why is youtube blurry on iphone

My iphone 5 plays the beat to songs but the voices on the songs are very quiet and distorted sounding. I have tried multiple pairs of headphones to see if that was the issue but the problem keeps reoc

youtube blurry iphone

Hi Guys,  Sometimes the youtube IOS App makes the videos entirely blurry where you can't see anything....is it a common issue of this app or anything wrong with my internet connection.&#

The rear camera is blurry and won't focus. I took it to the apple store and they said there was nothing they can do except pay to replace it. I do not want to pay to replace it. It is over warrant

Tried a few low tech fixes - removed excess pics from the phone,restarted....didn't work.

My rear camera has stopped taking clear photos. Is this an apple conspiracy that these phones stop working after 2 years? Really annoys me as I went through the support side and of course out of warra

I don't know if I should ask for a new one because it hasn't gotten wet or anything so I don't even know why the back camera blurry and why does the back camera keep making this noise and

I have iphone 5s andI have a problem in the cameraWhen i open the camera It's automatically shuts (( Close or shut down )) and i have been recording this casePlace help me if you can https://

My iphone 5c is 6 months old. The front camera is not operative and locks up the phone when selected.The screen cracked and I replaced it. The front camera worked great after I repleced the screen ass

My I phone 5's pictures are coming out blurry. Does any one know how to fix this?

The pictures are blurry now, after the last update of ios. Before they were perfectly in focusDoess anyone know what to do?

I just bought the 5cYoutube won't play in my car using my USB cable, I've tested in in multiple cars to rule out the stereo being at fault, it used to play fine up until recent updatesMy stere

My iphone 5 back camera all of a sudden has gone blurry and wont focus

I have taken photos with flash in dark envirnoment using 5S and 4S. Photos from 4S was alright while photos taken on 5S was blurry? Is there something wrong with my 5S flash? I just brought it less th

Camera wont work, does not come on, has blank screen, but sometimes when you switch from rear camera to forward camera the selfie photos work.any help would be great

I have been having major issues playing any videos on iphone 5 . youtube vids take an age to download , play , and stutter . My iphone 4 was fine , IPad HD is fine , and my GFs iphone 4S works fine ,

HI,I too often hav this on my iphone when i try to watch a video with youtube:you are not authorized to acces the required resoucrce Who con help.Thanks

hi i have i phone 5, when i  play music in youtube there is no sound come?

I got my iphone 5c replaced at the Apple store Monday and it's only Tuesday and now all pictures in all apps and even taking pictures are super pixelated and blurry . My old iphone was replaced fo

My ip5s freezing after clicking home button during watching videos on youtube on the youtube apps and back side of my ip5s feel hotter than normal. Power button also not responding. At last, I hold th

following iphone ios7update my camera has stopped working-blurry and dark photos - how can this be fixed? please anyone with same problems contact back

Hi, I have an iphone 4S and youtube keeps buffering. It can't be anything to do with my wifi because they are working perfectly on my iPod touch (5th gen). I have tried removing my SIM card but it

I just recently purchased an iphone 5s and today my speaker located at the rear end of my device is not sounding clearly, it sound muffed and blurry. Is there any way I could get a new one or get this

I have an iphone 4 and I'm having trouble with the sound . When I receive texts it doesn't make a sound at all and when I try to watch a video on youtube the sound does not work either . But w

is there any way apple will sponsor me and send me a free iphone to review on youtube

I am having this issues after upgrading to iOS 7 and FB, I cant watch youtube video posted in FB.... Before the upgrade, I was able to click the youtube link posted in FB, then I will be directed to y

I currently have been having problems with my iphone 5s. A "Cannot Connet" error comes up every time i go to the App Store or iTunes store. I tried going to my settings and logging out of my iTunes ac

Following a problem free upgrade to ios7 on my iphone 5 the camera image in Facetime is out of focus and blurry... Ihave checked the camera with the cam app and it is fine. Also the voice that gi

I have an iphone 5 all the photos I have been taking since I bought it have been taking grill but now after about a few months with the phone have been taking blurry pictures why is this ?.

Suddenly all my pictures are blurry including the the previously clear ones taken a while back that are stored in the phone memory, Haven`t dropped the camera, the Lenz is clean, it seems to be a sof