iphone 4 automatically turns on speakerphone

my iphone 5 suddenly turned off then it turns on by itself then freezes then turns off and on again??????????????? it temporarily works for now but the backlight is flickering. what should I do?

iphone 4 automatically turns speakerphone

My iphone 5 clock is not working properly.  I've tried to reset it, and update the clock automatically and manually, and the time is still off.  My alarms aren't working because of t

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes on automatically and tries to connect me to contacts thru facetime or just by dialing a number, or j

The screen suddenly stops working. Sometimes it's only parts of the screen that stops working(Mostly the lower part of the screen keeps on working). Other times, the whole screen stops. I find thi

I'm trying to change my credit card info in my phone so I go to iTunes and app settings and then select Apple ID and view Apple ID then the screen turns white and it stays like that. How can I fix

Hello,  My iphone charges when switched off but stop charging when it turns on.  Nothing I can do then because my Mac doesn't detect it and when i switch it off and start charging again

Hi. I have an iphone 4, and it is probably 3-4 years old, and has no obvious extrernal problems except that the lock screen button doesn't work. That stopped working about 3 months ago, and i went

so i purchased an iphone 5s online (i live in mexico) and when i got it turns out the phone is icloud locked what can i do? i must say the phone is a verizon.is there a way to contact the previous own

My iphone 5 keeps turning on and off only when plugged into charger. It doesn't turn on fully, though. The power button doesn't seem to have any effect when I press it so restarting it is not

My iphone 5c screen turns purple whenever I turn the brightness up and the screen won't function properly. So now I can only use it if the brightness is low. What should i do? Will this be under w

My iphone turns off constantly - message pops up with "slide to power off" on top and a cancel on the bottom. If I don't hit cancel (and I can't when I am on the phone), it turns off.

I am using an iphone 5S (Running iOS 7.1.1) and whenever I send a message, as soon as my finger taps send, the "lock shutter" blacks out the screen and then unlocks itself after a few seconds. Anyone

Has anyone had issues with their iphone 5 turninig off before it reaches zero per cent battery? Steps I've done to fix this (without any results other then a loss of data) are below: 1. Did a

In Apple Mail on my desktop (OSX) machines, I can set up rules to redirect mail to different mailboxes, of which Junk is probably the most important, and this tidied up mail is what I see on my iOS de

As soon as I turn my iphone 4s on the home screen icons increase in size automatically and then I am unable to use the bottom of the screen on the home screen and on many apps.  Any way to stop i

Today i experienced something very strange, my iphone 5s turned off after i placed it on table. I tought that my battery just went empty, so i plugged charger in and waited, but then, when i turned it

Hello support communities,  I've been having a small issue with my iphone 5 recently.  I've found, mainly when leaving my house and after leaving school, that my iphone won't aut

Never gave me an option to restore from the backup I did last night.  Now I want to restart and just start over from the settings I had when I purchased it this afternoon. The old backup looks ou

My iphone 4s automatically recalls a dropped call when you swipe the unlock screen is there a way to disable this?

My iphone 4 mic works when I am on a call and for Siri, the mic is not working for FaceTime, recording videos or speakerphone calls. Is there something I can do to fix this without having to replace t

My iphone 5s will randomly turn itself off. When I try to turn it back on it just shows either a black lit screen or a blue screen. I have tried closing apps and deleting ones I don't use. And res

Whenever i send a snap chat once i hit the send button my music will randomly start to play. It doesnt always happen but it does make me nervous when im in a quiet setting. How do i fix this please?

my iphone lock button isnt working anymore and when it turns off randomly it doesnt turn back on unless i let the battery die first. Are there any other solutions ?

Whenever I call someone and out them on speakerphone they can never hear me. I was just wondering if this was a hardware issue or maybe I hit a button somewhere. I know it's not the mute button wh

I have iphone 4s and need Siri because of my eyesight, but suddenly she is not working, and I have to restart the iphone. This is very irritating, and it can not be right. I have tried to reset the ph

I have an original iPad, so my iOS is stuck at 5.1.1. I have over 100 apps with updates. I can't update them blindly without checking the iOS requirements via the iTunes store. Gets tedious. Pleas

My brand new iphone 5s recently shut off and is on this continual cycle of acting like it's going to turn on - showing the apple logo - but then it automatically switches over to the turn off "loa

My phone was in process of updating IOS 7.1 and now it won't turn on. My computer recognizes my phone in DFU mode but I can't restore. Please advise.

I need help. My iphone 5c turns purple, freezees up, and then goes black. Can anyone help me out with this problem.

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