ios 7.0.2 froze iphone 4

I Need Help Trying to Unfreeze my iphone

My iphone 4s is froze with a black screen and Apple logo. Runs this way until battery is depleted. No action, ie Power button reset, affects the froze phone. Anyone experienced this? Know whats next?&

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (messaging, facebook, twitter, instagram and viber) it slwoed down until it hung up. i locked the screen

I have an iphone 4S and was installing the most recent update when the phone froze. It now shows on the screen an image of charger input with an arrow pointing to the iTunes icon. It's completely

my iphone 5 upgraded to 7.1 and halfway through, it froze, the screen turned black and it did a restore and I lost everything on my phone. HELP! is there any way I can get my stuff back?

Please help trying to let it die and turn back on should I any help is awesome thx :)

My iphone 5 screen is froze on the itunes screen.  I tried to restore the iphone on my pc and it says it can not be restored.  This phone is only 1 week old!!

i tried charging my iphone 5 , when i plugged it in my screen froze, turned greenish and shut off. Now it wont charge or turn on...i plugged it up again and it wont connect to the charger or catch a c

Update to 7 on my iphone5s has froze leaving me with a go to itunes symbol. Im a fraid to download on my dell desk top for fear of freezing as well. What do I do?

Hello, I have my friends iphone 4s and he's phone is carrier hacked and he tried updating it and it froze on recovery mode  tried many solutions dont know what to do any help?

how do i do a factory restore

hi i just tried to restore my phone and it froze

hi i just tried to restore my phone and it just froze

My iphone 5 froze and cant do a hard reset because the power button doesn't work and the screen is black if i use iCloud to erase the content will it restart by itself

iphone 4 and Ios7 anyone have problem with the txt? like froze after type or froze after using the copy and paste function?

Last night after updating facebook while in progress it froze. Said installing but never did. I remmoved the app and tried to download it again. Keeps saying installing but then I get a message unable

My phone froze when I got a text while watching a video (Break app). I exited out of the video in the app, and realized that none of the buttons on the phone were not working. I tried all the buttons,

I was on my iphone today and it randomly froze up. The in requested a factory reset. I back up my phone all the time but now that I go to ITUNES its indicating my phone can not be located and I have l

my iphone is froze and won't do anything. I can use my assistive touch since my lock button is broke and my notification center, but i can't unlock my phone.

Went to update new iphone 5s and it froze. How do I unfreeze it?

HELP!!! i was using and app and it froze so i hit the sleep button and the screen went black. Now it wont respond to anything i even tried calling it!!

my screen is froze, cant even call anyone or answer calls.

Hi,I have had my iphone 5 since day one and three days ago it developed a fault with the camera, flash and brightness sensor (for auto brightness), faults detailed bleow: Camera, this is stuck on

my friend got a new iphone 5. when he was setting it up and the icloud questions came, we couldnt get past one it was almost like it froze but it didnt he just cant get past it. what do we do?

I went into photos my iphone 5. Tapped a photo and wanted to email it to an email account so I tapped the email icon. It went to new message with the photo being displayed. And it's frozen just li

While viewing some photos on my iphone 5, I uploaded some to Facebook.  After uploading about 9, my phone froze.  As a result, when I try to view photos on the camera roll or photo stream, i

My iphone frozen on screen with itunes USB cable