erro 0xe8000012 iphone 4

Good morning, it took me but I am publishing my indignation, I bought a expensive unit, valued at U.S. $ 1000.00 in Brazil, vc purchase a handset of a great brand, known worldwide, in order not to hav

erro 0xe8000012 iphone 4

Atualizei o ios7 e meu iphone 4 esta com teclado lentissimo, trava a todo momento que tento digitar alguma coisa. Ja vi que outras pessoas reclamaram disso tb, sera que vao criar uma atualizaçao

I Downloaded ITunes in my computador Windows 7, but there is a mistake and I try to login - erro (-50).

How can I resolve my purchase account on my iphone ? It keeps showing US store not available,check country store. Please urgent help needed.

when I update, i get erro "the iphone cannot be updated at this time because the iphone software update server could not be contacted or is temporary unavailable" what is that mean ?pls help... thanks

i cant update restore my iphone,when i try to restore a message appear erro 3194

i update my iphone to IOS 4.2 but i hv erro on 1015.. what that mean?? my iphone allways on the rcovery mod.. i try to rstore 22 time,the problem is same.. help me..

fui atualizar o softwere, e quando a atualização terminou deu um erro, e agora meu iphone não está ativando, eu preciso dele, me ajudem por favor

i recently had the simcard unlocked so i can use it over seas it never connected to itunes i kept getting error 0xe8000012 and one day it shut off by itself and when i turned it on it said connect to

When i Plug iphone 4 with My Computer the iTunes Shows Messege that " iTunes Could not Connect to this iphone Because an Unknown Error Occurred (0xe8000012). on My iphone 4, iOS 5.1.1  Kindly tel

dear support team

i have problem when i try to connect my iphone to itunes

itunes could not connect to this iphone becouse an unknown error occurred (0xe8000012)

Tenho um iphone 4 comprado em agosto do ano passado nos EUA. Ele é desbloqueado de fábrica. Em dezembro do ano passado derrepente ele apresentou um problema.Mensagem: "Restauraç&atild

Over the last few days my iphone has stopped syncing with my Macbook (running Tiger OS X) and to me it seems to be since I updated iTunes. When plugging my phone in to the USB port, Im present

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