei number?

Hijust tried to update my iphone 4s and it has failed to restore settings. comes up with error code 36.have tried all suggestions in help but to no avail. any help would be appreciatedjohn

Do you know how to get messages from friends with iphones to come thru to my galaxy s 4.I used to have an iphone and every since I got it, i dont get messages from friends that have iphones

When my iphone 5s is switched off (Power button on top) I dont receive notification of SMS or phone does not ring

I have switched to Android and can't recieve iMessages. My old iphone is broken, so I signed in to a friend's and deactived iMessage under my apple ID. What else can I do?

My  iphone 5S cannot switched on after iOS 7.0.6 upgrade!What's happening man!

I just got my iphone stolen no find my iphone app nothing, can i still find it with the imei?

I really need help I have all my infor for my daughter in there plz plz plz help me

Hi since updating my phone to the latest setting it has switched off and now I can't get it back on, is there a way I can sort this?

My iphone 4 suddenly switched off on 70% battery and now it wont switch back on? my home button does not work either so i can not do the normal reset please help!!

hi Friends,  My phone got swithced off suddenly and its not geeting on, & i have tried a call form anohter phone to my number, I can hear the tone, but my phone is dumb

After updating IOS, my iphone cannot be switched on. Even after charging and connecting to power cable. How?

while I was at school my friend prank called places like Home Depot. He said he turned off the gps and caller id. He told me while he was calling Home Depot they said they were gonna call the police i

My daughter has I phone 4s and has just switched from t mobile 3G using av 145 mb data monthly.  switched to EE 4g  500mb data monthly and her limit ran out in two weeks. She guarantees she

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