I Have cydia on iphone 4 can i upgrade to ios6

Is there a map app which isn't locked into 'North Up'? After the 7.1 upgrade, I lost ability to custom orient on my 4s Google maps, which I'd grown fond of. Gotta be able to get outta

cydia iphone 4 upgrade ios6

i purchased iphone 5s new box pack it worked only one month when i upgrade its firmware it displayed enter your id J.....@hotmail.com now it is lock please help me

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

I purchased an iphone 5s yesterday and am trying to restore the phone from the icloud backup. It has been doing this since 11am yesterday. Is this normal?

Is the iphone 5 going to get the ios 8 upgrade when it is released?

What do i have to to ig my iphone 4s get crazy When i try to make a phone call?

my iphone 4s is currently working on 7.0.4...i want to upgrade it to 7.1.1 in itunes which is the latest update availble..it is showing an error with number 3004...checked online and tried to solve i

I answered yes to update my iphone 5s, but now its Frozen on the image of iTunes and a cable connection. How can I stop this upgrade? I need my phone to work know...

Hi there just want to know if cydia is legal on my I phone 5

Can I upgrade my iphone 4s (in good condition) for a new iphone 5s.

Please help me transfer purchased apps from my current ios6 to new ios7 program.

Hello to every one,I wanna change my power button and I also checked power button replacement program, my iphone is in the program but I wanna also upgrade my iphone5 to iphone5s. Is it possible? Can

Hi, good afternoon. The company take charge of the fault of the iphone 4s in the wifi in ios 7? Thanks!!

My voice to text on internet does not work properly!Things take twice as long to load. Can some explain that?  I tried to shut down and reload. Same result I get !  It was fine before upgrad

Battery life on my 5s is horrible since 7.1 upgrade.  Should I upgrade to the 7.1.1 will this help. Can't stand this phone anymore I need to have a battery charger hooked to my body

My phone is still on a 2 years contract can I sells phone if I take the SIM card out and put my SIM card in another phone when I purchase one?

I have updated my iPhone5 OS to version 7.1.1.  As soon as iOS update is done,  back-side camera stopped working. It shows black screen and crash camera app.  I have tried to reset syst

After upgrade to iOS 7.1.1 my iphone camera look blur and hard to focus .

i want my ios6 back !!! I hate ios 7 !!

I recently upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 7.1.1.  Now when I try to download an app I touch "free" (or the price), then "install".  I get the circle indicating downloading, but then it goes bac

I upgraded the IOS 5 to 6 on my iphone 4 and after the upgrade Wi-Fi does not function as it did before. I have the same problem on iphone 5 and it's even worse. The Wi-Fi connection drops all the

hi.can anyone please help me.i tried to upgrade my iphone 4S software. but it wont open anymore unless i restore its settings. however, if i restore it, i will lose my media files.what do i do? Thanks

After upgrading to 7.1.1 all my recent notes are gone

Hi! I upgrade my iphone 5 from ios 7.1 to 7.1.1. When it finished I wanted to restore with my backup but iTunes says that it can't because incompatible or corrupted. What can I do t

I want to upgrade to IOS 5 or 6 but when I connect my iphone to my laptop and open itunes, it automatically asks for an upgrade to IOS 7.1.1. Can anyone help?

    I have a 4S, just upgraded to iOS 7.1.1 and now my battery drains at an alarming speed.For example my phone had %12 battery life, I was writing a text to someone an it dropped to %1

my iphone not detected in itunes but detected in windows.the occurance after i want to upgrade without connect to itunes.can help me?

I am new to iphone (moved from android) and I am looking for the setting to have the audible alert for my text messages to go to my iphone 5 when connected to my bluetooth headset. Currently, the audi

Is Apple Australia offering (like Apple US) a paid upgrade from iphone 5 to 5S if your 5 qualifies for sleep button replacement?

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