after uploading my iPhone with os7

My 4s has the corrupted bug thing, im getting a 5s tomorrow will uploading my backup files to the new phone corrupt it. I really dont want to waste time and money on atrying to fix something that coul

uploading iPhone os7

after uploading our phones with the latest update, we have noticed that the battery life has deminished considerably.  I now have to charge my phone overnight and two or three times a day. Prior

my iphone 5c wont let me upload photos to any of my apps . ex instagram/tango/ etc.. ive sought out help from the individual app support but still no luck. They say go into setting/privacy/ then allow

I have recently uploaded my NEW iphone 5S with IOS 7.I notice I lose details of special contacts like my sons, whom I would NEVER Delete.Obviously you don't know WHO is deleted until you go to use

Since uploading IOS 7 my wifi and bluetooth will not work despite resetting to factory settings

My iphone 5 says the upload of iOS 7 is complete, but when I enter my password, the screen says "Updating iCloud Settings..." and it stays this way for several minutes, then the screen goes back to th

Having problems synching my iphone 5 photos with my laptop - when I plug in, sometimes it 'sees' new photos and uploads them, other times it does not.  I cannot seem to 'force' up

pls help me to fix my problem on my iphone 5 , everytime i watch youtube connection is too slow what will i do.

Just curious why after I took some pictures with my iphone 5 and sent them to my email it only offered a few sizes. The highest size was only 2.3 megapixel. However the camera phone is suppose to have

I have just upgraded to iOS 6 on my iphone 4 and now I can't connect to itunes even when using USB cable, we don't have WiFi.  Pop up box saying i need to upgrade to itunes 10.3.6 or abov

My iphone 5, which was set up as brand new phone (not from a backup) won't upload my photos to facebook. The internet connection is worse than it was in the exact same places with my iphone 4! Is

I can't find out for the life of me why I can't log in to my youtube account. I've tried going through the YouTube end and confirming/resetting my password continually, with no success. I&

how do you upload a video to youtube from the iphone 4

Hey guys. Hope somebody can help me. For ages I have had trouble uploading videos to facebook. It's driving me mad! All my Facebook notifications and location services are on. I am simply selectin

I have had no problems uploading photos to facebook until the last few weeks. I have uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it three times., My location services are on ect ect. I even bought iLoader wh

The apple shop on iphone 4s has trouble uploading allso sever have trouble uploading files and mail

Although my phone says it has synced, none of my podcasts or music upload to my phone.  When I try to go to iTunes to download the podcasts again, it won't connect. My music lists show on iTu

I have high speed internet. I dont let my computer or phone go into sleep mode so i dont know why it keeps timing out. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

cant uplaod a photo to facebook anyone else have this issue or know of a solution firmware is current.
sony vaio Windows Vista its a beast

Ive tried re-syncing my iphone 3G and reloading the facebook app. I still can not upload photos to facebook. message says your photo could not be uploaded at this time. Any ideas??

I cant seem to upload pictures to facebook. Whenever I try and hit upload the progress bar only goes about 30% and then it says your photo could not be uploaded at this time. You can save this photo

I keep uninstalling and installing the Facebook Application because it wont upload my pictures from my iphone. It will work once or twice, then it wont. Always prompting me to either discard it or sa

Is it possible to upload your own text tones to your phone similar to the way you can upload your own ring tones?

Hi everyone, I have had problems since updating to latest version of software. The problem I am having is that my iphone will not let me upload photos from my iphone on to facebook or twitter. any id

i have the iphone 4. When i upload a video to Facebook from my phone, when its played back on Facebook, the video quality seems to be much worse. is this problem with Facebook or the phone?...this ha

Ive noticed since i updated to version 4.1, I have not been able to receive any notifications for Facebook or upload pics to my facebook page. And i have already uninstalled & installed FB on to

Does it delete your old backed up iphone datas
iphone 4 iOS 4

During last month I have been billed for uge amount of data usage (150/200MB per time). I do not know if those data are upload or download.
Anyway the thing that look strange to me is that at the

This is more of a I need confirmation question, but I was wondering something thats been bugging me for a while. I love iphone 4s amazing picture and video quality, but when I post it to Facebook via

Are there any definitive resources out here on uploading to Facebook and Youtube? I have an iphone 4 and am interested in the above. I understand it looks like there are a few steps to go through in

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