why do I hear my voice echo on iPhone 4

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

hear voice echo iPhone 4

I have had my I have had my iphone 5c for a little over a month and people can never hear me during calls, like I'm in a tunnel or muffled! I googled this issue and several others have had this pr

Change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

my iphone 4s had a broken power button last night the screen went black but i know its still on cause i can hear siri when i hold down the home botton. how do i fix this with a broken power botton?

I've had my iphone 4s for 5 weeksYesterday wen making a call callers could not hear me,I could hear them? I've done all the obvious actions such as- *Turn phone off, on..*Ensure nothing is blo

voice control starts by it self all the time. I have turnd of voice dialin but nothing happened. 

Intemittently, people are telling me they can't hear me when I make/receive phone calls. I have to switch to speaker or earphones, and then they can hear me just fine. I have been to the Sprint re

I have an iphone 4S with ios7 and have used the new voice Memos feature a few times since upgrading to the new ios.  But for some reason, I can't get these new voice memos to sync with my Mac

Operation is perfect with every other app except whenever the phone detects I'm making or receiving a voice call. No problem on facetime. The screen will instantly black out and to bring it b

I have an iphone 5c and I turned of Siri but voice control and now activated and I need to know to turn it of without turning siri back on.

I suspect a spy app on my iphone 4 that somebody watching my calls/ voice conversation. Can somebody help me to identify the app and how to remove it?

I have an echo when people call me on my I phone 4s

About 2 weeks ago it became almost impossible to hear calls through my iphone 5s. I had not done the upgrade so I tried it and there were no changes. I restarted it, turned off the Bluetooth and no ch

I bought an unlocked iphone 5 on eBay in the United States, and I have it now in Japan. I have a job here now and I'd like to get a voice/data plan with a local carrier and activate the phone. How

I made a phone call and everything was fine.  The very next phone call I made the person couldn't hear me.  Every phone call after no one can hear me.

I am on my second replacement. People can't stand to talk on my phone to me because it echoes so bad.

my iphone 5s very low and unclear voice to other. i buy 3 day before.and latest ios update..please slove my problem

When talking on the phone i can barely hear people when they talk.This is also true with voicemail.Phone is just over a year old and has never been dropped.volume button is all the way up How do

My iphone goes directly to voice mail if called from another cell. If called from a land line it works

3/27/14 Someone calls me and I cant hear them but they can hear me this is happing to my iphone 4s iphone 5 and iphone 5s i power off all devices and turn them back on and they still doing the same th

I've just noticed my new iphone 5s rattles when I shake it lightly, at first I wasn't sure what it was but it looks as if it may be the top power button rattling, is that normal?

When I am in a phone call I can't hear the person talking. Only if I have my headphones plugged in or have them on speaker. Apple just replaced my phone a month ago because my batter was faulty

Hi everybody, After reading different suggestions on this forum and trying possibilities for hours,I have still not found a solution to the following problem.  I have made a voice memo recor

My iphone 4S stopped making sounds and i didnt know why so i went on google to search it up and it showed some people had the same problem. Well one person said they took there phone to apple and the

I just installed the latest iOS 7 update today. Since then my voice to text and Siri will not work. voice to text I get the spinning blue circle and Siri replies that she can't help me at this tim

The earpiece on my iphone 5s has suddenly stopped working, can anyone please help with this???

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