wife wifes texts are coming to my iphone

I heard that there was a new IOS coming out soon for the iphone do you know anything about this?

wife wifes texts coming iphone

I have had the iphone 5 from T-Mobile in Black & Slate since August 2013.Just today, I noticed that the top portion of the phone is slightly popping out of the phone's actual frame.What should

After installing iOS 7.1 my iphone battery going down fast in 2 hours my battery is 100% to 70% down without any use and phone is also getting hot while watching videos.

Please help me.  I just dropped my iphone 5S on the floor by accident. Is completely dead.  I tried to turn it on, but nothing happens.  Black screen, no notice,nothing at all.  Wh

my iphone 4s want stay on its coming on an  off what is wrong with my iphone 4s

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iphone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes my messages.  When I restart the phone, the texts that I attempted to delete, reappear.  I

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

How can I solve this problem plz help me only searching for sim is coming on my iPhone5 from 2 days

If that iphone was orignally sold in the US, Out of Warranty replacement cost will be Phone 4, iphone 3GS, iphone 3G, Original iphone$149 Replacement will be an iphone of the same color and

I am trying to put music to my phone and my sisters apple id keeps apareing so what can i do to have my id come up?

Sorry for the long intro question.  I just bought a new iphone 5S for me and a new 5C for my wife.We want to give our kids my old 4S and my wife's old 4.  We backed up our old phones and

my iphone wifi is not working again i had gone to iphone service center they have give me a new i phone but now the smae problem ic coming im useing 4s

My I phone 5's pictures are coming out blurry. Does any one know how to fix this?

My iphone 4s will not stay turned off if I manually turn it off. It immediatly starts to turn itself back on. It also takes a long time to turn off, over a minute. The phone is also hissing through th

My iphone 4S is in recovery mode right now, and it is plugged into my laptop so I can restore it. What happens if i get texts during this time? Will they appear on my phone once it is restored? A

Since a full hardware replacement (due to a defective battery, changing into a dead home/power button caused by the repair while in store with Apple) I've noticed that since the upgrade to iOS7.1

hi my wife has a iphone 5 and she  clicked on reset settings by accident and now it  just has a white screen with a black apple logo on and does nothing how can i resolve this thank you

Did you already try to reset the phone by holding the sleep and home button for about 10sec, until the Apple logo comes back again? You will not lose data by resetting.If this does not help, try to co

Is there a simple way to block texts or calls? Don't need anything fancy. Silent mode not an option. Want them to not reach me at all! Thank you

I updated my phone last night with the new iOS7.1  my phone worked fine before updating.  Since updating, I have no sound from music or videos, but I do have sound when my phone rings. 

switched to galaxy 3 and cant' get texts from people that used to imessage me.  I have tried everything but swtiching my phone number.

I have an iphone 5 and today randomly my phone made one persons thread of texts disappear...how can I get them back?

So my apple iphone 4 cooked itself and wiped itself of anything useful, I was obviously pretty angry that my phone both hurt me and died so unceremoniously so I went and bought a Google nexus 5, now I

My iphone 5 and wife's iphone 4s keeps rebooting when using help

I have no memory on iCloud how do I delete texts from iCloud,

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot an iphone 4S not sounding when texts are received?  All other sounds work…just not texts being received.

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