why is the vpn on my iphone not turning off

my iphone 5 suddenly turned off then it turns on by itself then freezes then turns off and on again??????????????? it temporarily works for now but the backlight is flickering. what should I do?

vpn iphone turning

How do you do a hard reset when you can't turn the phone on?

Yes I recently switch to galxay phone but my message from any iphone user does not show. How do i turn this off?

iphone 5s - Voice control turning on by itself and calling random contacts.  Switching from screens.  Have erased & restored twice.  Still crazy.

My phone is turning off for my reason. It will also just reset with out me doing anything. I don't know if that is normal and I was wondering if I should go to apple for them to look at it

So I had my phone in my pocket this morning at a ball game, and it was fully charged. I took it out and took two pictures, and held it in my hand and I went take another picture and it was off. I have

Can anyone help me I've tried to get help but no luck

my iphone 4 s keeps shutting down and i have no clue as to why it is doing this... ive read up everywhere online for help on how to fix it.. ive reset my settings and restored my phone and everything

My iphone5 started turning itself off and on again and now its flashing the apple logo when connected to the charger but not powering on, i have restored it works for 10 mins then back to the flashing

Can anybody please help me with this as when i go to the service centre they ask for proof because they do not see the flickering. So what should i do for the proof i cant even record.

I have never had an issue with my iphone 4 being slow until today.  I have plenty of storage space, ensure I back-up and power down regularly, and keep my o/s up-to-date...  Today there has

why my iphone 5 after keeps on turning off by itself and i have to keep pressing the home button   sleep button to turned it on every time it turn's off and this happen right after i sen

My phones lock button is broken, my phone went dead and won't turn on again. I can't restore my phone on itunes because it is telling me to turn off Find My Phone, and I can't get on my ph

my phone would start by turning on and off like every hour or do then it just would not turn on . what could i do

Is anyone else getting their supposedly amazing iphone turn off with high amounts of battery life still remaining? 63% Today 65% on Saturday. I wish it would last more than 2 hours but it se

Can you turn off the swooping sound that the phone makes everytime you send a message?

My phone got water on it from the pool after my lifeproof case failed to work this time. Immediatly after, my phone died. When I charged my Iphone5S it when to the charging screen. After a few minutes

I dropped my iphone 4S on the ground and my lock screen button is jammed, I tried turning it back on by plugging it in to a charger, but it won't turn on. Can anyone help me?

Cellular data keeps turning off on my phone every two minutes. And its heating up overnight even though im not using the phone. Any specific reason why this might be happening??

I am completely new to iphone 5C. I was able to download a few apps a month ago, but now can't download any, even after I turn my phone off.  It also keeps asking to enter my icloud pword (wh

iPhone5S- sometimes screen is being blue firstly,it is being then striped.Finally screen darkened.Now the phone is not turning on.(When the problem was occured,I was updating my phone list and whatsap

So after 24 hours I tried hooking up my phone to itunes and it connected to itunes! it restored the phone and everything, then all of the sudden it lost connection and the phone still didnt turn on af

Have a 5S and lifeproof case and when using the headphone adapter to keep it waterproof the phone still thinks the headphones are attached after they are removed.  Is there a fix other than turni

when my phone is on the battery percentage wont change but then it will randomly turn off then back on again and the percentage will then be different. ive tried resetting it and restoring it and noth

my wi-fi is not turning on.

I have an iphone 4S, it keeps turning itself of on its own and crashing. I've restated it, reset it and been to an apple shop but the Genius Bar told me that this is a software problem which they

my phone is repetitively going from apple screen to blue screen what do I do?

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

my iphone 4s is in for repair and i didn't realise i had to turn off find my phone setting... they can't repair it until it is done

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