ios 7 problems iphone 4 slow typing

My iphone 4.s ios 8.1 loses sound from Sygic on my earplugs after about 1 to 5 minutes. Have to restart sygic to get sound back.
Thanks and regards, Erik

ios 7 problems iphone 4 slow typing

Hi, My iphone 5s is having problems with the home button.  The touch id still works but when i try to go to the home using the button it doesnt take me anywhere. What can i do? Can i send it to a

Yes.Also try using speaker till you visit the Apple Store to tell you what's the problem.

I recently bought an iphone 5 online and I am having to restore it so that I am able to switch carriers. Im have been seeing where it should only take 30 mins. to a hour, but mine has been going for l

The camera in my iphone 5s is not working, just appearing black screen. Someon know how can I solve this problem?

Your post sounds very whiny, which make you look silly. Please state CLEARLY what your techinical support issue is, and what you've done so far to solve the issue.


So when I plug my headphones in, it'll have sound for just a little bit before the sound cuts out. I have to unplug and replug the headphones for them to have sound again, at which point the probl

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charg

hi guys , i really need your help. my iphone has been acting weirdly often. it heats up when im not using it & also when its charging ( which people say that's not normal ) .The battery drains

I have an iphone 5S, I charged it this morning and after that I noticed that it had two problems:1- It detects and connects to wi-fi but has no internet connection (it´s not a problem with the Wi

Hi all,          I've got an iphone 5 and have had it since they were first released and up until a few days ago it's been working fine but all of

A couple of days ago my iphone 5s started having troubles. When making a call i am unable to hear anybody unless I place it on speaker phone, but people are unable to hear what i am saying no matter i

I know to turn down brightness and exit apps. But that still won't help. Please help me fix this.

My phone's internet is either slow or doesn't respond. I know our wi-fi works fine 'cos my laptop's internet is working just fine. I've tried fixing it by the suggestions mentioned

HI I just had my iphone 5s for 3 months.  For the last two days the battery has been draining so fast.  Am only getting 7 hours of standby with only around 2.5 hours of usage.  I h

i have problems when i try to get lower the volum,

I've had my iphone 5s for a couple of months now, recently the audio jack has been 'playing up', basically it seems so have a lot of static and doesnt work if the headphone is pushed all t

Hello, My iphone 5 screen is suddenly not working.  It sometimes has thin red lines down the screen and I can't select/move/swipe accurately.  It also opens apps randomly and starts

Hi there. My home wifi on iphone 5 with iOS 7.1.1 is very slow (1Mbps). Wifi works fine on another iphone 5 and on my laptop both via ethernet and wifi. I changed the setting of my router to 5Ghz and

Alright, so my phone is being aggravating once again. I have an iphone 5s... I have a problem that my battery goes down like a monster and it gets hot with nothing. It may be since this entire time th

my iphone3 is working slow..whenever i open other aaplication after using current application.the other application is open after a few minutes.what can i do

Right, so recently I have got an iphone 4s, and it's been working fine! However, I keep getting WiFi problems...And they are EXTREMELY annoying. Sometimes, my WiFi suddenly disconnects from what i

I went to use my phone and received a temperature warning.  The phone did not feel warm to the touch at all.  I've tried resetting the phone several times with no luck.  Any suggest

I've had my iphone for 2 months now! And recently I've had several problems with it! When someone calls me, I press answer but the phone keeps ringing! My iphone always freezes when I'm ty

Ive only had my 5s for 2-3 weeks. When im on wifi i can use the internet no problem but on 3G/4G i have some issues. It works sometimes fine and others it runs really slow or not at all. Ive contacted

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