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I have an iphone 4S, it keeps turning itself of on its own and crashing. I've restated it, reset it and been to an apple shop but the Genius Bar told me that this is a software problem which they

my phone is repetitively going from apple screen to blue screen what do I do?

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

my iphone 4s is in for repair and i didn't realise i had to turn off find my phone setting... they can't repair it until it is done

A few weeks ago I made a genious bar appt. to have my iphone 5 reset to factory settings after many attempts at home did not work.  They reset it super fast and when it reset it updated to the mo

My iphone 4s cannot connect to my wifi at home. This is the first time it happened after I reset the network settings earlier. It works fine for more than a year now. I've tried turning it on and

MY iphone KEEPS ON turning OFF AND I HAVE 75  TO 100 PERCENT BATTERY LIFE LEFT it is annoying me i cant go anywhere with my phone it keeps turning off

i connected my iphone to mac  and it said it will synced and now its jus black screen with the white apple turning on and off

My iphone 5c keeps turing on and off continously without being promted to.  It won't power off fully and it's not charging since it keeps turning on and off. I'm not sure what I shoul

There seem to be many iphone 5s owners saying their phones are turning off by themselves, no response.  Some come back when plugged in; some respond to pushing both buttons untile the apple shows

My iphone keeps turning off what can I do to stop this?

my iphone wifi is like dead and not turning on please help i face this problem when i was using wifi in my company.it work well for three days and after that wifi stoped working.in settings wifi

Good days guys, Just need your expertise on this.  Few weeks ago, I was charging my phone iphone 4S on my computer through USB and the metal side of the phone accidentaly hit a metal stand t

my i phone shut off by it self when i connected to my i tunes on my laptop it said its in recovery mode after i clicked restore it not turning on at all and my i tunes is saying this device cannot be

Hello to whom it may concern, I was using my phone las night, it died, I tried to turn it on snd it showed the battery snd cable, I connected today  snd it doesn't turn on or charge pleaaplea

After new update, I found that my wifi button was greyed out. After restarting and resetting my phone the greyed out fixed itself, but it still will not find any wireless networks, same with bluetooth

i have an iphone 4 and it is turned off and i need to know how many GB it is. turning it on and looking in the menu is not an option. can i tell which it is from the details on the back?

My iphone 5 will die. So i plug it into the wall and everything works fine, even the charging bar comes up.  Then finally when it starts back up, the phone will not charge, and the battery life i

i have find my phone app pushed sound after that my phone went dead and displayed on the phone is a pic of the phone plug to itunes . cannot open the phone

I have a brand new iphone 4s it worked for 24 hours and now its turned off.cant turn it on

Every time I touch my phone it keeps freezing. And randomly turns its self off. It's very frustrating. It's happening loads more

iphone 4s is dead without turning off "is my iphone", assistance asks me to turn off "is my iphone" from my PC, but having never activated it is impossible to access the iCloud off. What can I do?It i

My iphone5 will die or just turn off, when I plug in the charger the screen just keeps turning off and on. It will do this for hours until it finally stays on and charges. I've gotten a new charge

The iOS 7.0.6 update failed, my iphone 5S disappeared from iTunes and now is displaying a picture iTunes logo and a USB plug and black backgraound. turning it Off and On didn't fix it. iTunes does

Everytime I take a photo on my iphone 5s or a video my phone shuts down like the battery is dead.  Then I turn it on a few minutes later and it still has 50% battery power left, so why is my phon

HELP PLEASE!!! I was charging my iphone 4 last overnight as usual, but this morning when i look at my phone, it just blinks the apple logo every second, the home picture is not showing, i tried c

For the last few months, when my iphone 5 (first edition, not the C or S) battery life gets to  25% or lower it turns off like it went dead and then when i connect the charger it turns back on an

My phone keeps turning off even when I have 60% battery

my iphone screen is switching between spinning blue screen and apple logo

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