there s no airplay on my iphone 4

Trying to hook my phone up to my HDTV and I'm trying to find airplay and I have an iphone 5c

airplay iphone 4

Recently I have not been able to play music out of my audio jack, through the phone, AND I can't answer phone calls. I couldn't find out why untill I was looking at the device and I saw it was

My issue is how to enable this airplay in my iphone5? Like below.

I cannot find the airplay Icon on my phone when trying to play music!  Any suggestions?

how can i get airplay in iphone 5s ios 7.1?

My Apple iphone 4s  theMirror switch is missing but airplay is.Can play  music & Youtube with pictures , but can not mirror phone.Both Apple TV an iphone on same network, Network on

Video takes forever to load over airplay and then drops and need to reload.      Crazy stuff.       Ipad2.   Similar problem and drops

Has anyone else noticed that since Facebook implemented video auto-play that if you are on wi-fi, have the FB app open, and are streaming over airplay, that when the app encounters a video and plays,

The iphone and the ATV must be on the same network. Make sure your iphone is not switching networks.

I got the iphone 5c, and I have read a support tab about how to enable it. Here's the link. My iphone is up-to-day, and it says I have to be in the

I was wondering what the easiest way is to get voice recordings to play via airplay. My understanding is that the "Voice Memos" app doesn't allow you to play its recordings via airplay, for whatev

It says that it requires 4s or later. This isn't true. there isn't options for airplay or airdrop on my 4s. Yes updated to ios7 back when. Aware that airdrop isn't available on my model. S

I'm am trying to use the NFL mobile app to watch a game and it says to turn off airplay but I don't have the icon for it in my control panel. How do I fix this?

I have an iphone 4S . I don't have the airplay icon anywhere on my device . I can no longer use netflix . It tells me to shut off airplay mirror mode . But airplay is not in the control center or

Why doesn't my airplay show up in the control center on my iphone 4s. It clearly states on the apple support froms that it supports iphone 4s. I have done everything reset my modem and router, res

Bluetooth or airplay Direct receiver adapters for Bose Portable SoundDock and others. Available or in the works?

After installing the latest iOS 7 upgrade the "airplay" icon disappeared from the Control Center on both my iphone 5s and ipad 3rd Gen. Is there a problem with the upgrade or am I overlooking somethin

i haw I phone 5 ios 7.0.2 and i cant see airplay can u help?

I'm in the same boat... It's one thing to not give support for a new feature when upgrading, its something completey differnet when you fully remove support for an existing feature.

Hi folks,  Great news a month ago about HBO Go's support of airplay in-app. However, whenever I try to stream content to my Apple TV, I only receive video. I'm using the latest Apple TV f

I have had my Apple Tv since August of last year. My family and I have been able to connect our iPhones, iPads, etc. to the Apple Tv using "airplay" (Mirroring). As of recently, it will not connect an

I have a home network that consist of a switch where about 6 WiFi routers are connected providing wifi coverage across the house. I have a Media room which is connected to my central speaker syst

After using airplay to connect to apple tv for first time iphone 4s frozen on airplay screen, cant reboot or get out of this screen.Thanks for any suggestions Greg

Hi any option to enable airplay on iphone 4 running ios 6.1?I just need airplay to stream music to my speakers.I could not see any option in the setting or by double clicking the home button.I know Ai

I want to be able to use airplay to stream audio to another iOS device, and then use that audio stream to be used when recording video instead of the built in microphone / microphone input. Is this po

Since iOS6 I cannot airplay on some apps including YouTube. (YouTube preloaded APP deleted as well). Is this an oversite of iOS6 to be fixed or are they forcing people to JailBreak there devices to Ai

Hi. Could you use airplay on your iphone 5 to mirror apps like games to your iMac i7 or you still need an Apple TV even though the iMac is already like an Apple TV? Thank you. God bless,Alvin

What can i do to make i work. the icon wont come up in the display. worked fine befor i upgraded WIMP

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