I Have cydia on iphone 4 can i upgrade to ios6

My iphone 4s does not find any bluetooth devices after upgrading from ios6 to ios7.  I've tried reseting all configurations for network connections and all configurations in the phone without

cydia iphone 4 upgrade ios6

My iphone 5 randomly shuts off and on. I tried so many times to upgrade to ios 7.1 but once the download finishes and the installation starts (when the apple sign shows), my phone suddenly restarts sh

After upgrading to iOS7.1, the sleep button is non responsive most of the time. I have restored a backup to the phone and reset all settings and it is still non responsive. have not had any issue unti

Hi All I am unable to use my number for imessage or FaceTime after upgrading to iOS 7.1I have gone through all the apple support stuff about reset network, turn on and off even factory restore an

I have installed on my computer iTunes10 (  Can I upgrade iphone 4S which has iOS5 only to ios6 without being forced to skip ios6 and go straight to iOS7.  Like many iphone 4S uses

upgrade iphone 3GS to IOS 7?  is it possible or recommended

Please make the previous versions available to downgrade like ios6.13 and 6.16 for the users who doesn't like new ios 7.0 or 7.1.Ios 7.1 is very slow for iphone 4s. I want to downgrade my phone to

Hello. I bought an iphone 5 from a friend but she moved to India. I bought this phone about a month ago and when I got it, I was able to completely restore it using ios6 and use it as my own with no p

Just upgraded to the new iphone 5s. I am trying to download all my data and apps etc to itunes but it is not syncing. have tried everything that has been suggested. Tried to sync my new phone but

Can I upgrade my iphone 4S 8gb to 16gb without changing the phone

how can i upgrade my old iphone 3g to a new version, so that i can downloads new applications.

This latest update by Apple has caused my battery life to change from needing a recharge every 36 hours to 8 hours or less!!!

Hi All, Automatically call is going to someperson in the contact list after latest upgrade in iphone 5s Thanks and Regards,Raghul

Since upgrading to IOS 7.1 my on/off button seems a bit intermittant. The screen sort of goes to close, but doesnt quite fully sleep when I press it, not like it used to do a week ago. Anyon

Since I did the newest upgrade two days ago, my phone will type 1000 letters in a text message, then I can't delete it. I was trying to set my alarm and it would change the time ever time I tried

Please help me, I upgrade my iphone 4 , After that I can't open my ph and can't connect the itune. What should I do?

hi there. i am currently on version 7.0.4 with my iphone 4S and i want to upgrade the firmware to 7.0.6 instead of 7.1is there a way i can do that without syncing up to a computer? my iphone has never

iphone 4S (6.1.3) won't sync to itunes after itunes update  Does not recognize phone.  have restarted pc and phone.  Am glad I did a back up before updating.

help me!!!!!!!!!! i have a olddd iphone 4 with 4.2.10 version and need it updated! i dont need the phone or messaging parts only apps

Hi everyone  I have a 5s and since the update to iOS 7.1 everytime I receive a notification the screen remains on. I have to manually turn it off.  Also, if I leave the phone on th

The only thing I can do is watching it shows the apple and turns to bule...Can anyone help me?The support just told me to hold the Lock and Home button to stop it and try to restart it more times.

Hello. I have iphone 4s. I want to upgrade my ios 7.0.4 to ios 7.1 via software upgrade. Although i have 3G network switched on, 'download and install' button is grated out. I have enough spac

I update alredy 3 phnoes with the latest IO update and the screens are not responding correctly,

My iphnoe 5s can`t starting up after upgrade to ios 7.0.6, it was death with blue screen, now this iphnoe 5s was not starting up and also can`t restore system by itunes, a unknown error(ID:40) was sho

I upgraded my I Phone 5S yesterday and now none of my business related apps will open, only the apps that basically came with the phone. I have already tried all of the "obvious" fixes, resets, restor

How to solve the problem as I currently cannot use the iphone

We have tried different chargers, but nothing works

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