iphone 4 automatically turns on speakerphone

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c

iphone 4 automatically turns speakerphone

My iphone 4s can't turn after it hang and shutdown automatically. Is there any specific way to fix this issue?

The fact that I paid over £100 really makes me angry because if I went to somewhere else I could get it done at a better standard and much cheaper.

Last night my iphone 5s was completely without battery , and i put it to charge. But when i pressed the Sleep/Wake button the cellphone started to turn off and the stayed for 2 sec. on and then was of

I have iphone 5s andI have a problem in the cameraWhen i open the camera It's automatically shuts (( Close or shut down )) and i have been recording this casePlace help me if you can https://

my iphone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone number, etc. Is there any way of retrieving my music, contacts, photos, calendar or notes? The phon

First issue: 4s on software version 7.0.6 when plugged in to charge it becomes extremely hot and does not charge.  Second issue: Phone is erratically turning on and off, when turning off it goes

So now and then the phone keeps on switching between ringer on and off .. this is annoying because every time I think a new message arrives or I miss a call because the ringer is off.. There is no way

My iphone 5 only turns on to Itunes restore logo when i plug it into my laptop. But it does not turn on when i plug it into a simple power point. WHY!!!!!! Ive tried everything. Updated everything. Re

Yeah, my title pretty much explains my problem. It's 3G will randomly go off and turn back on a few seconds after... I've updated and restorned/erased it. I don't know what else I can do t

My iphone 5c is stuck on portrait and will not rotate automatically. How do I rest it?

my phone have problem when i open any program are application after few

I cannot delete apps from iphone 4S. They wiggle but there is no 'x' to delete.  Also Its not automatically logging into iTunes as it is set to do.  Any help out there pls?

Greetings apple users, i wanted to share some of my experience in my device which i guess for me is very annoying. I would like to share, i don't know if you guys encounter this; sometimes when i

Hi All, automatically call is going to someperson in the contact list after latest upgrade in iphone 5s Thanks and Regards,Raghul

When I installed iOS 7, my iphone 4S loads up my earthlink mailbox with almost 900 items of mail.  I would like to limit it to the most recent 200 emails.  How do I do that?  (You could

Hi, I'm having a big issue with my iphone 5: It turns off after reaching 20-30% and asks for recharge. Then only after 10 minutes I can turn it back on (and battery is still 20-30%), but it keeps&

I have iphone 5s and with ios 7.1 and since yesterday the phone automatically switches off even though it has enough battery and to switch it on again i need to press both power and home button becaus

The earpiece on my iphone 5s has suddenly stopped working, can anyone please help with this???

I have an iphone 4s and i got a message to update the new 7.1... I do not have the required space on my iphone so I am attempting to sync it to my Itunes site and attempt the update but the phone does

When I Turned The Phone The Screen Started To Glitch But I Thought It Was A One Time Thing But Now The Phone Does It All The Time.

I updated my iphone 5 yesterday and now it randomly turns off when it likes. I have turned it off and back on again but no change other than it seems to stay on longer now before it turns off. Any ide

traveling to Israel next week, do I need a transformer to charge iphone 5s or will it automatically convert to 220 current?

My iphone 5 with iOS7.1 will sit in the "force quit" screen after force quitting all apps.  I would like it to return automatically to the home screen - can anyone tell me how?

iphone 5 keeps restarting and turns off under 20% bat no fix from apple after iOS 7.People keep having this problem as I keep seeing and also seeing apple doing nothing to help there consumers. A

As topic says.  today, unsure why, my iphone 5 decided that it will not charge while turned on. It will only charge when it is off (thus battery is dead).  When connected to powerpoint - it

my phone has been acting weird for a couple of days now. it randomly turns off and then i get a blue screen. i have to reset my iphone 4s so it can turn on again. yesterday, it turned off and one the

So everytime i put my iphone 4 on charge it remains on the apple logo, but when i take it off the sign goes away and my phone remains turned off, i don't know whats wrong but i think its my batter

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