why do I hear my voice echo on iPhone 4

It does not matter which song I am playing. A voice breaks in which will say "I like it" on my iphone when using the iTunes to play music. It happens randomly.

hear voice echo iPhone 4

iphone 5s - voice control turning on by itself and calling random contacts.  Switching from screens.  Have erased & restored twice.  Still crazy.

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on loud speaker the person I call can't hear me anymore and I can't hear her.I have tried to tur

Hi - I can only hear my music via headphones.  Speakers appear not to work at all as all alerts are now a very quiet buzz.  Speakers do not appear blocked nor microphone jack hole.  I c

Hello everybody! Recently I've been having a problem with my iphone 5c because when I speak my voice sounds very muffled on the other end of the line. I tried cleaning the microphones, I removed m

Why don't you get a quick access to voice memos on the calling application? thus would not have to run to get a pen and paper when we say a phone number of another person, or an appointment.

I recently changed my service to Straight Talk. Now i cannot get visual voice mail. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks Phil

When I make a phone call on my iphone 4s the other person says I sound muffled and when they talk they can hear them selfs talking dose anyone know what is wrong with my phone????

I have just recently started filling up space on my phone and need to keep it free for photos. I just downloaded Itunes and can back up photos, but it won't take my quick voice recordings.

When making or taking phone calls I can't hear very well...

I just recorded an important interview and then pressed "delete" by accident - therefore the file is NOT backed up on my MAC or in the cloud. Any advice on how to recover it? Thanks.

Like I said above about a month ago I had water damage and now I just tried to turndown the brightness and it went black I'm really worried and I tried reseting it but it didn't work I need my

hi can anyone help me?, i have an iphone 5c about 2months old and randomly today i tried to play music but there was no sound. When  recieve calls it rings i pick up and its quiet no sound nothin

Its really annoying to have the incoming Google hangout request sound ringing like crazy in the earpiece while you are talking to someone on the phone! and there is no easy way to decline the request

can't hear music off my iphone but i can hear call & etc.? HELP PLEASE!

my iphone 5 headphone port isnt working properly. when i plug my headphone in it says volume when i change the volume when i turn my iphone off and plug my headphones in and turn my phone back on it s

Hey roypt2008! Please see the following article for troubleshooting steps regarding this issue: iphone: Hardware troubleshootinghttp://support.apple.com/kb/ts2802Acoustic-speaker/microphone/

I accidentally spilled some water on my iphone 5, now I can't hear the clicks, nor can I hear the person when I get a phone call unless I turn on the speaker.  The phone will ring however...

How to delete the wats app voice message from internal storage. Whether the incoming audio message will store in any form of data or not?

I have an annoying echo at the recipients end on my iphone 5C. Have tried with and without phone cases and problem persists. I notice heaps of discussions regarding this problem. Apple come up with an

The iphone screen is all black but you can hear the alarm and you can hear when it charges

every time i record a video on my iphone 4s, my voice is very low and there's a hissing sound but the sound trouble didn't occured when calling, voice note or using my earpod. please help me

The turn by turn directions in Apple Maps are not announced. How do I turn on the sound for this app. The speaker in the iphone is turned on and works when I need it but not in this app.

Hello everyone:I have been reading a lot about this subject in Apple Support Communities.But I haven't found any answer that works for me. I have some voice memos in my iphone 4. Every time I

my iphone 5 got a hard fall on the floor,the voice now doesn't go out but the main problem is that the battery is draining too fast but it's not getting hot ( it last 10 hours while standby af

Sir: Good morning. I own an iphone 4S, and i accidentally drop it. My problem is when i use the phone to call the other cannot hear my voice clearly, its scratchy... but i transfer to louder

My iphone 4 keeps going straight to voice Mail and then I get a notified of missed calls?  How can I correct this?

I cracked my iphone 5c screen really badly, it was working for a few days and now the screen won't show. When I plug it in the charger, I hear the charging noise that it makes when plugged in to n

when i make calls, all i can hear is static, and when i plug in headphones or turn the speaker on, it still doesnt work. but facetime, music, an apps sound still work. help? iphone 5

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